She is as beautiful as I remembered, though it has been a month since my first appointment. As it was the first time I saw her, her hair was the first thing to catch my attention. The color has changed. It isn't the shade of bright pink that first caught my attention. She has had it dyed a vibrant two-toned blue that is just as eye catching. The color is a stark contrast to the elegant d├ęcor of the day spa. I am sitting in an uncomfortable chair surrounded by candles and somber paintings. I suppose it is supposed to be relaxing, but I find the ambiance slightly irritating. I am much more interested in watching the bright haired woman about to take me back to a room for a bikini wax. My mind wanders...

As she did the previous month, my blue haired specialist leads me down the hall to a room on our left. The room looks like the room we used last time, but they really all look the same so its impossible for me to be sure. There is a table in the middle of the room covered in that same paper material doctor's offices use to cover their exam tables. Generic flowery paintings line the walls. Just to the right of the table is a countertop and drawers that hold the waxing products. I see the familiar dark blue wax, the tweezers, the cotton balls, and the wooden applicators all arranged neatly, waiting to be used. She keeps her waxing station tidy, I like that. I gladly follow her inside. I slip my mask off to smile widely as she closes the door. I compliment her hair. I'm flirting a little, I'll admit.

"This will be our room today" she says cheerfully. He voice is melodic, like a song I have enjoyed before. "I have you down for a bikini wax, is that right?" I nod, suddenly shy.

"Go ahead and undress, then have a seat on my table." She smiles at me and I wonder at the bit of wickedness in that grin. I reach down to unbutton my jeans, tugging them off my hips. I feel her eyes on me. She should have turned around by now. Instead, she watches as I step out of my jeans and slowly slip off the black lace underneath.

"Take your top off too. Your shirt is too long, it will be in the way," she commands me smoothly. That's bullshit I think, but I have no intention of arguing. I'm not sure to what end this game will come, but I am happy to play along. I peel off my cumbersome shirt. I reach back and unhook my bra letting the straps slide off my shoulders, then toss it in on top of the rest of my discarded cloths. I feel vulnerable, but she rewards my efforts with a nod of approval. Her big brown eyes travel down my body. I feel my cheeks turning red. I fold my arms across my chest, hiding my rigid nipples that threaten to give away my desire. I want her. She takes a step closer to me. She reaches out to pull my arms away from my chest.

"There is no need to hide beautiful one," she whispers to me. My blush deepens, creeping down my neck and onto my exposed chest. She reaches out to slip the mask off my face. In the excitement I had forgotten all about it. She traces a finger across my cheek and over my lips where she lingers just a moment.

"Lay down. Legs apart." I scramble to follow her instruction.

"Come on now beautiful. Bend your knees and let your legs drop to the side. You know how this works," she encourages. Normally yes, I know what to expect. In this moment though, I have no idea. She puts a hand on each of my thighs and presses down gently, spreading me further apart. Desire shots through me like fire. She teases me with soft, little strokes on the inside of my thighs. Her touch is so soft it almost tickles. I let out a moan of appreciation. She leans over and kisses me carefully. Then she moves one hand up beside my head to steady herself as she leans closer to deepen the kiss. Too soon she straightens, pulling away from my mouth. I reach out for her; I want her softness and curves close to me again. She smiles and bats away my hand. Her hands trace down my stomach sending shivers though me. Her hands reach between my legs and again I let out a small moan. I feel her push apart my lips with her fingers. She begins to stroke either side of my clitoris with long, teasing motions. She is steady until she flicks my clit. I clutch the table beneath me, gasping.

"Please..." I whimper, lifting my head so that I can watch her. She meets my gaze.

"You like a little pain then beautiful one?" she asks, but doesn't bother to wait for my reply. She switches her strokes. She makes tight fast circles on my clit. The direct pressure is almost too much. She switches directions, her fingers now moving in larger circles the opposite direction. I can barely get my bearings before she changes her strokes again. My back arcs, my body raising up to meet her hand. I'm all short gasps and happy moans now. I tense, building toward climax.

"Not yet beautiful," she tells me and quickly pulls her hands away from me. I squirm again the empty space where she had been. My body aches to finish, but she is not allowing it. She steps away from me. I collapse back onto the table. I cannot yet form the words to protest. I lay there, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for my mind to come back to me. I can hear her near me, shuffling items on the countertop. I turn my head to look at her. Her loose t-shirt cannot hide the roundness of full breasts waiting beneath the spa's logo. Her jeans are tight, hugging her shapely legs. I envy her soft curves, so feminine and inviting. After a few moments she decides I have had enough time to recover myself. She turns to face me.

"Ready to start?" she asks, a gleam in her eye.

"Sure," I manage to choke out a weak response. And so she begins the waxing process. The first strip of the wax she smooths across the top of my mound. The wax would be hot if I weren't already on fire. She hums to herself as she spreads another strip of wax down the left, then the right of my panty line. She's starting on the outside, working her way in.

"I just want to remind you that after we are done here, you aren't allowed to have sex for 24 hours. Or if you can't wait 24, at least 12," she pauses to look at me. "Can you wait that long?" she asks teasingly. I frantically shake my head no. While I'm distracted by her question, she rips off the first strip of wax. I flinch. She immediately lays her cool hand where the wax and hair used to be. "There will be no touching yourself either." She grins wickedly just before ripping off the second and third strips. Her hands once again ease a bit of the sting. She leans close to inspect her work. I'm caught off guard by the sudden image of her blue hair between my legs.

"What if I can't wait even 12 hours?" I ask finding my voice. I sit up and reach out to pull her close to me. I squeeze her ass. I rest my head between her breasts. Touching her is thrilling.

"Naughty one. I think I can help with that." She smiles at my eagerness, sending a jolt through me. I can already feel myself wet. I'm so, so ready. She pats the edge of the table. I move to where she beckons. She pushes my shoulder down against the table, I go down easily. In an instant she is leaning across me, cupping my breast with one hand, and steadying herself with the other. Her thumb circles my nipple, flicking here and there. It's hard beneath her touch. I reach up for her. I want to feel her body in my hands again. My hands find their way under her t-shirt. She leans into kiss me as my thumbs mimic her movements on my breast. Her nipples are hard too. I smile. She's enjoying this. She moans against my mouth and pulls slightly away. She traces kisses down my neck, stopping to bite my collarbone hard enough to leave a mark. I love it. She can mark me however she chooses. She moves further down until her tongue finds my breast. Her tongue explores, dancing around the areola and flicking my nipple. One, two, and three times. She has me shaking with pleasure below her. I had no idea someone playing with my breasts could feel so wonderful. Then she takes my nipple in her mouth and sucks. I moan, not softly this time, but with the full pleasure of surprise. She sucks hard, almost painfully. My chest raises and falls with rapid breaths.

"Hang in there beautiful. We have a little more to do," she whispers to me. The world is gone around us. There is only the two of us now. There is only her kneeling on a stool, putting her head at the perfect height to access between my legs. I feel only her hands pushing me apart. I see only her blue hair. I feel the delicate brush of her tongue down my opening. Ever so lightly she pushes it inside me. She places a kiss teasingly above my throbbing clitoris. She uses her fingers to spread my lips open. With exaggerated slowness she licks me up and down. She adds more pressure and shortens her strokes. She kisses my inner thigh. A finger traces down the curve of my ass. Her tongue slips back inside me again. The feeling is overwhelming. Her tongue finds my clit, getting agonizingly close. She blows gently over it and with one quick motion she sucks the hard knot waiting for her. I cry out, pleasure and pain all intermingling. She tightens her lips around the area, sucking a little harder. My hips rise to her.

"Yes. Yes," I cry out.

She releases me, now using her tongue to circle my clit rhythmically while she inserts two fingers inside of me. I jerk involuntarily. She plunges deeper and her tongue presses harder. Her fingers thrust in and out of me. My body arcs up to meet her again.

"Cum for me beautiful," she commands. And I do. Wave after wave of pleasure course through me until I have nothing left to feel. I collapse back on to the table...

"Are you ready?". A voice snaps me back into reality. I am back in the spa. The music is playing. My blue haired daydream stands in front of me.

"Are you ready?" she asks again patiently.

"So ready," I smile and follow her down the hallway, trying not to get lost in a daydream once more.

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