Editor's note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual, dubiously consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


The knock on the door was a surprise.

It was a late Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home a few minutes ago, dropping my purse on the kitchen table and draping my jacket over the back of a chair when I heard the rapid set of bangs echoing on the door behind me.

There had been the usual deliveries coming over the last couple weeks but I wasn't expecting at the moment, so I was a bit hesitant as I looked behind me for the moment. Hearing nothing else I walked back to the door, peeking through the window to watch the delivery guy casually stroll back to his truck along the walkway past my car. I watched him drive off before opening the door to find a large wooden box sitting on the doorstep.

"What the hell is this?" I muttered, opening the door wider.

The box was maybe three feet long and two feet wide of dark wood waiting in front of my door, the sides engraved in runes that seemed to swim out of focus when I tried to look at them. Two broad leather straps with metal clasps were wrapped tightly around it, securing the lid in place. Stepping outside to pick it up, the box was heavy but not overly so, maybe forty pounds, I figured as I squatted down to pick it up and walk inside, setting the box on the kitchen counter.

Under one of the leather straps was an envelope, the edges stained dark and felt odd. More like a thin leather sheath than paper. Shrugging I released the string holding the envelope closed to pull out a thick leathery sheet folded inside. The writing was the same as the engraving, the odd runes seeming to swim before my eyes giving me a feeling of disorientation as I tried to make sense of them. After a moment I dropped the letter on the table with a shake of my head then turned to the box itself.

The metal clasps felt oddly warm, even after who knows how long in the back of the delivery truck. I traced my fingers through the runes on the lid, the pattern giving my fingers an odd tingling sensation. Again I felt the feeling of dizziness, not unpleasant but unusual with a weird feeling of anticipation tingling in my chest.

"Well this is a weird little thing now isn't it?" I muttered to myself curious as I tried to unfasten one of the clasps. The metal wouldn't budge even when I tried to lever it open with a screwdriver. After a few attempts I dropped the screwdriver on the counter in frustration.

"Fuck it, I'll get it later."

Over the next couple hours I went through the usual friday night routine. A quick run and light supper, my eyes constantly drawn back to the box. For the life of me I couldn't figure out who would send something like this my way. Was it Aunt Julie back home? She was always finding antiques on her trips, but she would have called or skyped to show me her treasures, not mailed it anonymously to sit on the doorstep.

Distracted by the mystery I decided to take a bath, the hot water easing the stress of the busy week. Scrolling through my tablet I searched for wooden rune covered boxes and antiques but found nothing. Whatever it was, it felt old. The carvings were smooth, the leather straps had long dried with tiny cracks forming on the edges. I tried looking up other items but my mind kept dragging itself back to the box on the counter.

After an hour or so, and a couple glasses of wine to help the search, I grudgingly pulled myself from the bath. I wrapped myself in a towel and pulled my dark hair back in a ponytail before tucking the towel on the side of my chest. At only five foot eight inches and curvy I had to swing up to my tippy toes to check the mirror before walking back to the box in the kitchen. The box was picking at the back of my mind, a constant itch I couldn't quite scratch.

Walking back to the main room the evening was chilly, hardly surprising this time of year, so I was once again happy with the propane fireplace I had installed a couple years ago keeping the main floor nice and warm. The glow, while not as relaxing as a wood fireplace, had lit the dark room in flickering warmth which gave the box an even more mysterious look. I glared at it a moment before giggling at myself, tucking the slipping towel in tight over my chest. Stepping past I opened the fridge door and poured another glass of wine before walking back to the counter.

"So what are you all about now?"

I set my glass down beside it and tried the clasps again, still with no luck.

"Ok time to get serious then!"

I picked up the box and placed it on the coffee table in front of my couch. I turned the tv on, but did not bother to turn on the light by the couch when I noticed some of the runes on the lid were glowing faintly a shimmery blue.

"Hmm, maybe it's like a phone code?" I shook my head as soon as I muttered the words, feeling foolish. Of course the mystery wooden box would have a touch screen.

Taking another sip of wine I started to trace the pattern again, this time only the glowing ones. As my finger moved along the tingle I noticed earlier became stronger and felt like it was crawling up my arm, the sense of something mysterious giving me a weird feeling of excitement. As I finished the trace I noticed a flicker of light from the clasps, as if some force had been released.

I shook my head with a sigh,

"Watching too many scary movies," I muttered mockingly, but had to admit my curiosity was getting stronger.

I stood up to refill my glass, the floor cool on my bare feet, when on the way back I heard a faint click sound. Walking back into the room I stopped to see the clasps had both popped open.

"Ok that's weird," I said as I hurried to sit back in front of the box. I felt a shiver of apprehension in my belly as I took each clasp and quickly released the straps, dropping them carefully on the table. As the pressure was released from the lid I noticed a faint strip of light coming from the edges.

I paused a moment to see if anything was going to happen, my head moving side to side before laughing at myself again.

"I'm getting way too worked up on this," I said laughing again, "Now let's see what's going on here!"

I slipped my fingers under the edge and carefully pulled the lid free with a slight hissing sound. Flipping it over I put it on the table beside the box and slowly peered inside, my fingers holding the sides. A faint mist was forming on the bottom of the cloth lined interior with a sparkling light in the middle slowly growing brighter as if approaching from within the mist from a distance. My eyes were drawn to the light, the rest of the room growing dark as the flickering held my attention. Somehow I knew the mist wasn't dangerous, I mean really I should have ran or put the cover back on, but I was totally focused on the light that everything else faded away.

After a few moments I noticed two thin tendrils creeping out of the light. For a moment I thought of snakes with a spike of panic spearing through me, but realized quickly these ended in thin flat pads. I tried to sit back but they moved quickly once free of the light, snapping around both my wrists to my elbows. The tendrils moved across my skin easily, dry but smooth and strong. I tried pulling away, the feeling of panic I had a few moments ago now a dagger of ice stabbing my chest, but they tightened painfully until I eased the pressure.

"What the hell is this!" I said loudly trying to pull back again. "Let me go!"

I slid to the edge of the couch, pushing against the floor and leaning back with a grunt of effort but my feet slipped pulling me closer.

The tendrils on my arms slithered higher, past my elbows gripping tightly. Out of the mist others started to cross the edge, thicker knobby ones, waving before striking. Two wrapped around my knees pulling them roughly against the table with a thump.

"Ow, fuck! No!" I yelled in fear, my arms and legs straining to pull away, to throw the box, anything to get away from this! I tried wrenching myself back when a third lashed out, wrapping loosely around my neck and tugging forward. I tried to turn away, not even caring about the whimper ripping from my throat as the end of the tentacle opened and I could feel a trail of moisture and sickly flicking feeling as it caressed my cheek working toward my tightly closed mouth..

I stared in fear, heart pounding through my chest, as more tentacles broke free of the light, screaming closed mouthed as they slowly reached out for me. The first grabbed the towel, tugging forcefully until it slipped free to fall behind me. Naked and helpless I tried pulling away harder, rocking back and forth as more of the thinner tendrils with the pads started caressing my legs. Their touch was almost gentle at first, the tips tickling then massaging as others started squeezing. The ones on my knees pulled apart wider, lifting them slightly as my feet lost contact with the floor. I tried pulling against their pressure, muscles shaking with the effort under the wrapping constriction, twisting my body back and forth manically.

I twisted my head as much as I could while the one around my neck bumped my mouth, its fluid seeping making past my lips. Twisting backward the tentacle constricted enough to make me stop as my breath rasped until it eased the pressure. Pushing against my lips again more of the fluid was forced past my lips. The taste was odd but not unpleasant and I fought off a sickening feeling of excitement as my tongue slipped past my clenched teeth to taste it.

Pad tipped tentacles reached out to slap at my hanging breasts before wrapping around them. I let out a little shriek as they started slapping then brushing against my nipples, squeezing roughly. Thicker ones wrapped around the top of my legs, pulling me forward as I tried pushing away uselessly. The one wrapped on my neck tightened again, pulling my head back. My hands were ripped free of the box, tugged painfully down to my side.

The thicker ones moved from my legs, the tips opening like the one rapping against my lips. I stared wide eyed and screamed again as they latched on to my nipples, rough tongues flicking as the same fluid coated them with a sticky lubricant. I arched my back again with another closed mouth yell as I felt the thick tip of the tentacle brush my pussy. It pushed against me, rubbing up and down between my lips, ignoring my cries and attempting to pull away. Flicking against my clit the end opened and I could feel a rough tongue rolling around it, the end closing as it sucked before rolling again. Despite myself my eyes rolled back at the overwhelming sensation, the tentacles wrapping around me tightly as my legs were pulled wider apart.

I tried to close my legs, pulling against the thinner tentacles, their pads caressing then slapping at my inner thighs as the one between my legs kept licking. Sucking on my clit then burrowing inside me. I could feel my body quivering, hands clenching the material of my couch while the ones on my chest squeezed my tits into tight cones, the slick tongues flicking and tugging madly at my swollen nipples.

At my lips the pressure became painful as the end opened again, the rough tongue licking my lips and pushing past, bumping against my teeth. I felt tears streaming as small teeth scraped my lips, the tongue pushing harder to lick against my teeth. The more I resisted the pressure increased on my neck, making the room start to dim.

The licking on my clit pressed harder when suddenly I felt a second push past my lips, my pussy clenched against the knobby length. I let out a long high pitched moan as the intruder started to wiggle about in tight circles, back and forth making my hips move with it. The knobs on the end were better than any toy I had ever tried, I clenched unwillingly as my aching body demanded more, no matter what I wanted.

The penetration was too much! My mouth opened with a gasp of unwanted pleasure and it struck, forcing itself past my teeth into my mouth. The tentacle was smooth but strong. I tried biting but did not even dent it as it forced my mouth wide, the fluid I had been tasting filled my mouth forcing me to swallow. My body rocked mindlessly, the fluid dulling my mind as they licked and slapped. My legs quivered in pleasure as the larger tentacle pushed deeper in my pussy, moving around while the other tormented my clit. Helpless as I was, I felt the pleasure building no matter how I tried to resist.

My hips jerked forward again, legs wide as the two started moving faster. All over my body they squeezed my breasts, nipples pulled tight as my body surrendered to the horror on the box. I tried to scream around the one on my mouth, my muscles rigid as they rode my orgasm with me.

My release must have motivated them as they barely gave me the chance to catch my breath before it started again. My mind slowly dimmed, waves of pleasure crashing over me over and over before everything faded to the sounds of my own cries.

Several hours later I woke on the couch. My eyes opened slowly, confused to where I was for the moment. As they cleared I saw the box on the table.

Memories of last night flooded and I scrambled, naked back to fall over the side of the couch. I peeked up, the lid was firmly strapped down with no sign of what had happened to me. I stood slowly, my body aching and I felt sticky. Looking down my nipples were red and I could see small scratches all over my body with an odd taste in my mouth. I felt weirdly calm with what I was seeing as I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me.

Sunlight streamed through the half open blinds and I absently wondered if the people across the road saw what happened last night. Would anyone believe me? Did I even believe what happened? As I peeked I noticed a woman walking up the path to my door just before I heard the sharp rapping on my door. Tugging the towel tightly I edged around the box and opened the door slightly.

"Hello?" I said softly, my throat sore.

The woman was tall and looked strong. Long black hair draped over her shoulders to her huge breasts pushing against the light jacket she was wearing. The dark complected woman was incredibly beautiful, despite the look of annoyance when she took in the state I was in.

"I think you have something of mine," she said with an edge of humor.

"What?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes, as I thought." She stepped forward, effortlessly pushing the door open to step past me. Shutting it behind her she walked into my main room and smiled when she saw the wooden box. She looked back at me, slightly hunched and clutching the towel around me.

"So I see you had a bit of an evening. You need to keep it in the light, although you wouldn't know that. I suspect you traced the runes?"

I nodded slightly, unable to reply.

"Sorry although I expect you had enjoyed yourself. The effects last a few days, I would recommend staying in or you will find yourself trying to mount anything you see."

I nodded again, already feeling an urge building.

The woman picked up the box easily and walked past me to the door.

"Wait, what was that thing? What happened to me?"

"Just a dream," she replied smiling wickedly, "Enjoy your next few days."

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