"Now Kitty-Kat, watch momma strut, and learn how it's done." I waited in the car while my whore mother stood outside in her tight red dress, smoking a cigarette, and wiggling her boobs at each passing truck.

Soon a semi pulled, tooting its horn.

My slutty mom blew the trucker a kiss and tottered over in her spiked high-heels, wagging her plump ass. Her big tits almost burst from her top as she leaned under the trucker's window.

"Hey trucker, you need some company? You lookin' for a hot date?" She shook her hefty chest. "Me and the girls will show you a good time."

The guy stared at her cleavage. "I'm Cobb, what's your name?"

"I'm Busty, both ways." She laughed. "Cobb I'll give you a great ride for a hundred." Mom flipped out her tits." You like 'em jumbo-size?"

"Actually Busty, I prefer petite girls. You know, like Asians."

"Ain't no Asians in Missoula." She smiled. "So you like 'em young and tiny on top?"

"Oh yes ma'am!"

"Ain't you the perv." Busty winked. "How about freckles and flat-as-a-board tits?"

"The flatter the better!"

"Okay perv, I got someone special in the car. My daughter Kitty is eighteen with tits the size of Christmas cookies. That's what you want, right?"

"Yep, that's perfect."

Mom whistled at me. "Come on up Kitty-Kat." Staring at my feet, I walked out of the shadows.

Cobb laughed. "Damn, if you ain't a pretty young thing."

Mom pointed at my chest. "This what you lookin' for guy? Nice and flat and legal?" The trucker nodded and checked me out like he was buying an ironing board.

"Kitty's somethin' special. She's my daughter, so it'll be five bills for the night."

"You're pimping out your own daughter? Does she even know what to do?"

"Kitty-Kat's a trainee. She wants to learn the family business. Just tell her what you want, and she'll do it." Mom glared. "Right daughter!?"

I closed my eyes and nodded.

"And her twat's nice and tight and legal. But no kinky stuff. Not yet." Mom took the money, selling me to the trucker for the night. "Kitty, do what the nice man says."

Cobb opened the door, patting the seat. "Here kitty-kitty." I climbed in and sat down, pulling on my blonde hair and fidgeting. He rubbed my thigh.

"Is this your first paid sex?"

"Uh-ha. Momma says I have to learn how to be a good hooker. And do five or six johns a day."

"Sounds lovely Kitty-Kat." He grinned. "Your pussycat will be working overtime."

"You seem like a nice man, to teach me... things." Cobb rubbed my tiny titties.

"My momma has monster boobs, but mine ain't much to squeeze. In school they called me 'Double-A," 'cause my tits were the size of AA batteries. You still want me, mister?"

"Of course Kitty! Now put your hair in a ponytail." I did.

"Excellent. Now let's have a looksie." I pulled off my top and blushed bright red. We both looked at my small tits, pink areolas, and tiny strawberry nipples.

"I think with enough sucking your tits will grow big."

"Really?" I lifted my chest to his face. Cobb sucked my titty bumps like he was inhaling them, then he nibbled my at strawberry nips, making me squirm.

"Now lay back Kitty. I want to savor your naked, sexy body."

"Mister, ain't nobody ever called me sexy." I lifted up. Cobb pulled my panties off and stared at my young pussy, dotted with freckles and soft, blonde pubes.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes Kitty-Kat, it's pretty as a peach." He gave a big smile and dropped his pants. "You like my big 'ol boner?"

I gasped. "It's huge! It'll never go in my hole!"

He laughed. "Kitty, I know you've seen cocks before. Tell me about the first guy you fucked."

"Oh...That was naughty Cousin Eddie. We'd always get into crazy tickle fights. And sometimes my shorts fell down, and Eddie would stick his thing in me. But I didn't fuck him—he fucked me."

I stared at Cobb's cock. "Wow, your thing is WAY bigger than Eddie's!"

"Ha Kitty, you make me felt like a huge-donged porn star. And my big cock is loaded and ready to fire. Girl, you're gonna get a flood of cum when pole impales your hole."

My pussy cringed, and I tried to scoot away. Cobb grabbed me. "Bad Kitty. Now open your legs." I spread slowly. "Bend your knees up into a fuck saddle." When my knees went up, his head went down.

"Mister, what are you...?"

"I'm gonna eat your pussy." Fear flashed in my eyes. "Relax Kitty, I won't really eat it, just lick your slit and nibble your clit."

He kissed around my fussy pussy lips, and I watched between my legs. "What are you doing?" Cobb smiled back, licking up and down my pussy crack. "Ohh sir... it feels ... so naughty."

Cobb lapped at my slit, making me hot and wet. Then his tongue stabbed in my fuck-hole, and I jumped. Soon the trucker found my clitty—and sucked the whole thing in his mouth!

"Ohh shhhitt!" I dug my nails into his head.

His tongue tickled my love-button, and his finger into my burning hole, then another finger. He kept sucking and licking until my tingling pussy clamped his fingers, and I cried in orgasm. "Oh-oh... yesss...!"

I collapsed and looked up, panting. "Wow sir, no one's ever done that to me."

He grinned. "Now Kitty-Kat, it's your turn to suck mine."

"You-you mean your cock?"

"Yes Kitty, haven't you ever given a blowjob?"

"Um, just my cousin Eddie. He really liked getting his boner sucked. But I didn't let him cum in my mouth. 'cause that's super gross."

"A good Kitty-Kat always laps up the milk. Even the man-milk." He pointed my throbbing prick at my freckled face.

"Sir it's staring at me and growin' real long."

"It likes you. Now kiss it, Kitty. Open your little mouth and suck it like you did Eddie's. I opened my lips, stretching them as his thick cockhead slid into my sorta willing mouth. Uck.

"Now suck it, my sweet little whore. Deep-throat my cock." My eyes were wide as I tried to suck his long cock down my throat. Spit poured down his shaft.

As I bobbed my head, I felt my blonde ponytail bouncing up and down. My hand gripped his shaft, jacking him off while I sucked, just like mom taught me. And I tickled his pee hole with my tongue.

Cobb jumped and groaned, holding my head as the first cum shot spurted out. "OOHH FUCK BABY, I'm cumming!" I coughed and gagged as the cum spurts hit so hard my cheeks bulged out.

I choked again, pulling back from his spurting snake. The last spurt splattered my face. White goo coated my eyebrows, and a long drop of cum hung from my nose. I stuck my tongue out to catch it.

Then, just like momma said, I took his knob in my mouth and milked out the last few drops.

"Wow Kitty, that was a great suck!" He kissed my forehead. "How'd you like it?"

"Gross but kinda fun. Are you going to fuck me now, mister?"

"Yeah baby!" He spread my legs and stopped. "Wait a minute. How old are you Kitty?"

"Eighteen," I whispered.

"Great! Eighteen is the same age as my daughter, Bethy-Anne. And Kitty, you look just like her too."

"Wow. So that's your kinky fetish! Pretending I'm your flat-chested daughter Bethy, while you bang my brains out? Should I call you Daddy?"

"NOO!" Cobb pulled my legs up, spreading them wide to check out my cute fuck-holes. I blushed when he moved his cock to my slit.

"Wait a minute sir—are you sure it'll fit in my hole?"

"You want to be a good hooker, don't you Kitty?"

I bit my lip and took it. Cobb's big prick pushed in, ripping and stretching my pussy, making me squeal. "OW!" I knew his prick wanted to fuck me hard and fast.

But Cobb screwed me slowly.

Sucking my tiny tits, he pushed his prick in gradually and humped my snug and silky pussy folds. I moved my little feet onto his shoulders as he shoved deeper, pounding my tender twat.

While he humped, I looked down and watched his hard cock pulling my pink tissue in and out. Cobb's pumping cock glistened with my pussy juice.

Soon my hips move with his fuck strokes. "Oh yes, suck my tits sir!" He did and bit my nipples, driving me crazy! "Ahhh... Ahhh...!" I jolted up as my pussy convulsed in orgasm around his plunging cock.

I looked at him, panting. "Is-is it over..?"

"Not yet Kitty-Kat. A good whore has three fuck holes. Now lift your feet back to your ears, so I can open your backdoor."

I shook my head. Cobb grabbed my feet, moving them up. "Kitty-Kat, next time polish your toenails pink."

"Next time, sir?"

"YES. I love pussy pink toenails." Cobb spread my butt-cheeks and spit in my asshole. Then I felt him pushing in, with my tiny anus stretching around his fat cock-head.

"IT HURTS SIR." Pushing my feet behind my ears, the man sucked my nipples and—speared his fat cock into my tiny asshole!

"OUCH!" My whole body tensed up as his prick forced open my backdoor. Cobb got a crazed look in his eyes and pounded harder. I moaned in waves of ass-pain. He slapped my ass like I was his donkey.

"Take this BETHY, you little cock tease!" Cobb pulled all the way out, stabbed his prick back into my ass—trying to rip me apart! The seat bounced, and I squeaked as he reamed out my poor asshole.

With a grunt, Cobb slammed in balls deep, and I screamed. "Cum—cum in me Daddy!"

I watched Cobb's head fly back just as his cock twitched and spewed cum up my butthole... "Ohhh... Ohhh my gawd BETHY! That was fantastic." He collapsed on my small tits.

"Oops, sorry I meant Kitty." Cobb blushed red and wiped off my cum-leaking crack.

"Wow sir, so that's what hooking feels like?" I rubbed my sore pussy and freshly sodomized ass. "No wonder mom always walks funny."

"Honey, that wasn't really hooking. That was screwing like two horny lovers."

"Gosh, I want to screw lots and lots more." I kissed his lips. "Can we do more in the morning? You paid for it... for me."

"But your mom's gonna pick you up for your next hooking job."

"NOO! I don't want no more hooking jobs. I only want to hook you!" My hand grabbed his crotch. "Can't I stay with you Cobb... and be your personal hooker?"

"You mean my girlfriend?"

"Yep, same thing." I giggled. "Maybe I could help you drive and do your shifter thing, and toot your horn."

"Hell yes honey!" Cobb squeezed my tit-lets. "Open your mouth Kitty. You can toot my horn right now! And tomorrow, my little girl, you can sit naked on my lap and I'll teach you how to ride my shifter."

"Oh Yes Daddy!"

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