i am critical of my interests, whatever a creator has done i do not support.
i don't really engage in communities, just liking art and talking to other people who enjoy the same shit as me
feel free to talk to me about any of these regardless
marked means it's a hyperfixation, bolded means i love it, italics mean i like it, the rest is just stuff i'm interested in.
this doesn't get updated as frequently or somethin', but if you know something i probably do too
feel free to suggest new stuff to me! i love having so many interests ^_^

video games ───── ultrakill, 8:11, stardew valley, friday night funkin, vallhalla, the stanley parable, puyo puyo, pokemon, nintendo, xenoblade, portal, sonic, pony island, inscryption, half life, garry's mod, doom, cry of fear, yakuza, touhou, undertale, deltarune, terraria, team fortress 2, smile for me, shovel knight, slime rancher, risk of rain, persona, omori, muse dash, okami, no more heroes, lost in vivo, megaman, katamari damacy, katana zero, hypnospace outlaw, hotline miami, hollow knight, hades, gunvolt, everhood, final fantasy, devil may cry, castlevania, cave story, cuphead, bloodstained, the binding of isaac, the beginner's guide, ib, endroll, ace attorney, fire emblem, five nights at freddy's, dayshift at freddy's, rpg maker games, roblox, mother 3, earthbound, idv, capcom, rhythm games, yume nikki, limbus company, kitty horrorshow, hello charlotte, sky:cotl, milk inside/outside a bag, postal, hylics, miwashiba, imscared, blazblue, guilty gear, 20 minutes till dawn, bayonetta, iron lung, blaster master zero, dialtown, papers please, chrono trigger, super monkey ball, dusk, corpse party, ghost trick, disgaea, bomb rush cyberfunk, dino999z games, resident evil, silent hill, mortal kombat, metal gear solid, lethal company, basilisk, new blood games, project moon, honkai star rail

roblox games ───── gasa4, phighting, jim's computer, adventure forward, doors, a roblox horor gaem, the cool obby, dream world, the battle bricks, evade, survive the disasters, rblxware, arsenal, randomly generated driods, roblox npcs are becoming smart, dream diary, dream game, item asylum, tower heroes, plates of fate, hours, identity fraud, super bomb survival, robot 64, the normal elevator, bee swarm simulator, cleaning simulator, super cube cavern, midnight horrors, regretevator, the ideal game, super paper roblox, traveler's sanctuary, friday night bloxxin', scatomaphobia, limbobbia, decaying winter, brickbattler, nico's nextbots

fnf mods ───── hypno's lullaby, vs imposter, vs documic.txt, mid fight masses, corruption, sonic.exe, chaos nightmare, tails gets trolled, antipathy, funkscop, vs cassette goon, graffti groovin, dsides, b3, camellia, vs ourple guy, fnf online, hotline 024, funkdelix, hit single, perdition, mario's madness

media ───── madness combat, vocaloid, petscop, kagerou project, jojo's bizarre adventure, the mandela catalouge, scott pilgrim vs the world, yu yu hakusho, dragon ball z, jerma, eddsworld, dc, tails gets trolled, creepypastas, the backrooms, diminish, tankmen, mystery skulls, ai builds, everymanhybrid, marble hornets, gemini home entertainment, walten files, ena, generation loss, lythero, house of leaves, mob psycho, roblox myths, args/digital horror, one punch man, animation vs minecraft/animator vs animation, neon evangelion genesis, lego movies, trigun, soul eater, madoka magica, scp, 17776, WHAT COLOR ARE YOU? (uquiz), link click, lacey's games

other ───── technology, coding, robots, computers, oceanography, insects, aviation, video essays, will wood, plants

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