Malwarebytes Premium Guide

Guide made by Damon and Scar, member of r/FMHY

Before Installing Malwarebytes Premium

1. If you have malwarebytes installed already, uninstall and reboot your pc, because we
will be installing an older version of the software in order to activate
the premium.

2. Disable any Anti-Viruses that are currently running, during the
process they will falsely detect LicenseActivation.exe as a Trojan (it's
not don’t worry I did this myself). So make sure to disable your AV.

3. Download and Install Winrar or 7zip

Download and Installation

1. Go to

2. Once the page loads click Direct Download and then wait for the download button to finish loading then click on it to download.
(the zip password for every FileCR download is always “123”)

3. Once you have downloaded the .zip, you will need to extract it. To extract it you right click on the .zip and click Extract to Malwarebytes Premium Multilingual [FileCR]. It will then ask for password, type 123 as the password.

4. Once you have extracted the file, open up the folder and it should like this:
Image description

5. Next right click on LicenseMalwareBytes.exe and run it as administrator. Leave this running until step 12.

6. Make sure to Allow Firewall Access after running LicenseMalwareBytes.exe
Image description

7. Run the setup.exe, this will install an older version of MalwareBytes this is key to enabling the Premium so don’t update it until I say so.
Image description > Image description

8. Then once it's installed go to settings > general >scroll down and enable the proxy server. Then, enter this IP to the Address and this Port into PORT 9999.
Image description

9. Then switch the tab to Account, then switch back to the General tab and disable the proxy server in Step 8. Go back to the Account tab and it will give you a pop-up, don’t worry just click Ok everytime you see this.
Image description

10. You have activated Premium but now we must update the app in order to use the Scan option. Go to the General tab and click "check for updates" and it will start downloading and installing the update.
Image description

11. Once it has updated to 4.4.9 which is the latest version of the Malwarebytes at the time of writing this, it will ask for email. Don’t give your email as it will most likely remove your Premium. Click the button below it and continue.

12. You can now close LicenseMalwareBytes.exe, and delete the folder and .zip permanently.

13. Run a Scan, the scan will detect RiskWare.DontStealOurSoftware which allows for the Premium to work. So un-tick or unselect the box
and then click the “Next” button and it will give you a prompt, click Always Ignore and Voila you are done. Enjoy your free protection!
(You can learn more about it here: CLICK HERE)

NOTE: Make sure to disable "Auto Update" when it Automatically updates it removes the components for the crack to work. If did updated by it self don't worry simply redo the guide from the start, the crack still works on the newer version which is 4.4.10 at the time of writing this.

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