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📑 ➜ Direct Downloads

🔗 3ost • Sign Up • Russian UI

  • Excellent lossless and lossy (FLAC and MP3 320kbps) soundtracks from games, movies, and cartoons are included in this collection.
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🔗 AnimeThemes

  • An impressive and reliable collection of anime OPs and EDs themes with direct links to high quality downloadable content.
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🔗 DoubleDouble

  • A container for free music downloads through YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer, and other services.
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🔗 Folksoundomy: Game Soundtracks

  • A selection of video game music and some anime soundtracks that was created by volunteers to be as widely accessible as possible.
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🐐 Free MP3 Download

  • Obtains music from Deezer so you may download it in the best possible quality such as FLAC and genuine 320kbps without a membership.
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🔗 Hikari no Akari

  • Fantastic place to download Japanese music in both lossy and lossless quality, including vocaloids, pop, anime, and gaming.
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🔗 JPop Singles

  • Music enthusiasts sharing a large collection of amazing Japanese pop music available.
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🔗 KHInsider: Video Game Music

  • Definitely an excellent site for MP3 and lossless downloads of console and PC game soundtracks that are otherwise quite difficult to find.
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🔗 Kojima48

🔗 LightAudio • Russian UI

  • Discover and access music from various sources to effortlessly download it in the highest quality.
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🔗 MikuDB

  • The world of Vocaloid with an extensive collection from Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, IA, GUMI etc.
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🔗 Renovatio Records

  • Committed in offering extraordinary film music albums for an easy download process.
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🔗 Sitting on Clouds

  • Superb soundtrack collection with a heavy emphasis on video games and Japanese anime is available on leading file hosts.
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🔗 SquidBoard • Sign Up

  • Nice forum focused on finding any media soundtrack you desire or require.
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🔗 Sukidesuost

  • Wonderful and trustworthy site to acquire Asian music, mostly utilizing the Mega file host.
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📑 ➜ Browser Apps

🌐 320YTMp3

  • Effortlessly download high-quality MP3 music from YouTube at maximum quality.
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🌐 BestMP3Converter

  • Enables you to obtain audio files from YouTube videos without charge in 320kbps quality.
  • URL Safety Results

🌐 cobalt

  • Preserve music and videos you hold dear, free from intrusive advertisements, or any other nonsense.
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🌐 downloadsound.cloud

  • This web app project was built for downloading SoundCloud tracks and playlists. Paste your link and enjoy your music!
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🌐 Spotify Downloader

  • Straightforward web application that enables downloading music on a track, album, or playlists.
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🌐 SpotifyMate

  • Just paste your link into this fast free online tool to download Spotify songs, playlists, and albums in mp3 format.
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🌐 TubeMP3

  • Quickly and amazingly simple, search for and download free MP3 music from YouTube at great quality.
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🌐 YTMP3Hub

  • You may easily search for and download free MP3 files from YouTube, which is quick and really simple to use.
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📑 ➜ Desktop Apps

🖥️ BlockTheSpot

  • An general purpose Spotify skip-bypass and adblocker with all premium features excluding downloads, are unlocked.
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🖥️ Nicotine+

  • A graphical client for Soulseek that is often updated with additional functionality but still adhering to the Soulseek protocol.
  • URL Safety Results

🖥️ OrpheusDL

  • Python-based modular music archive solution that supports archiving from numerous providers, such as Deezer, Qobuz, and Tidal etc.
  • URL Safety Results

🖥️ Qobuz-DL

  • Find, listen to, and download Lossless music from Qobuz. Also supports downloads from Spotify and Apple Music.
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  • A great script, which works with Windows, OS X, and Linux, can download music from SoundCloud and add an id3tag to the song.
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🐐 Soulseek

  • Songs that are hard to locate can be found through this music sharing client, which connects you to a P2P network.
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🖥️ Soundloaders

  • These downloaders are quick, cost nothing to use, and safe. Choose the music platform and utilise it without any limitations.
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🖥️ spotDL

  • Identifies songs from Spotify playlists on YouTube, downloads them, and adds album cover, lyrics, and metadata.
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🐐 Spotube

  • For every platform, a quick, cutting-edge, lightweight, and effective Spotify Music Client.
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🖥️ SpotX

  • Customized version of the official Spotify client. Blocks all banner, video, and audio ads and more.
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🖥️ Stacher

  • You may modify the stunning, contemporary GUI to utilize any fork of YT-DLP, which is immediately installed upon launch.
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🖥️ streamrip

  • A script for a music downloader that works with several platforms, including all the most well-liked ones.
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🖥️ Tidal-Media-Downloader

  • With this tool, you may download music and movies from Tidal with metadata and choose the video resolution and audio quality.
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  • May download music and videos from more than 1500 websites, such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, SoundCloud, Bandcamp etc.
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🖥️ Zotify

  • A very customised Spotify music and podcast downloader. It is advised that you utilise Zotify using a burner account.
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📑 ➜ Streaming

▶️ MusicDex

  • Compilation of anime soundtracks, meticulously curated to highlight both openings and endings.
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▶️ Squidify

  • Assortment of anime, video game, movie and TV soundtracks for your listening pleasure.
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