mybf Byf
1. dont say huh um erm uh uhm or ?? or any shit like that to me, ill probably assume you hate me and block...sorryyy 2. im super duper possesive/protective of my interests...meaning i might get annoyed by ppl also enjoying the same interest (sorry to leon kennedy fans rn dont follow me im insane[autistic]) 3. i tweet abt whatever i want, i wont just stick to one game/show 4. ill make nsfw tweets from time to time, dont take them seriously...orrr do take them seriously idc dont rt them theyre mostly abt leon 5. im a selfshipper sorry normal people 6. ill post fake gore with no warnings(99% chance it will be from resident evil)
only post idv, taro, proship...Or neutral on it ur a freak too. post constant hate on childe(gi).. post abt xiaoven or joscarl, resident evil twt(current muts ok)

Pub: 03 Jul 2022 07:02 UTC
Edit: 22 Jul 2023 21:09 UTC
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