hi im zen lol he/she asian july cancer spotify twt kprofiles

byf hehe im autistic, IM A GIRL, i stan and like alot of kpop idols lol um, if i drag someone dont take it that seriously its just music, i shit on alot of idols btw lol i can be negative alot, if your over 25 or smth dont follow me lol, if i do something wrong jus dm me lol

dni lol annoying as shit, racist abliest or transphobic, your gonna whack certain idols too much (idc if you call them flops or whatever), too corny, misogynist or act weird towards women esp gg idols lol way tooooo young bc i might nsfw tweet abt certain idols, gonna take everything i say seriously, just dont be weird lol

kpoplol le sserafim, the boyz, astro, cix, ive, stayc, red velvet, blackpink, aespa, rocket punch, svt, p1h, izone, txt, nct, twice, csr, nmixx
lol sunoo, b.i, yoojung, minju, woodz, yena, jo yuri, eunbi, sejeong
more lol keshi, pink pantheress, flo, ariana, schld, bad bunny, sza, the weeknd

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