Julius Juli 18 she/he/ae

byf mainpriv, not part of any subtwt, spams tl when active, tl > dms, i talk about my life, i make kms/kys jokes w close friends, rt heavy sometimes, interacts as if we're close lmk if you're uncomfy with that, sb if breaking the mutual, ok to follow if we share no similar interests

dni proshipper, genshintwt, enstarstwt, anitwt, u like aot idk what else i just sb if i dont wanna follow back
italic = current mutuals are fine

interests orv
games rblx acnh idv genshin
mangas brutal ftrf vnc csm hnk

scroll!! i like reading mangas (i don't watch anime anymore) and i like reading books and novels!! my favorite genre of mangas are gore/horror and shoujo, my favorite book genres are fantasy books!! i also like crime cases and investigation stuff. 
I Roro
Pub: 17 Feb 2022 23:14 UTC
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