How do I choose a good private school?

Today there is a large selection of private schools in Kiev, but which one to choose and what to look for, we will try to help you.

Cozy premises, friendly smiles, modern equipped classrooms, friendly teachers, quality education - this is not a myth, but a reality.

The opportunity to get into such an educational institution is great, provided that you decide in advance exactly where, to gnaw the granite of science, your child.

Step-by-step instructions for choosing a private school

The first step is to collect and analyze general information about the institution.
There are several sources of information:

Internet resources, but the accuracy may not be accurate, so look for feedback on the educational activities of the institution in free forums .;

visits - first walk along the corridors, look to the classes, if you like it, then come with your child - to see how comfortable he feels here;

communication with the director, teachers - ask questions without hesitation in order to understand the concept of the school;

"Word of mouth" - live information, but it is worth remembering that what may be pidytisusidovi may not be effective for you;

trial lessons - it is better to see how the training is going on once than to hear a hundred times.
Make sure that the school is licensed to provide educational services and has passed the certification, otherwise the diploma will be invalid.

The second step is to determine the specialization of the chosen school.
An important criterion for choosing a school is the individual characteristics and needs of the child. It is worth deciding on its type and profile.Types of educational institutions:
a gymnasium is a school with in-depth study of individual subjects in accordance with the profile;

special school - an educational institution with in-depth study of individual subjects and courses;
lyceum - an educational institution with specialized training and pre-professional training;
collegium is an educational institution of philological and philosophical and / or cultural and aesthetic profiles.

Profile areas: physics and mathematics, humanitarian, legal and economic, artistic and aesthetic, school at the university.

  • Visit a psychologist, he will help determine the characteristics of your child, which will be a guideline for choice.

The third step is to comply with government requirements for the study load.
For first graders, it is important that the educational process is moderately loaded - 4-5 lessons a day, perhaps a studio of interest and doing homework only takes 40-50 minutes. The main thing is that someone should help him, especially in writing an essay. This is very important and by taking advantage of you can help your child. This way he will be able to catch up with the training material.

Younger schoolchildren must necessarily have time for free play, and they do not need to grow old, therefore, everything that is useful has reasonable limits.

The fourth step is to find out the number of students in the class.

The optimal number of students is from 10 to 15 people.

It is important that there are no less than six children, because the activity of social interaction is lost.

It is desirable that the number of girls and boys is almost the same. This is good as the children will be able to help in writing the written works. But if your child is using it, encourage him to help other children in writing. This way he will be able to make friends with many children at school.

The fifth step is to understand the level of professionalism of the teaching team.
The quality of the child's knowledge depends on the professionalism of the teachers, therefore this is also a key selection criterion.

Data on the quantitative and qualitative composition of the teaching staff can be found on the website of this educational institution, you can ask the graduates and their parents.
It is important to choose the "correct" first teacher - according to the compatibility of temperaments and psychological characteristics.Will he help your child when he does not know something. Will he have additional resources such as to help in writing written papers. This is important as it will play a critical role in shaping your child.

The sixth step is getting to know the school infrastructure.

The school premises should be comfortable and cozy, the classrooms should be spacious and bright with modern furniture and technical support, it is mandatory to have your own dining room and gyms.

Pay attention to the territory adjacent to the school - the presence of sports grounds, free recreation areas and a fence. Also, a plus will be the presence of security guards, video surveillance and passes - to the entrance and exit.

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