Waking up with a pair of fat tits around his quite sizable cock was not unusual for Anon
Waking up with with a face-full of some S-Tier ass cheeks was, however, not
The moment his mind was awake enough to allow action, Anon lifted his arms and wrapped them around the squishy thighs
He didn't try to remove them, but the owner decided to push them with more strength against him anyway
"Looks like he is awake~"
Kronii's morning voice was as sultry as ever, and even with the mass of flesh in the way, he could picture her messy hair and bags under her eyes perfectly
"Well, I sure hope he likes breakfast in bed, cause I am not giving him a choice!"
Suisei was much more energetic, as were her movements, grinding the soft ass pillows all over Anon's face
He could feel the heat and wetness of her cunt and stuck out his tongue to try and taste the leaking idol honeypot
Suisei gladly obliged him, pushing her bottom far enough for his tongue to touch her wet slit, a low moan escaping her lips each time it didn't
And with each taste of her juices, Anon's cock twitched in Kronii's cleavage, staining it with more and more precum
"Uhuhu, seems like your hips got him acting up~"
"As always, glad to see you didn't fuck all love for a good ass out of him with those jiggly monsters of yours~"
Kronii simply giggled, currently moving her breasts in countermotion, milking Anon's cock for everything it's worth
Anon's hands meanwhile stopped enjoying the soft thighs and moved upwards, his fingers now sinking into that heavenly ass
"That's it, give them a good squeeze. You have no idea how lucky you are to be Kronii's boyfriend, otherwise you would have to image that irresistibly softness."
Anon mumbles words of appreciation for such a privilege, although none of it understandable after being muffled by Suisei's ass
After couple of minutes of combined ass'n'tits torture, the blue women of SEX lift themselves up, freeing Anon's face and cock from their pleasurable prisons
Anon gasps for air, for the first time that day being able to inhale without the filter of Suisei's natural odor "enhancing" it
His cock is by now rock hard and there was no way it was going down without outside assistance
"Well then, I need to catch a ride in an hour, this was only a quick stop cause I needed to kill time, so lets make this quick and mindblowing! Kronii, dear, side pocket of the big black bag, please."
As Kronii went to get whatever was in that pocket, Suisei moved forward, her hips now positioned above Anon's
Still quite sleepy even with decent dose of adrenaline in his system, he just laid there and watched as Suisei spat on her palm and started to rub his cock with it, soft sighs barely audible
"Hmm, real shame I can't stick around for longer, how long has it been since the last threesome we had? Well, I guess since the first one in Japan, since those other weren't really "3"-somes, haha!"
Anon's cock started to hurt just from remembering those rodeos he was subjected to any time some of Kronii's coworkers decided with her to ride his bones into dust
Especially from replaying what the Duck did to his limbs with her holds while battering his hips...
Or the multi-setting mathematically perfected stimulation with the robot...
Or the demonic nurse/vampire combo that drained him of more than just his cum...
By the time his mind snapped from the pleasure-induced PTSD, Kronii was back with the requested item
A bottle of lube
"O-Oh god..."
"Ha! God won't help you now~"
"Please, don't ride him so hard this time, I don't want him being catatonic for next few hours from cumming his brains out too hard. Again."
As the two remembered the last time Kronii applied the lube on her palm and stared to rub Anon's already pretty wet shaft
Once satisfied with the application, Kronii moved to Suisei's ass
With careful, but quick and focused movements, she rubbed the lube all over and inside of her backdoor, causing the idol comet to moan loudly as her nimble fingers spread her asshole open
Once they were both ready, Suisei spread her cheeks wide while Kronii held his cock in place and slowly lowered herself, until the tip touched her loosened up hole
"H-How could a mere mortal ever hope to be ready for ass like that..."
"Good answer~!"
Without further delay, Suisei hips dropped down like a piece of rock from space, steadily swallowing his cock into her well-trained hole, until she pressed her buns into his hips couple of minutes later
Both of them moaned like crazy during it, both Anon's size and Suisei's tightness making it quite the fit
Kronii meanwhile started to kiss Suisei's pancake titties, her tongue swirling around her nipples, teeth sinking into the fleshy buds and pulling them, while also massaging Anon's balls, causing even more moans and gasps from both
Soon Suisei's movement became faster and faster, Anon starting to feel his pelvis area hurting from the relentless riding
Truly an ass to be afraid off
As her edge gets closer and closer, the blue idol singer starts to lean further and further back, until she is laying on top of Anon, her head right next to his, both staring into each others flushed expressions as they breath heavily
Without a word exchanged, NAon gets the message that he should take lead next
His hands, so far just resting by his sides and gripping the sheets so hard his knuckles turned white, moved to her legs, grabbing and lifting them up and apartment
Then he starts to thrust his hips into hers, being awarded with a loud moan, before it was silenced with her lips pressing into his
Kronii meanwhile started to eat out Suisei's leaking pussy, her fingers thrusting in and out in rhythm of Anon's
With double-team working both her holes, it didn't take long for the already pent up Suisei to start cumming, orgasm causing her ass muscles to clamp down on Anon's slab of meat, making it unable to move
It also was enough to push Anon over the edge, pumping one thick rope after another into the singer's needy ass, while KRonii was showered in generous amount of squirting juices, which she eagerly lapped up
After a short rest and a shower, Suisei was waving a goodbye before getting into a car and being driven to wherever she needed to
Only then was Anon able to sit down and breath a sigh of relieve, his muscles burning despite it only being late morning
Suddenly, Kronii's tits were pushed into his back
"I sure hope you don't think we are done here, young man. Your Warden is fucking horny after that display and would like to remind you whose boyfriend you are..."
Anon could only let out a protesting groan as a hand snuck its way into his pants, already prepping him for another rough and long session with Warden of Time's body made of BLUE WOMAN SEX

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