stars best viewed in light mode !!!

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march celery or marya flower she mew doll he fem terms only !!!!! aro multigender lesbian flower white tme mentally ill nd syshost introject star rus/eng ok !!!


flower interests : idol games (enstars prsk bandori llsifas); precure; crochet; dolls; genshin (sorry (i never tweet abt it w/o tagging)) stars ccs : hajime yuta mayoi ryuseitai ra*bits aya rui N25 dramatica. stars

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star byf :: (1) i'm not in any subtwt;; (2) all of my affection is platonic, don't use the /p tonetag on me;; (3) i'm mentally ill, it affects the way i am online a lot;; (4) i'm very critical of all of my interests;; (5) tl > dms;; (6) i hatemail aira ritsu akito sometimes;; (7) if u're blocked its bcs u made me uncomfortable so it's ur fault! have fun heart if u wanna know why u can ask in my cc;; mousey

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?? boundaries :: (1) i need all mentions of ed and sh tagged, as well as pics of any irl injuries. cartoon/art/mentions of blood r ok;;(2) don't address my sources in 3rd person in convos with me unless i do, also don't say you love my ccs more than me (you dont smiley face);;(3) dm me if i did something bad/follow someone bad, do not call me out on tl/tag under callout posts;;(4) give me all ur mortal posessions if u wanna know my full list of mental disorders but i have bpd, ed and im a syshost. headmates tweet in the circle + i mention my ed and silly bpd thoughts there;; (5) feel free to send friend reqs on any of the games i play flower

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skull dni/dnf :: (1) basic criteria ;; (2) radinclus + aroace exlus + toothpaste flag users + gaylms/mlms or nbylms who arent attracter to women;; (3) shtwt edtwt genshintwt mcyttwt ;; (4) id as my sources ;; (5) associate with @nagisology ;; (6) dont see arashi enstars as a trans woman or mizuki prsk as a transfem nby ;; (7) ritsumika/mikaritsu shippers. italics = ok is i follow first/if we're already friends/ask to follow. stars

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happy star links :: twt . tumblr . ccat . game ids . miku gifs

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