Continuing story of Racquel Darrian exploring her sexual fascination with homeless men

In just a few hours Racquel had managed to gather up her belongings (clothes, lingerie, boots and high heels, mostly) and box them up for storage. She then grabbed her personal wad of cash and a credit card she had hidden away as well as securing a bungalow in a sketchy side of town. She couldn't afford much, but it would do. Modeling gigs would be tricky due to all the connections leading back to Craig.

Anyway, she had a pretty good idea about how to make some real money. Racquel ordered up Frank a cab for noon and wrote down the directions promising to come over later. They kissed. With a couple of hours to spare, he went downstairs and across the street to the alley. Frank boxed up a few things and waited for the cab. It was all happening so fast - like a dream. An incredible dream.

A few hours later, he was at the new place. There were two bedrooms; both had soiled mattresses on the floor. There was very little in the house except a couch in the living room and an old wooden table with two beat up chairs. The place looked like it had been abandoned. It was not much, but it was home, he thought.

Stepping outside, Frank realized exactly where he was and knew he had a good friend close by in one of the homeless shelters.

Upstairs in the penthouse suite, Racquel finished up boxing up her clothes. She decided to put on her sexiest lingerie, heels, gold hoop earrings and mini-skirt and take a cab over to Frank's new place. She put on her mink coat and had had one of the guys from front desk send up a staffer to bring down her boxes and deliver them across town.

Later, Racquel stands on the porch outside of Frank's new home in the fading light, waiting for her new life to begin. It is cold in her short skirt, but the mink jacket she has on is keeping her warm. From not too far away, she can hear rap music and police sirens. Racquel can see the illumination from under the front door, so she knew Frank was waiting for her. She looked left to right and then slipped off the mink, letting it hit the old wooden porch. Racquel then walked in wearing a white garter belt, pantyhose and silver high heels. As the door closed, she stood with one hand on her hip, smiling.

Frank's friend, Fast Eddie, is there at the table with Frank and his jaw hits the floor as he sits there stunned at the naked beauty. Racquel exhibits no shame in having a complete stranger view her body. Eddie is a 60 year-old black fella Frank has invited over from the shelter. Frank introduces them. Eddie is pretty shocked how hot she is and can barely speak. Frank lets Eddie know he can have the room to the right to crash in.

Frank then rises and leads Racquel away, tapping her on the ass for Eddie to see. He takes Racquel to the adjacent room and soon Eddie can hear them kissing and a few minutes later they are clearly fucking. Eddie continues drinking alone, listening to Racquel's groans and slurps.

After they were done, Frank and Racquel lie together with her arm over his barrel chest. Hearing Eddie next door now rummaging around, he waits for him to get into bed and switch off the bedside lamp. As he hears it click, he nudges Racquel. He then instructs her to go to the next room and slip into Fast Eddie's bed for a while. Obediently and without question, she rises, puts on her heels and quietly exits the bedroom.

Giggling, she raps on the Eddie's door, enters and slips under the covers and puts her arms around Eddie. She kisses him on the cheek as she runs her hands over his hairy chest. Soon they are making out. Frank then enters the room and stands at the doorway, listening in.

Racquel then slips below the covers, pulls Eddie's short down and begins kissing his hard cock and balls.

A few minutes of this and Eddie has Racquel lie down on her back. He climbs on top, spreads her legs and begins fucking her like a seasoned veteran. After he has blasted inside of her -- no condom - he rolls off, completely out of breath and then Frank makes his way over. He also climbs on top of Racquel. She wraps her legs around as they begin fucking again. After a few minutes of watching, Eddie is getting hot and is now on his knees trying to slip his cock in her mouth. Not sensing any objection from Frank, she placed her head to one side and let Eddie slip his jet-black cock inside. After a minute or two, Frank came inside of Racquel and rolled off to allow Eddie a better angle to pump Racquel's mouth. As he feels up her tits, he rotates getting balls licked before slipping his cock back into her mouth.

At some point during the sucking, he suddenly pulled out and jerk-blasted a silky, warm load in her open mouth that she felt shooting down her throat. He then beat off the rest on her face, spraying her with cum. Just when she was getting over this welcome surprise; Frank was back on the bed jacking off inches from her mouth. Within seconds, he also covered her face with a huge cumload. Racquel just lay there, eyes closed with her mouth open taking in every drop.

Racquel relished the warm cum running down her cheeks and knew she was truly in Heaven. After a few seconds of the two men catching their breath, she could hear Eddie egging her on to 'lick it up. All of it.' And she did, scooping it up using her fingertips and then licking the mattress for a few stray globs.

The following afternoon, Racquel and Frank had a talk at the dinner table about how they could make some money. Although Racquel had quite a bit stored away, she very much wanted to both do something meaningful and also fulfill her sexual desires. Frank understood that he did not own Racquel and that she was now out in the world to explore her sexuality.

After a short while, it was decided Frank would take Racquel to a local pimp that he knew pretty well. Racquel had seen some of the street hookers in mini-skirts the night before hanging out under the street lamps and the idea of hooking immediately excited her. Frank then encouraged Racquel to put on her shortest skirt, high heels and her tiny fake mink jacket to impress the pimp, who he said went by the name Darrell.

Racquel then put on her makeup, gold hoop earrings and grabbed a tiny purse she filled with condoms.

Less then an hour later, they were outside a renovated warehouse chatting with two of Darrell's security personal. They escorted Frank and Racquel into an old style gated elevator and slid the gate shut. It then slowly went up to the second floor.

When the gate was opened, they stepped out into a fully decked Arabian style harem, with hanging drapes, a fountain and scantily dressed women of all colors sitting in groups, or dancing for guests.

Darryl spotted them from afar and waved them over. He was seated upon a luxury couch alone. Several feet away though there were several prostitutes curled up on a bed checking out Racquel.

After some pleasantries, Darryl ordered Racquel to spin around so he could check out the merchandise, so to speak. Impressed, he asked her to sit on a nearby loveseat as he undid his robe. He then approached her, placed one foot upon the chair and boastfully pulled back his robe to display his giant black cock, which was not even fully erect but was definitely the longest Racquel had ever seen.

Darryl then reached around to the back of Racquel's head and gently pushed it forward. She was soon licking his shaft, familiarizing herself before digging in to impress him with her audition. She then extended her tongue to fully pleasure as such of Darryl's penis as she could. He then had her lick his balls. The other girls were enjoying the show and Darryl asked Racquel to choose a girl of her liking to make out with.

She stopped licking for a moment and then choose an older, kind of androgynous blonde to come sit next to her. The other girls giggled and Darryl laughed as he called Aubrey over. As soon as Aubrey sat down and began introducing herself, Racquel could tell something wasn't on the up and up, but didn't want to appear rude and throw away her audition for this pimp.

Aubrey leaned back and began playing with her blonde locks. Racquel glanced over at Frank, who nodded approvingly, and then cuddled up with Audrey, kissing her several times before the two were French kissing. The girl was a great kisser and soon Racquel was panting, her panties becoming increasingly wet.

Aubrey then grabbed Racquel's hand and guided it up her black leather mini-skirt. As they continued kissing, Racquel first felt the trim of Aubrey panties, but then a hot bulge that flickered receptively when her nail tips casually touched it. Racquel couldn't believe what was happening, but her suspicions from minutes ago had been correct -- the giggling girls and then the deeper than expected voice. Regardless, she wasn't going to flinch now. A shemale, Racquel wondered, or was Aubrey a tranny? She wasn't sure and didn't want to ask. She knew one thing though: She was about to have her first transsexual experience.

Racquel found herself surprisingly eager to free the cock from its tight panties and was soon beating off Aubrey as the girls cooed and applauded. Aubrey then smiled, pulled up her skirt and shoved Racquel's pretty face between her legs. Victorious, Aubrey grinned at her girls, sticking out her tongue to show them who was boss.

Racquel closed her eyes and sucked, kissed and licked Aubrey's penis, chugging all of her pre-cum stickiness in one gulp. A few minutes later, the girls were in a 69 with Racquel on top showing off her ass for Darryl and the girls. Aubrey had Racquel's panties pulled to one side as she ate out Racquel. Up front, Frank had a fantastic view of Racquel sucking Aubrey's cock.

For the finale, Aubrey fucked Racquel from behind cumming explosively inside of her. No condom.

Darryl was impressed and agreed to send Racquel out onto the streets as one of his new girls. And so it began, Racquel was now a street hooker with a pimp. She felt excited about what lay ahead and knew she had found a home.

PART III: The Finale -- coming SOON!

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