So I decided that even with me not going home for Christmas break, I was doing Christmas.

So I gathered my money, my credit cards and I headed out shopping.

After I got as made up for the season as I could and breathed and breathed and connected to my nano's.

It feels like this tingle in my head, tits and heart or my center at the same time. Not like anything else I've ever felt but like warm? Moving?

But it only happens when I'm trying to connect to them, to control them.

~Strawberry pheromones please, start producing them at max power.~

Which was...

Well I was edging horny, riding the edge of arousal and just feeling it was actually delectable.

Add in nice perfume, not a lot just a little of the nice high end stuff, my breast milk mixed up body lotion and my best sexiest lingerie. Then a nice dress, boots, thigh high stockings and nice jewelry and a coat. I got my purse and I headed out.

I called an Uber, a nice driver, nice looking and a nice big car.

Evan comes and gets me and he does a double take as he picks me up and I waited for him to get the door.

It took a few seconds before he got it and got out to be a "gentleman."

Up this close he's drinking in my look, my legs, stockings, my tits.

I wasn't the least bit offended, I honestly like and want all of that.

I smiled sweetly and kissed his cheek and he inhaled my scent and he's got hard.

He's an older guy middle aged and that attraction is enough he got very into it and into me and very attentive.

When we got to the first place he went and got my door and I pulled him close to the open door by his belt.

"Ethan, I'm Kelly, I want you to be my driver all day long and I want both of us to have a great day."

I pulled his cock out and he was six inches and hard and I pulled my nano's to my mouth and tranced him as I deep throated his cock right there by the curb obscured by him and the car and pushed. ~You're mine as long as I want you today, and cum twice as hard as you ever had this time.~

Ethan didn't last long at all and he verbally called out. "Oh! Oh fuck yes!"

People looked.

The guy behind us smiled as he was waiting, he definitely got a free show.

I packed Ethan's cock away.

"Help me up sweet man."

He helped me out of the car, looking stunned and I took my purse finger waved at the fellow behind us and I kissed Ethan's cheek and went into the mall.

My first stop was a news stand for some holiday lotto scratchers and some Juicy fruit gum because well cum breath.

Then I went to the ladies room and touched up my make up getting looks and enjoying my cum high and even singing along with the holiday music on the speakers.

There were women there smiling and we talked then asking about my clothes, make-up, pink hair, my good mood... if I smell strawberries?

"I'm all in with Christmas this year, treating myself like the goddess I am and shopping and splurging and just being happy with zero guilt. I even picked a handsome guy as my all day uber driver and deep throated his cock just outside at the curb."

Two got freaked out and left because they were shocked and the other two were giggling and I leaned over a french kissed them both and tranced them both.

~You'll enjoy and remember this kiss and that it was sexy and good. You'll let the stress and bullshit wash off your minds until after New Years, problems don't get better with worry or panic and anger. Relax, breathe, have fun, have sex a lot, enjoy yourselves.~

And with them in shock and their nipples hard a little wet I left them to go shopping singing along with "I hope you have a merry little Christmas."

I legit went shopping too.

Buying decorations, things for my place, scented candles, Christmas spice bags of potpourri and power cords and lights and surge protectors just in case and clothes and make-up and high end things too but good camming equipment too. I need more money and camming porn is a great way to do it.

And I flirt.

I flirted with random people that looked in the mood, talked up clerks and cashiers, told them they're really pretty and in the spirit if they looked it and were dressed up and friendly to the customers.

Called over managers and shift bosses told them their employees were great this year. Asked them if I could leave a good Yelp and take a good Insta post with them for them.

Spread the good vibes.

And well more of course.

Sweet french kisses in the aisles around corners... trancing them into just enjoying the season and their life this year. Not letting it get to them, be happy.

Sucking cock in the back store rooms or in the offices...or eating pussy, or feeding them tittie milk, or fucking them good and hard or sweetly.

Two women are getting firmer younger skin and more energy and better titties as my nano's are working in them over Christmas and two older guys are getting an inch of dick and their hair returning and just more energy.

All the ones I make out with are getting that dose of happy for the holidays, not stressing and just good sleep.

Peace on earth, goodwill to guys, gals and everyone in between and on those edges.

I fucked and sucked and kissed as much as I shopped and by the end of the day I was just buzzing in the good vibes and filled Ethan's ride with my stuff and he drove me home and I asked him in.

For the night.

He of course accepted and we headed to the bedroom immediately and I tranced him under as we kissed and kissed and he sucked on my huge titties and moaned. "Strawberries, strawberry princess...oh...oh fuck."

And I pushed them in him, go in deep, do the full scan.

Alter him so he's good with all of me.

He fucking needed this, needed me.

He was a year from a heart event with his veins and plaque in his arteries. I clean and fix those blockages, repair his heart damage from that, his liver, kidneys... just all that 40-50 year old wear and tear as we make love and burn off fat as I push him to hard fast great wild sex as I enhance his cock too. Bigger... not a lot but it'll get another inch over the holidays as the nanos work, more cum... that they do right away, more loads they start working on that too.

I sucked his cock, he fucked my mouth and then my titties and then my ass twice before we passed out and napped.

I woke up cum buzzed and sex buzzed and had a shower and made drinks up and I woke Ethan up by sucking his cock and them smoking a joint with him.

"Shower, then help me decorate some more and I'll cook."

And I did just that.

Christmas music playing.

I made homemade fried chicken, gravy, home fries and dug out stuff to try my hand at baking cookies.

He makes some calls saying he's okay and with a friend for the night and we start drinking and having fun.

Bailey's and Jack on ice with a little good black coffee in there made in a pitcher.

Decorating, dancing.

I get dressed in literally Mrs, Claus sexy lingerie and a barely there halter and mini-skirt.

We talk too.

He's almost fifty I'm his son and daughters age.

He's divorced.

She left him.

He drives because honestly she wrecked him.

And I knew he was telling the truth because he literally can't lie to me with the nanos in him.

There are bad people out there, some of them are women. Ethan manages a team in contracting but he wrecked his back, his knee over thirty years of that shit.

Just as much as motherhood can... being a dad a guy is hard too and can break you.

And we're good on both sides if we have partners that get it or are loyal.

His wife was good looking and left him after the kids were gone for a doctor she was fucking on the side.

Fuck that bitch.

Well no.

But I added Ethan to my Facebook, my added to his. Took happy sexy pictures and videos of us just having fun.

And there's no bullshit about my age, who I am, how I look.

No, no, they don't know about my cock and that doesn't matter but I'm there, hotter than fuck, having sexy with Ethan obviously and I talked him up too.

Fuck her, fuck his doubters, just fuck all those assholes.

I'm on his stuff enough that everyone against him will be pissed and everyone that loves him will be happy and tease him and other good stuff.

And at the end of our meal and drinks and dancing we go back to bed and I feed him my breasts again and trance him into as much deep hard athletic ball aching sex as he can handle.

And drink buzzed, cum buzzed, cock buzzed, fed, fucked, happy I let us sleep and him nurse all night long and I push.

~Strengthen his back, fix his back over time, and his knee.~

I fell into this really great sleep.

I'm happy, people are happy, he's healing.

Merry Strawberry Christmas to me.

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