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⋇⋆✦⋆⋇Before you follow ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ i can take a while to post drawings; I like multiple media and my interests change a lot so I'm kind of multifandom (even though I can obsess over one specific thing for months); my english is shit btw; I'm afraid of social interactions, so I'm sorry if I end up not responding to you properly or not at all; if i say something problematic or follow problematic people please let me know

DNI Basic dni criteria (lgbtphobic,racist,pedo etc.); proshipper; mspec lesbian/gay; against xenogenders and neopronouns; thinks pronouns define gender; think blackwashing exist; TERFS; anti-furry; lolicon/shotacon; believes in cringe culture; ships real people; support nft and AI "art"; "your boyfriend" fandom; "boyfriends webtoon" fandom; DSMP fan; Harry Potter fan; idk if I remember more things I will put here or just block anyone who makes me uncomfortable

Pub: 11 Dec 2022 01:40 UTC
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