23 (gemini☉ taurus🌕︎ leo⬆) ♡ he/xe/it (she OK if close) ♡ agender man-loving entity

white&asian✡ (i am white-passing)

disabled&very mentally ill, do not inquire.
i am an alter in a traumagenic system and sometimes i stop existing. please mind your own business.

naughty nature, 258 tritype, true neutral
tropes: affably evil, badass adorable, cryptic conversation, deadpan snarker, foil, stepford smiler, unscrupulous hero... do not ask me if i'm ok, i'm not.


read this section before following me.

i have strict morals and do not like a lot of things... due to this, i will most likely block if you support 'problematic' things. this includes fictional topics too, as they often impact reality. if you disagree then it is best you block me first.
if you're unsure on whether something qualifies... ask me!

i think it's distasteful when people QRT really horrendous opinions to dunk on them, so if you do this often enough i will most likely softblock you.
do not ask why i have you hardblocked, and do not ask why i softblocked.

dms are always ok if we're mutuals! so are replies.

i have a lot of trans hcs and sometimes (read: often) refer to characters i'm fond of with noncanon pronouns. i'm happy to talk about my gender headcanons at anytime!
it goes without saying but just be respectful, you don't have to use the same pronouns for them in conversations with me, but please don't be rude or shoot down my headcanons. they're personal to me.
if you do mirror my pronoun hcs back to me though you have won my trust and i love you.
...and you're more than welcome to share your own headcanons so long as they are—again—not invalidating my own. :) let's coexist!

please alternate my names and pronouns!! :) it makes me feel genderful (but in a genderless way).

you may stop reading here if you wish, all additional info is optional!


i mostly talk about video games and a few other things!!

special interests: xeno, gbf

faves: tales of, pkmn, fate, cfv, smt&persona, fire emblem, okami, kingdom hearts, ygo, fcbf, splatoon, flight rising
feel free to view my backloggd for a list of every game i've played (probably)!

misc: astronomy, divination, compsci, marine biology, botany, flower language


...and what makes me go stir-crazy over my interests? the characters! here are my faves, in an unhinged way.

ultimate fave:

  • klaus, xenoblade

scrunklo pops:

  • ryoji, persona 3
  • fei&coward, xenogears
  • ion, tales of the abyss
  • aichi, cardfight vanguard

oomfs (one of my fathers):

  • lucilius, granblue fantasy
  • volo, pokemon legends arceus
  • siegfried, fate/apocrypha
  • kongwai, tales of innocence r
  • jade, tales of the abyss
  • kratos, tales of symphonia
  • forneus, fire emblem echoes
  • citan, xenogears
  • master of masters, kingdom hearts

assorted favourites:

  • xeno

    bart, emeralda, abel, albedo, gaignun, jin, kos-mos, fiora, melia, meyneth, shulk, celica, nagi, malos, pneuma

  • granblue fantasy

    adam, beelzebub, caim, cain, fenrir, gran, lobelia, lu woh, mikaboshi, nehan, noa, orchis, seox, wilnas, zwei

  • fate

    amakusa shirou, arthur, artoria, bedivere, castoria, enkidu, ereshkigal, fou, fujimaru, gilgamesh, karna, mash, mordred, oberon, roman

  • tales of

    asch, genis, mao, marcus, mithos, ratatosk, richter, spada, tear, yuan

  • pokemon

    colress, cynthia, n, riley, steven, tabitha, wally

also, i do kin! alvis, loki, and merlin are the main ones. :)
it's important to me, but i don't really talk about it publicly. live, laugh, love!


i like making bots! they're quite simple, but they bring me joy nonetheless... ^o^

volo image bot, personal quote bot, hourly fou. .


you've reached the end! thanks for scrolling through this entire page!! .


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