The meta list of various bot lists from different boards

(Updated 2024-02-22)


Size Status
Meta cai bots and botmakers' rentries; tools and manuals large current themed bots from /AICG/ THEMED WEEK events large current chatbots webring; personal botmakers' websites small current themed bots rentries small current botmakers' rentries with cai bots and cards large deprecated bots and botmakers; cai bots only; manuals large deprecated
Events /AICG/ SECRET SANTA 2023 small static /AICG/ SECRET VALENTINES 2024 small static
Themed foxes small current flat chested not lolis small current cards with clearly-defined multiple characters small current OC NetNavi small current maids small current brother cards, NO step bros allowed small current smelly bots small current a mirror of on 2023-03-11 large static bots small deprecated cards with expressions small deprecated foxes small deprecated
Worldbuilding floating islands with unique cultures, fantasy land with magic small deprecated dystopian future, a world at war small deprecated intelligent living dolls small deprecated





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