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  • Use a reputable torrent client with a kill switch, such as qBittorrent (Allows torrenting).
  • Set up a VPN such as Mullvad or ProtonVPN (Changes IP address to hide identity).
  • Bind your torrent client to the VPN (Only allows torrenting when VPN is active).

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  • In the Megathread, trustworthy links that were formerly safe may occasionally turn hazardous.
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📝 ➜ Table of Contents



🏆 ➜ Greatest Treasures

🧭 All Purpose

  • All Purpose sites for torrent search engines, aggregators & DHT crawlers in order to find as much public content as possible.

⭐ Anime

  • Anime is a type of hand-drawn, animated work created in Japan, although it can also apply to other animation, such as Donghua.

📚 Books

  • Books, like manga, comics, and novels, are a recording medium for information that includes pages composed of text, images, or both.

🕹ī¸ Emulators

  • Emulators simulate the actions of gaming consoles, whereas ROMs are digital copies of video games extracted from a cartridge or disc.

🎮 Games

  • Games require interaction with a user interface or input device, such as a controller or keyboard, to produce fun audiovisual feedback.

📱 Mobile (Update in progress...)

  • Mobile, or smartphones, are portable devices that integrate computing and telephone functionality into a single OS such as Android or iOS.

đŸŽĻ Movies & TV

  • Movies & TV are works of visual art that employ moving pictures to imitate experiences, perceptions, feelings, and beauty.

🎹 Music

  • Music is the skill of organising sound to produce any combination of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, or other expressive content.

⚙ī¸ Software

  • Software is a collection of computer programmes along with supporting files and information geared more towards desktop computers.

👟 Sports (Update in progress...)

  • Sports refers to physical activity or game, generally competitive, that utilises one's ability and skills while entertaining spectators.

🧰 Tools (Update in progress...)

  • Tools for activation, userscripts, download managers, assistants, extensions and a plethora of other supplemental software.



🌀 ➜ Dangers of the Sea

â˜Ŗī¸ Unsafe Sites

  • Due to numerous serious and inexcusable offenses, these malicious websites have acquired a dreadful reputation.



📑 ➜ Other Treasures

📁 Awesome Piracy

📁 Champagne Piracy Wiki

📁 EverythingMoe


📁 Ripped

📁 The Index

📁 Wotaku

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