"I love your age"

(All characters are over 18 years old)

Morning. I'm in the kitchen, making breakfast. Russell is already awake, now he is starting to shave and, looking at himself in the mirror, he saw that his hair was starting to turn gray. He thought: oh no! gray hair!! I have to go to the barbershop today to dye my hair there.

It's time to wake Russell up! I went into the bedroom, but he's not there. Maybe he's shaving right now? Then I went into the bathroom, he finishes brushing his teeth. I'm behind him, he didn't notice me. I walked quietly to him, hugged him, kissed him on the cheek and said with a smile:

"Good morning, Russell"

I'm stroking his hair and I see a starting gray hair on his head, and I said:

"You have... gray hair?"

He answered:

"After all, you noticed... I wanted to have time to go to the barbershop today..."

I asked:

"Why did you hide that your hair was turning gray?"

And he said:

"Because I didn't want to look too old-looking in your eyes..."

I grinned and said with a smile:

"Old-looking? It doesn't make you look too old! I love you, Russell, and I love your age."

Russell, you must remember that I love your delicious age, and any signs of your old age don't disappoint me, on the contrary, they really turn me on!!!

A few hours later. I'm washing the floors, standing on all fours. Soon Russell came home and saw me washing the floor. He was admiring me, especially my buttocks, and thought: she is easily dressed, only a t-shirt and panties. And this pose... mmm... she's always so sexy, even when she washes the floor.

"Honey, I'm back."

He said, and I answered:

"Hello, Russell! I do the housework."

He said:

"When I left the barbershop, I felt the warm on the street, the sun shines! Why don't we go to the beach?"

And I answered:


We're on the beach. It's really warm, sunny weather! Russell buys juices for us, and I'm just waiting for him. There are a lot of people on the beach. Suddenly two young guys come up to me and one of them said:

"Hi, pretty girl! Would you like to join us?"

I answered:

"I'm sorry, but I already have a loved one, and I'm waiting for him."

And they left. Soon Russell returned, brought different fruit juices and kissed me. We were looked at by those two young guys, and one quietly said to the other:

"Is she dating this old man?"

I heard what they said and turned to them, looking at them. Then they left. Russell asked me:

"Something's wrong?"

And I answered:

"Nothing. It's all right!"

He picked up the suntan cream and said:

"Let's smear a suntan cream on each other!"

I'm lying, Russell untied the top of my bikini and started smearing suntan cream. I feel his hand on my back, it sexually arouses me so much... Now he's lying, and I'm smearing suntan cream. He's very sexually aroused... He sat down and said quietly:

"Let's go to the beach cabin..."

We went into the beach cabin and closed the door, Russell hugged me and we started kissing. He untied the top of my bikini and started caressing my breast with his hand and my nipples with his lips and tongue. I wanted to tell him we shouldn't do this in the beach cabin, but... I couldn't... I feel so good, I feel his lips on my nipples... he kisses other parts of my body, unties the bottom of my bikini and caresses my clitoris with his fingers and tongue... now I caress his breast with my hands and his nipples with my tongue, and I kiss them... I caress his belly with my tongue, took off his swimming trunks and caress his penis and his testicles with my hands and tongue... and now he put me against the wall, hugged me, I put my hands on his shoulders, he put his penis into me and began to make frictions... I try to moan quieter than usual, but it's not easy, such a strong orgasm... so sweet... I can't... and sometimes my moans were louder...

"Aaah... aah... aaaah!!!"

He, continuing to make frictions, kissed me, and we kissed...

"Aaaaah... Russell, I love you!!!"

and I can hear his rapid breath well... and he said:

"I... can't..."

and I answered:

"C... c... c-c-cum..."

And he ejaculated into me. We stood hugging each other.

Next to one of the beach cabins are those two young guys, one of them says:

"It's interesting to see who had sex there right now. Let's wait for them to leave the beach cabin."

And we left the beach cabin. Those young guys were surprised, and the second said:

"Wow... they were... that young girl and old man???"

Evening came and we came home. We lay down on the bed, and Russell said with a smile:

"We had a great day!"

I answered, embarrassed:


And suddenly his face had become sad. I asked:

"Russell, you look sad. Why?"

And he answered:

"I'm worried about something..."

I asked:

"And what are you worried about?"

He answered:

"I'm afraid I'll ever be an impotent..."

I said:

"I'm sure it won't happen to you, Russell..."

And he answered:

"What if it will happen? I'm already very old..."

I said:

"Then, it's a pity..."

And then he asked:

"And... will you leave me?"

And I answered:

"Of course not, Russell! I'll always be with you. Always..."

I hugged him. And he said:

"Thank you, honey... but, what are you gonna do if you want sex?"

And I answered:

"We'll go to the doctor, and if he doesn't help you, then I'll ask you to at least caress my... c... c... clitoris..."

I was embarrassed and looked down, and he smiled.

"You know how much I love you, Russell... as long as I have you, I'm happy..."

I said, and he answered:

"Honey, I love you too..."

And after that Russell stopped being sad, I'm so glad!!! He looks me in the eye, it embarrasses me... he started whispering something in my ear... how embarrassing! He whispers obscenities in my ear!! What has become of him?? Maybe his lust became stronger with joy? He began to undress me and undressed himself, we began to caress each other, and he invited us to took up some new position. We lie on one side with our legs bent. But I don't like this position, Russell is behind me, and I want to see his face. And yet, I agreed, but only for his sake. He put his penis into me and began to make frictions. I feel so good, what a sweet orgasm... during friction, he caresses my breast, and I caress his scrotum... and at this time I remember his face... Russell... my dear Russell... Russell, I love you... Russell!!! And he ejaculated into me. Then we fell asleep.

Morning came. I'm awake, Russell is still asleep, and I look at him with love and pleasure... Russell... these wrinkles... that soft skin on his face... this belly, which is only in the elderly... I gently caressed his face and his body... and I kissed him.

I love Russell... and I love his age.

Pub: 22 Feb 2021 17:03 UTC
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