We had both had a few drinks and were feeling good. I walked over to the fridge to pour myself another since I was driving I hadn’t been able to drink as much as I want. As I chugged down a real strong jack and coke, I took a second to stare at you in your Halloween costume just sitting on the couch. You looked sexy as hell and you had your legs spread just enough to let me get a peak at your underwear. Black lace hugging your curves was just stunning. I walk over and I sit next to you and you move closer to me. You put your hand on my thigh and wink. I knew you were still in the mood. So I tell you to get in the bedroom and you were going to pay for teasing me all night.
I walked in front and you quickly followed as soon as you crossed the thresh hold I decided to surprise you and turned around and grabbed you and pinned you against the wall and kissed you deeply. You gasped and kissed me back harder and let your tongue explore my mouth. I took my left hand off your shoulder and reached under your skirt and ran my hand across your pussy. It was hot and there was a wet spot. I asked you what you had been thinking all night and you said I was in complete control and could have anything I wanted. My mind reeled and I took a second to think. Then I slid your thong aside and stuck a finger in your pussy as we kissed again. You gasped and moaned as I fingered your wet tightness. You bit my neck and I dug my nails into the back of your shoulder. I took my finger out and I told you to take off your thong and to get on the bed and spread your legs.
You do as you’re told and get on the bed, I walk to the closet and grab the handcuffs and tell you to put your hands up and I cuff the, to the head board of the bed. Then I crawl into bed and lean over you and kiss you briefly and star to make my way south kissing and nibbling everything on the way, you neck then your cleavage then I flipped your skirt up and ran my hand over your wetness. You moan lightly as my hand grazes over and my finger slide over your clit. You can do anything beside sit there and enjoy what is to come. I place my head between your legs and my lips real close to your pussy and breathe softly on it just to tease you. I then lick around the outside, starting with your clit and working clockwise. Once I reach your clit again I lick the whole thing from the bottom up and suck your clit. You’re now really wet and your pussy is dripping down your ass crack and it take this opportunity to wet one of my fingers and start tracing your tight lil asshole with my finger. You moan at the lightest touch and after a few circles I slide my finger in to your tight little ass.
You moan in ecstasy as I finger your tight lil ass and eat your pussy. You taste incredible. I could dine on you all day, all night, and come back for more. I am going to explore the soft folds of your cunt, feel the firm bud of your clitoris under the tip of my tongue, feel your pussy clench around my finger as I steadily push you to the edge. Your cries are music in my ears, as your body spasms and your arms flail, tangle in the sheets. You scream out as the first orgasm rushes over your body wave after wave as finger your tight holes and lick your clit. As your breathing slows and you catch your breath, I withdraw from your holes and got to the closet. I get the vibrating butt plug out; we have yet to try it. I lube up the end and I slowly insert it into your tight rosebud. You moan loudly as it enters you. Finally it is all the way in. You ask what I’m going to do now, unable to see that I have the remote in my hand I turn on the vibration. You gasp and writhe in the sheets. You moan and say it feels amazing, I leave it on low and crawl up to you and kiss you deeply. I uncuff you from the bed post and say its time for you to return the favor. All the while the plug in your ass is vibrating; you remove my pants and boxers and start to stroke my already hard cock. You take it in your mouth and suck and moan on it. As you take more of it in your mouth and increase the speed, I do the same with the remote and you moan on my dick and suck faster. I turn it off and grab your head and make you stop. I want your pussy now.
I turn down the dial to low again and crawl off the bed and drag you over to the edge and line my dick up with you now soaking wet pussy. Ready for me? Ungh … you’re so wet, so hot. My cock slides slowly into you, stretching and filling you, teasing those places deep inside that ache for me. God, you’re sopping, slick with need, and so welcoming. I don’t want to hurry … I don’t want to rush. I want to feel the head of my cock as it slips past the entrance, feel every inch slide into your cunt, feel your sticky lips wrap around my shaft as it glides inside. But I wait I want to tease you like you have done to me all night. "Please … " you moan, trying to arch your back, to force me deeper inside you. But I hold you in place, the head of my cock just inside you, and slowly rub your slippery clit with the tip of my finger. You wriggle and squirm, your breath comes in short pants, and all your words are whimpers and moans. Finally I give in and slide all the way in to your tight tunnel. You gasp and moan from feeling so full so sudden. I grab your legs and I start thrusting deep and slow. Pulling almost all the way out then back in. You ask me to go faster; I oblige and pick up the pace. You grip the sheets as I begin to pound your pussy as fast as I can. You scream and I feel your pussy clenching as you cum again.
I pull out after you caught you breath and turn you over and grab your arms and handcuff you hands behind your back. I lean over and whisper now the fun has begun. I turn on the plug again and as it starts vibrating in your ass, I start to pound your pussy again from behind. All you can do now is take it and enjoy the vibrations going through your ass as my dick slides in and out of your pussy. So full, all you do is moan and cry out oh god. I turn up the speed to high on the plug as I grab your hips and pound your pussy as fast and as hard as I can. I lost count of how many times you have came so far but the night isn’t over. I stop for a second and turn off the plug and remove it from your ass. I push it back in then out and grab the lube and lube up my dick. I rub my dick around your ass and ask if you want it, you beg and plead until I finally slide the head in. You gasp and moan, I let the head sit there for a second till I slide the rest in till it’s in to the hilt. Your ass is so tight even though the plug had been in there for awhile. I begin to thrust in and out of your ass. Slowly picking up the pace, after a few minutes I’m pounding your ass almost as fast as I was fucking your pussy a second ago. I let go of your hips and grab your hair and pull back and wrap my hand around your throat and squeeze. I pound your ass as fast as I can and keep my grip around your throat and you cum again. I can tell as your ass clenches around my cock and just as the orgasm sweep over your body, I release my grip on your throat and you start to scream and moan in ecstasy.
I pull out of your ass, uncuff you and turn you over and kiss you. You pull me in close and wrap your legs around me and kiss me deeply like animal consumed by lust. I stop the embrace and whisper in your ear, it’s not over yet. I crawl up on the bed and lean against the back and tell you to straddle me and ride me. You happily oblige and straddle me and slide my cock into your tight ass once again. I take this time to lower your dress and lick and suck on your nipples as you ride me. As you pick up the pace I can tell I won’t last too much longer. You start riding harder and I can tell i'm getting close and I pull you in and drag my nails across your back. You start gyrating and riding and you can tell i’m about to cum and you tell me to cum in your ass and you feel me cum and pump your tight lil ass full of cum. This send you over the edge for the final time tonight as you scream and dig your nails into my back as I claw at yours. We hold each close and I lean back on the head board. Enjoying the after glow and catching our breaths. You look up and kiss me and move your hips a lil to tease my cock still lodged in your ass. I moan lightly and kiss you.
As I roll you off, you can tell I’m tired but you want more so you softly kiss my neck kissing all the way down to my chest going slowly and softly to my cock. You look up at me and I have a look that just makes you smile. You know I want it and so you tease me by licking the tip of my cock slowly and moving to my balls. As my cock gets hard again you softly put it in your mouth but only the tip of it making me want to shove it all the way in my mouth. You pick up the pace as my whole cock swiftly slides in and out of your hot wet mouth and I’m loving every second of it while moaning softly. Then you slowly stop and ask me to get up and follow you to the shower, I happily follow while smacking your ass as we make our way into the shower. You turn the hot water on and let it get all steamy in there. You bend over in front of me and start licking my cock again and stop and get in the shower and I come in after you, your whole body is wet and all I can see is your silhouette in the darkness. I reach for you but you push my hand away and whisper "its my turn," and you handcuff my hands behind my back and then bend over and slide all of my hard cock in your wet pussy and begin bouncing on it so all you hear is moans and the smacking of your ass pounding against my cock. I get restless having my hands restrained, I want desperately to pull you close and go deeper. You feel notice my need and have me stop and undo the cuffs and then cuffed one to the rail. I can deal with that as I grab your waist and slide deep in to that tight pussy of yours. You can tell that I am getting close and you get down on your knees and suck me off till I cum in your mouth. We get out and dry off and jump in bed and pass out. You cuddled up next to me with your ass grinding on me.

You wake up with me poking you in the ass.... to be continued

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