kcfirst wrote this last July, and two alternate stories quickly followed it. Please don't tell me my version is better or worse, just that you enjoyed reading it or you hated reading it. Thank you kcfirst, for your blessing.

Damn, I received the PI report in person, the fourth investigation in as many years. Jason Thomas, PI, had just finished this one, and the conclusion he reached was the same as the conclusions reached in the other three investigations. There is no evidence that my wife Molly is having an affair with her boss John Decker.

For the last four years, I have used a different PI firm to justify my paranoia that my wife was having an affair. Each firm followed her in random cities and during different seasons of the year. I know that my wife and her lover had fooled three previous investigations. This new investigator would surely catch them. I believe her lover is her boss, and they do it on their twice a month, three-day business trips.Molly and I, Tom Wright, are both 37 and have been married for 15 Years. We were exclusive for the last three years of college and married after graduation. She is a doll, not beautiful, but would be considered pixie cute, with a fantastic 5ft 6-inch body and wavy brown hair. She is very outgoing, and people enjoy having her around. I do not work, nor does my wife support me. I have my own money, lots of money, very old money. Molly is the Administrative Assistant to John Decker. He is the CEO of a wholly-owned subsidiary of a major international corporation. She has held this position for four years and is highly compensated for her work. When he travels, and he travels a lot, she accompanies him. She is very proud of her job and tells me how important she is. I tell her she is a glorified secretary who the boss wants to fuck. Her boss is about my size, 6ft 1-inch tall, 190 pounds, but if it were between the two of us, John would get the attention of all the girls. He is quite an attractive man.I have talked to Molly a few times about her apparent closeness with John. The first few times, she said there was nothing between them except work. Promising me that she would never fool around behind my back, she offered to take a lie detector test, any time. I should have noticed the phrase behind my back.In the beginning, he was just a coworker and a 'good friend.' The last time I questioned her, she referred to him as a 'special friend.' I guess he got a promotion!Molly and I have gone out for dinner and dancing a few times with John and his wife, Gail. Molly talks to John and dances with John much more than she does with me. When John and Molly go out on the dance floor, I notice Gail give them a raised eyebrow. It was as if she was saying, 'what, again.' I guess she sees their closeness also.I have talked to Molly about finding another job to please me as I am very jealous of her being so close to John. She tells me that I'm silly because she loves her job, not her boss.Mr. Thomas insisted on reporting the results of his investigations personally. He came to my house while Molly was at work and told me what he discovered."My people here and my associates in Dallas surveilled your wife and Mr. Decker for a week. They were at their office the first four days of the week and in Dallas for a work seminar and budget talks that lasted three days."He began reading from his notes, and it sounded the same as the last three reports."For the four days locally, before their trip to Dallas, they were followed and observed. They had lunch together all four days, then immediately returned to work. On the second day, the two of them stopped at a local bar after work. Each of them had two drinks, then went to their respective homes. Since Gail Decker and I were home when they left the bar, they broke off surveillance. They assumed the spouses would be aware of their activities at home until the next morning. On the other three days, they both went directly home from work, and again, Gail and I were home."Boring, I was barely listening.The Dallas trip was slightly more interesting, but not much.

"Each of the three days, they attended the work seminar and budget meetings as they should have. They ate dinner together each night, and each night they went out dancing. After an hour of dancing and drinks, they went to their hotel rooms and didn't come out until morning. Their two rooms were at opposite ends of the hallway, so there was no connecting door between rooms. A camera pointed down the hall showed that each night, neither of them left their room until the next morning." I stopped him. "Were there other rooms available on the same floor?"He looked in his notes and gazed at a floor layout sheet he had. "Yes. There were four, one across the hallway from him, and three between his room and hers.""Why so far apart, unless it's a smokescreen?" I sat quietly for a few seconds. "Continue.""My associate in Dallas said, and I quote; The only thing that was at all suspicious was their dancing. They looked like two people in love when they were on the dance floor. Off the dance floor, there was no inappropriate touching, but certainly a closeness. He usually had his arm around her as he led her back to their table.""A PI followed Mr. Decker and your wife to the airport, and he made sure that they boarded and that the airplane did fly home."He then briefed me on the second part of his investigation, the company office, and employees. I had never requested this surveillance before.

"We sent three agents into the building on different days when John and Molly were out of the building. They were able to get appointments by asking what their contact's passion in life was and offering a gift, or call it a bribe.""The first employee, Mrs. Jean Burke, handles equipment purchases and loves country music. They got her two 10th row tickets to a sold-out concert in 3 weeks." "The next employee, Mindy Tayloe, is in charge of office supplies. She loves eating out with her fiancé, and she was a given a prepaid American Express card with $200 on it." "The third employee, Mrs. Marilou Brandy, is in charge of building management. She and her husband love boxing, and there was a WBA Championship match in a month at the local arena. They gave her tickets 30 rows up for that title match." "All three agents were men, and they gave the gifts and made an introductory presentation. Then they each mentioned that they saw a woman going to lunch, and she looked like someone they knew, Molly Wright." "All three women responded in different words that it was indeed Molly Wright and that she is Mr. Decker's Administrative Assistant."Mr. Thomas stopped talking for a second to clear his throat."My agents all replied that Tom, Molly's husband, is a very close friend of his. Then the agent's stopped talking, hesitated, and said, never mind, I shouldn't gossip." "The women all asked them, why did you stop? I have gossip too. You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine.""So my men told the women that Tom was positive that Molly and John were having an affair." "Mrs. Burke and Miss Tayloe both agreed and confirmed the rumor around the company that they were indeed fucking, at least on trips. Mrs. Brandy said she had a custodian tell her about seeing the 2 of them dancing closely in his office. Another saw them sitting on his sofa, holding hands." "Oh, one more thing. One of the agents overheard something in the men's room. He heard two men talking about this new female CEO from Cleveland who was starting next Monday. It seems Mr. Decker is transferring to England. They were joking around and wondered if he was taking his favorite concubine with him?"Mr. Thomas closed his folder and waited for any response I had. I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest while still beating. You would think Molly would make me a happy man by informing me of John's impending departure. I could not imagine any reason why she would not tell me. The little voice in my head told me I would never make love again with her.I have paid thousands of dollars for investigations over the last four years, and unfortunately, I may have something I can use."Thank you. Could I get another business card?" After he left, I laid it on the entryway table next to the mail.Later I heard her come in, and a moment later, she walked into the living room where I was watching the news. "Honey, what's this business card for?" She handed it to me."He's a private investigator.""What is he doing for you?""Investigating.""What?""It's private." That should put her off her game.*Wednesday night, Molly was sitting at the kitchen table when I walked by. In a more serious tone than usual, she said, "Tom, can I talk to you for a minute." As I sat down, I thought, this doesn't feel good. "John and Gail have invited us to their lake house for the weekend. I told them I was sure we would love to go, but I would have to check with you. I think it would be great; Okay with you?" The first thing that crossed my mind, five days a week at work isn't enough; now you want to be with him on the weekend too. The weekend before his replacement starts and the weekend before their last few days working together. Why? "Where's this lake house located? Have you ever been there?"She told me where it was, and it was about 50 miles away. Then she hesitated and looked past me to my left, "No! Of course not. I've never been there." "Let me think about it. I have some things I was planning to do Saturday." "Well, I have to let them know."

"Why? If we're there, we're there. I planned some things I want to do this weekend, but I can go next weekend for sure. Why does it have to be this weekend?"She turned quickly and went upstairs. I quickly followed. Our bedroom door was swinging shut as I stopped it and followed her in. She was in her walk-in closet, and I searched verbally, "Molly, where are you?" as I walked through the closet doorway. She turned quickly and held one hand behind her back.

"What do you have behind your back?" I asked as I reached around and took her cellphone from her.

"Give that back."

"You know the rules. Unless John calls and it's an emergency, no work-related calls."

I looked at her history. "Hmm. Did you delete call history and text history? The Cheaters Handbook says; erase all call and text history before you go home. The Smart Cheaters handbook says only delete incriminating calls and texts."

"ARRGH. I am not cheating on you with John. I want my phone back. Please? Can I have my phone back?"

"You bet, as you walk out the door tomorrow morning."

She did that growl and foot stomp thing and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. I looked in her contact list for Decker, home, office, cell1, and cell2. Her purse was under her bed table, so I picked it up and dumped its contents on the bed. Nothing suspicious. Her bag had pockets, so I checked them, and pocket #3 had a flip phone. An evil thought popped into my brain, so I stuck her flip phone in my pants pocket. Opening a dresser drawer, I took out my old flip phone and put it in pocket #3. I added her cell to the mess in her purse, took it downstairs, and left it by the coffee maker.

I grabbed a light blanket from the coat closet and tried to sleep on my recliner. Sleep did not come easy.

*I woke up when her alarm went off upstairs. I got up, made coffee, and had my first cup while waiting at the dining room table. Forty-five minutes later, she came stomping down.

"Where's my purse?"

"By the coffee maker. Grab a cup and come sit down."

"I'm late."

"No, you're a half-hour early, but whatever. If you don't want to talk this morning, I won't make you."

She walked past me to get her purse, hesitated, and headed out the front door.

I called out, "WHAT, NO KISS?" I went upstairs, showered and shaved, and got dressed. Feeling hungry, I went out to breakfast, went to the grocery store, and returned home. I put the groceries away and checked my watch; the time was 9:30. I think I've waited long enough to call.

I dialed her desk with her direct line. It went to voice mail. "Honey, where are you? I would think you could hear your phone from his office unless you're in his apartment. Oh well, anyway, my answer is no. I will not go to their lake house this weekend: too many lies and inconsistencies. We will talk tonight. Goodbye."I then dialed the switchboard and asked for John Decker.

The receptionist transferred me to his secretary. "Mr. Decker's Office, Lisle speaking."

"Lisle. Tom Wright. Is John or Molly available?"

"They went into a meeting thirty minutes ago. They're talking about Johns' transfer to England and his replacement coming from Cleveland. Molly's throwing a farewell party for him next Wednesday. Are you coming now? Molly said you would be busy Wednesday."

"Transfer? When is this happening?"

"Less than two weeks. You sound surprised."

"Surprised! How about stupefied, shocked, flabbergasted, or stunned?"

"Molly didn't tell you?"

"No. Goodbye." The tone of my voice was hard and cold before I hung up.

I sat in my recliner and wondered where this shitshow was going. Of course, I did know John was leaving. I must have dozed off as my ringtone for Molly, Can't Let Go by Mariah Carey, woke me up. I need to change that ringtone.

It was Molly. "Hello."

"Tom. Why didn't you call me?"

"Why weren't you at your desk? I left a message at 9:31. Then I called Lisle."

"Hold on." I heard footsteps, phone noise, and a muffled voice speaking. Then I heard a gasp. She came back on the line. "Tom, I don't understand what your message means."

"What part of no don't you understand? I have no desire to go to their lake house this weekend. Anyway, you can plead your case when you come home, and I'll pretend to listen. Oh, one more thing, do you have anything you've forgotten to tell me?"

"I don't understand, no, of course not."

"Goodbye." I hung up and turned my phone off. I left the house and walked to a steakhouse a mile away. I had a nice medium-rare steak, salad, baked potato, and a couple of beers. I walked back and got home at 1:45. After going in, I turned my phone on. I had four missed calls and three unread texts, and one voicemail. I deleted everything. I grabbed a deck of cards and began playing solitaire on the table as I faced the front door. My phone rang again. It was from Molly.

"Hello. What do you want, Molly?"

"Where have you been? I'm on my way home. Please don't leave; I need to talk to you. I'm sorry, but..."

"Tell me when you get home." I hung up.At 2:15, Molly came flying through the front door and ran towards me. I held up my hands, "Stop. Now you will sit down." She stopped and sat down. Her eyes were red with anger. "You are keeping secrets from me, and I am agitated. When are we supposed to go to their cabin?"

"Tomorrow morning.""Who will be there?"

"John and Gail, you and I, and some servants."

"So no other couples?"


"All right, tell them I'll go. But the first lie to me, half-truth told, or deception aimed at me, and I'm gone."

Molly got very giddy and gave me a peck on my cheek. She started to leave the room as she dialed a number on her phone when I stopped her. "No secrets. You can talk in front of me."

She started to scowl and then realized that I could change my mind about going.

"Hello, John. Tom says we'll come up tomorrow."

"No, I can't. I'm sorry, but I can't."

"Molly, either put it on speaker or hang up. My patience is getting thin."

"Got to go, John. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Can't what, Molly?"

"He wanted me to come back in."

She still looked very pleased with herself. I need to stay on my toes this weekend.

"I'm going to change, and then I'll fix dinner." She ran upstairs and shut the bedroom door. Now that's suspicious.

I followed her path to the door and placed my ear against it. Hearing a muffled voice, I opened the door and went in very quietly.

" be careful. Tom knows somethings going on and won't hesitate to leave if he smells a rat."

That's ominous, and five will get you ten I won't stay the whole weekend.

"Look, John, after we get there, Gail can take him somewhere quiet and explain the whole thing. After all, it was her idea. John, I have to fix dinner. I'll see you tomorrow." "Love you too."

I slowly backed out of the bedroom and shut the door. I had a lot to think about, so I went into the living room and collapsed in my recliner.

"Honey. What do you want for dinner?"

"I don't care.""I can fix steak, chicken, fish, or salads?""I DON'T CARE!"

"Tom, what's the matter. Talk to me."

"I'm going for a walk. Eat whatever you want; I'm not hungry." I grabbed my phone and my keys and headed out the door. Cutting across a field, I walked to a side road off the interstate that had many gas stations and restaurants catering to highway travelers. I went into the Olive Garden next to an Exxon station and ate dinner there. While I waited for my food, I mulled over in my mind all I had found out today. And I was not happy. I returned home about two hours after I walked out of my house. I let myself in with my key, since Molly had locked the front door, and went upstairs to the master bathroom. As I entered, I saw Molly soaking in the tub, so I went to the sink and brushed my teeth.

"Tom. Where did you go? Are you mad at me?"

"I don't know. Have you done anything that would anger me if I knew?"

"Um, no."

"Well then, I guess I'm not mad at you." I walked out, stripped to my shorts, and laid down on my side of the bed. By the time she came out of the bathroom, I was asleep.

I was dreaming that John and Molly were dancing naked and laughing at me. They were twirling faster and faster and pointing at me and laughing. And then I woke up. By my alarm clock, the time was 3:05 AM. If I got out of bed, I wouldn't go back to sleep, so I lay there wondering if I would still have a marriage Friday evening? Somehow I fell back to sleep.

"Tom, Tom honey. It's 11:00. Are we still going to the lake house?"

I ignored her and went to take a shower. When done, I dressed in casual clothes and grabbed a small carry bag from my closet. Opening my gun safe, I took out my Walther PPK pistol and one clip of bullets. I loaded it, put the safety on, and laid it on the bed. I took the holster and flipped it to put it on my belt under my left arm. I then secured the pistol in the holster. Putting on a light jacket, I put one of Molly's favorite bath towels in my bag and zipped it up.

I walked downstairs and didn't see Molly, so I went into the six-car garage attached to the house and pulled the car cover off my 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. I haven't driven it much, and Molly hated the engine noise and thought it's color was ugly. It was factory orange and had a 426 Hemi Powered engine, with a 4-speed manual transmission. I rolled the windows down, opened the garage door, and backed it out on the driveway. Molly was sitting in her BMW like she was driving to the lake. I locked the house and looked at her. "Are we driving separately?"

She shook her head from side to side.

"Then grab your bag and get in my car. Do you have directions?"


"You need an address for that to work. Anyway, I'm sure you can navigate, and I can get us there alive. Now move it; I have things I want to do this weekend."

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