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Morfonica <3!
coll names : Charlotte or Ciel
my pref pronouns are she he ae
16 tme nonbinary , white jewish
autistic adhd bpd + npd haver
my special interests are hello charlotte + milgram + vocaloid + rhythm games , don't say you like these more than us
we collectively id as muu kusunoki
please tag war/bomb jokes/mentions
introject heavy DID system , visually impaired and dyslexic

we refer to our sys using both plural and
singular pronouns! dont call us fictives pls
use the term introj(ect) instead! also don't
expect us to feed into your delusions/call
you by your "" irl names "" thats unhealthy
i make fun of freaks who think alter death
is real (includes thinking u can kill an alter
in iw ... and those who think that alter jail
exists ??? + shit like that ur so silly ...
also people who "mourn" over dormancy
anti recovery ppls / systems also leave omg..
i am hyperfixated on hannibal, hnk, and twcftw !!
please dont say you like my sp/ins or
hyperfixations more than me !! i also
like madoka magica , hollow knight ,
and other things so much please talk
to me about them :3 ! my fave ships
are vincharles + mizurui ( they're so
married wtf.. ) !

please dni if you associate with 1 & 2
in any positive way,, ; if you are an
enstars / south park fan ; if the basics
apply to u , u have my psys and / or
friends (slit now wtf)
interests + dni + friends + pronouns

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