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📑 ➜ Archive of Knowledge

📒 AniDB

  • Remarkable not-for-profit anime database, offers you a wealth of information on the latest releases and much more.
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📒 AniList

  • Cutting-edge anime platform of the future! Keep tabs on, spread the word, and explore your beloved anime and manga creations.
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  • Anime database that diligently ensures you stay well-informed about what to watch and when.
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📒 Kurozora

  • Vast catalog for fans of anime, manga, music, games, movies, specials, OVA, and ONA.
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📒 MyAnimeList

  • Bustling hub for anime and manga enthusiasts worldwide. Immerse yourself in the lively online community.
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📑 ➜ Desktop Apps

🔗 Miru

  • Easily access anime through streamed torrents without download delays for instant viewing pleasure.
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📑 ➜ Direct Downloads

🔗 Anime Tosho

  • Free, fully automated service that mirrors most Nyaa and Tokyo Toshokan torrents onto several direct download file hosting providers.
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🔗 AnimeOut

  • Search from thousands of encoded anime titles that are offered in 720p and 1080p.
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🔗 ChauThanh

  • Download anime, drama, and soundtracks for free. Get high-quality files and links for more than 5000 series.
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🐐 Flugel Anime

  • Extensive archive of nyaa.si. Enjoy very fast downloads, allowing you to indulge in your favorite anime series.
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🔗 Hi10 Anime • Sign Up

  • Offering the lowest file size, but highest quality anime encodes and depending on the content of the anime.
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🔗 Kayoanime • Join Google Group

  • Built with love, this website is a community for fans of anime where users can share updates, news, and obtain downloads of new anime.
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🔗 NoobSubs

  • Offering direct download anime with dual English audio tracks. Torrents also available.
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🔗 Tokyo Insider

  • Easy-to-navigate site and a large collection of anime series, including downloads from some of the most popular subbers.
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📑 ➜ Streaming

▶️ 123anime

  • Easy access to a nice selection of anime. Dependable stream and updates from the most recent releases.
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▶️ 4anime

  • Following the closing of the original 4anime, this is incredibly fast reskinned alternative where you can view anime and shows.
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▶️ AllAnime

  • A trustworthy resource, scraping numerous different websites with various options.
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▶️ Animania

  • See and follow thousands of high quality episodes of all the biggest anime series, updated constantly for free.
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▶️ Animeflix

  • Really nice site for free anime streaming in English subbed and subbed.
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▶️ Animefox

  • Watch anime online free in HD and on mobile devices and all series and films are in very good quality.
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▶️ AnimeFrenzy

  • Enjoy the best anime streaming service and find your favorite title in our large collection of works.
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▶️ AnimeHub

  • It is highly recommended not to miss this website where you can watch anime online in high definition.
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▶️ AnimeNana

  • Supercharged streaming servers for your favorite anime, with the latest releases.
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▶️ Animension

  • Browse, follow, and share your favorite anime on one website, truly a portal to the world of fun.
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▶️ AnimeOwl

  • This website has a sleek Interface, the largest archive of impressive free anime content online.
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🐐 AnimePahe

  • Effortlessly access thousands of anime. Reliable stream with minimal data use, and updates from the greatest torrent releases.
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▶️ AnimeSuge

  • Fast streaming servers and that allow you to watch your favorite anime, material is updated everyday.
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▶️ AnimeXin • Donghua

  • Site solely focused on Donghua series + original fansub, and frequently hosts material on the ever-powerful YouTube.
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▶️ Anitaku

  • Because it is so simple, all you have to do is choose an episode and begin viewing.
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🐐 AniWave

  • With a strong emphasis on anime titles in a variety of genres, you may discover practically any series you want.
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▶️ Anix

  • Draws influence from the well-known AniMixPlay platform that features a minimalist layout.
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🐐 HiAnime

  • Blazing fast streaming website where you can also download subtitled or dubbed anime in super HD quality.
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▶️ Kaido

  • Dependable and quick anime streaming site. Benefit from outstanding features like HD resolution.
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▶️ KickAssAnime

  • Dependable for new releases with excellent quality, but not the greatest selection for older anime.
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▶️ Kitsune

  • There are several high-quality, ad-free options to select from while streaming your favorite anime.
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▶️ Myanime • Donghua

  • There are several donghua streaming options with English subtitles accessible at this website.
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▶️ Nanime

  • You can watch anime online for free on this streaming service, and sure to find more shows and movies here.
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▶️ Playtaku

  • You've come to the right place if you're searching for something fresh and intriguing.
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▶️ Ryuk

  • Free site that allows you to watch anime and even get episodes with dubs or subtitles without having to register.
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▶️ WcoFun / 2

  • Watch a variety of cartoons and anime for free on the site in awesome HD.
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▶️ YugenAnime

  • Track, find, share, and watch high-quality anime, and if you're seeking for a reliable and secure service, you've found it.
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📑 ➜ Torrents

🧲 Beatrice-Raws

  • Very high-quality torrents that are frequently updated and encoded for speed.
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🧲 Erai-raws • Sign Up

  • Certainly one of the top subbing groups that prioritises uniformity above all else.
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🐐 Nyaa / 2

  • Very well-known anime-focused torrent website, devoted to East Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) media.
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🧲 Project AcgnX • Chinese UI

  • There are 590,000+ materials, comprising of many resources from the likes of Anime Garden, Jiying BT, and Youxia BT.
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🧲 Shana Project

  • An anime torrent directory that offers you automated downloads with the episodes you desire from the subbers you trust.
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🧲 SubsPlease

  • A top sub group. Their intention is to broadcast anime with English subtitles as soon as it is possible.
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🧲 Tokyo Toshokan

  • Wonderful source to acquire all of your Japanese content, such as anime, comics, music, and more.
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