Final part of a 3 part story.

All characters are over 18.


The look he gave me after was pure gratitude and adoration. I would dare say he had looked the same way to his own girlfriend, but then again he had just cheated on her.

'What are you?' I asked, holding his chin.

'Your slut boy,' he said, smiling. 'I must get back, sir. My girlfriend is going to be mad.'


He blushed intensely.

'Sorry, it just came out.'

'I like it, actually. Let's go, then.'

'Can we meet again? Today? Or tomorrow?'

'I'll text you. Don't let your girlfriend see, though.'

He drove us back to the beach. He quickly apologized to his girlfriend about the ignored calls and she seemed to buy whatever excuse he gave her. He kissed her mouth in front of everyone. She seemed to like the taste of that kiss.

I wanted to come back home. I was feeling a bit guilty.

The fling with Hugo only reminded me that I could be getting something even better with Dante. I wouldn't tell him anything about Hugo, not until I knew how he would react. I hadn't promised any sort of exclusivity, but I was expecting it from him, wasn't I? I would deal with those thoughts later.

I knew I had done the right thing when I found Dante in his room. He called out to me the moment I entered the house. He was naked, lying down on his belly, but with his butt thrust up in a way that exposed his old man's wrinkled hole.

'Come fuck your ass, big bull,' he said.

I got closer and inspected his hole with my fingers, and was happy to see that it didn't show any sign of being stretched out that day.

'You kept yourself for me?'

'Of course.'


'Yes, Noah.'

'Call me Mr. Noah, whore.'

Dante thrust his ass up a bit more, connecting it to my crotch.

'Mr. Noah,' the old man said. It sounded like he was trying it out. 'Mr. Noah, fuck my ass, please. I need it. I'm desperate.'

'How desperate?'

'I couldn't even think straight. My ass was begging me all day to come back to my young bull. Once I remembered how it is to have a young cock inside of me, it's all I can think about.'

'What about your old bull? Why didn't you go to him?'

'Would you be mad at me?'

I slapped him hard. I left a clear print on his ass.


'Sorry. Mr. Noah.'

I lubed my cock, and spit on his asshole. I fucked him with no mercy, which was exactly what he wanted and what he was begging for, to be treated like a whore. I thrilled on the sensation of being on top, even as I wondered how I could ever look Ben in the eyes again. My friend was completely unaware of his own father's character, and I was so happy because of it. I slammed and pounded Dante's ass, and the old man screamed loudly, making a show.

Thankfully I still had a lot of cum to give. And I filled his ass with my shots.

I sucked my own cum as he pushed it out, making fart noises. I noticed that he had cummed on his bed as well while I fucked him. I kissed him later. I was very tired from cumming twice that day with different men, and Dante didn't seem to notice, he just hugged me. Our kiss turned mild and soft, and it suddenly turned into a more romantic situation.

'You're not fucking Mr. Angello again,' I said.

'He will threaten me,' he closed his eyes, and seemed sincere. 'He did it before.'

'Son of a bitch.' I kissed his mouth again. 'Maybe I can deal with that.'


'I'll think about something,' I said.

While Dante sucked me, I dozed off.

Many things helped me to make my mind as to what to do about Mr. Angello. I was sure that I did not want to share my Lupo. The old man would come only once a year to this town, then he would come back to his son and to his work. Mr. Angello would either find someone else to occupy his mind, or he would wait a whole year, and that prospect was quite sad. So, in a way, I would be helping him.

Two days later, I told Dante to ask Mr. Angello to come to the beach house, then I sent him away. I made plans of my own. My bedroom was ready a few minutes before Mr. Angello arrived, and I was glad for the perfect timing.

Mr. Angello thought he would be fucking Dante today, so you could imagine the disappointment in his eyes when I opened the door.

'Hey, Mr. Angello. Come on in!' I was a bit nervous. The balding bull was very intimidating, specially because I knew he didn't like me.

'Where's Dante?' he said, confused.

'Mr. Lupo left for a bit so I could talk to you in private.'

I expected anything from him but the calm understanding and the sly smile he gave me as I walked him to the couch. I sat across from him and rubbed my hands; my palms were sweating.

'So, what do you want to talk to me about,' he said, leaning back and crossing his legs.

I tried to mimic his confidence.

'Mr. Lupo. Why else would he not be here? I know that you two are long term friends...'

'Let me stop you right there, boy.' His smile was gone. 'I don't know what you think you know. But I assure you, it goes deeper than anything you can imagine. I saw the way you look at him. But he's not the romantic type, young man. I'm not his boyfriend, I own him. His soul is mine. I fucked his wife in front of him long before you were born.'

I tried to not let him spike me with his comments about my age. In fact, I felt a bit more sure of myself. He thought I was in love, I was some romantic trying to save Dante.

'Let's not be too dramatic,' I said, and it was a punch in his guts. He expected me to be angry. 'He is a cuck and a cum slut, right? Yeah, I know. Let me ask you something, old man. Why only him?'


'It must get very lonely here, and he comes once a year. He is a busy man. You own him? You have to wait for him.'

'You don't know me,' he said, raising his voice. 'He is not the only one.'

'If there are others, they are not the same. You still have to wait for Lupo, and now I'm about to take him away from you. I doubt he will be coming back next year.'

I didn't like that the old man leaned back again, recovering some control.

'But you're worried. You want him for yourself, but you're here talking to me, trying to convince me of what? I have history with him, I actually care about him.'

'Did he come to you these last few days? Did he agree to meet you or call you? Did he even answer you?' I met his stare and was glad of his silence. 'You can threaten him, right? But your threats are empty. You can't tell anybody, cause you have a life too. But I know that Mr. Lupo likes you. Yes, you have history, that's why I'm here. I wanna help you, Mr. Angello.'

I made sure to refer to him as an equal.

'Help me how?'

'I can give you something that will make you forget about Dante.'

His eyes sparkled with interest. That's all I wanted.

'Meaning you, boy?'

My breath caught for an instant, and I leaned back, looking at him and seeing for the first time that he was interested in me, lusting me, actually. If I dropped on my knees, he would open his legs for me and let me suck him dry.

'Thank you, Mr. Angello, but no. Something better. Something that doesn't live far away from you.'

I stood up and offered him my hand, and he took it. We walked together to my room.

I opened the door for him and let him go through. He was so surprised, he was still and stared wide eyed. I shushed him for a moment, and he nodded to me. He rubbed a hand on his bald head. On top of my bed, there was a young naked body with legs wide open, hands bounded behind his back, eyes binded. Hugo reacted to the sound of the door, and smiled sideways, thrusting his exposed bottom upwards and waiting.

I came closer and stretched open his ass, the hole was a wrinkled mess of pink. Then, I turned my eyes to the bald old man, and he looked ready to cum on his pants.

I had asked Hugo to come after Dante was gone. He was eager to come and please me, still remembering the taste of my cum. He left his girlfriend with her family, saying he had something important to do.

Mr. Angello knelt on the bed and, without hesitating, he stuck his head inside Hugo's cheeks and ate his ass. I was impressed, I didn't expect it to be so easy, but then again, Hugo was very pretty. I almost felt bad giving him away.

Hugo, on the other hand, was very much pleased with the old man's mouth. He pushed his ass back, and fucking himself on a mature tongue. He said my name, but Mr. Angello didn't care.

Hugo's cock had been hard even before we came in, but now it grew even more, bulging as if about to burst.

I took away the blindfold and watched his pleasure turn to fright. Mr. Angello stopped and got away from the reaction.

'What the fuck,' he said, then turned to Mr. Angello and was so shocked he couldn't even move.

'You're Roger's boy,' Mr. Angello said. 'Holy shit.'

'Mr. Angello! I...'

'Calm down, boy. No need to fear.' He took down his pants and showed his hard cock. 'I know your dad since we were little kids.'

Hugo didn't seem to understand the situation.

'Are you telling my dad?' he said, full of fear.

'Tell your dad? Oh no. I'm gonna fuck his son. And I'm gonna love to stare that fucker in the eye knowing that.'

Hugo now saw the thick cock hanging between Mr. Angello's legs.

He opened his mouth to speak and couldn't find words.

'You don't need to say anything, boy. Just come here.' Mr. Angello pulled Hugo by his hair, and the young man looked at me full of accusation, and I shrunk a little bit, feeling guilty. But once his mouth was full of cock, Hugo seemed to forget all about it. He tasted the cock of Mr. Angello, then moved back to breathe a little.

'Did I tell you to stop?' Mr. Angello said.

'No, sir,' Hugo said. He sucked the bulbous head, while staring Mr. Angello in the eyes. He seemed to have forgotten all about me, and I stood there with my hard cock, feeling left out. Hugo hummed and bobbed as deep as he could.

'I can't believe this,' Mr. Angello said. 'This is Roger's precious boy; what a good cocksucker you are, boy.'

At his words, Hugo went in as deep as he could, gagging so much, tears trailed his face. When Mr. Angello told him to thrust his ass up, he obeyed promptly. Mr. Angello didn't hesitate to grab that ass and expose the tight hole as much as he could. Hugo moaned loudly on the cock.

Hugo was a very good cocksucker indeed. I would bet that Mr. Angello was already about to cum.

'He has a girlfriend, doesn't he?' Mr. Angello turned to me. There was not a hint of his previous antagonism towards me.

'A pretty blond one, like him.'

'Yeah. Maybe I could get her too.'

Hugo receded from the cock to stare at us, a bit afraid.

'No!' he said.

Mr. Angello grabbed his cock and, with it, slapped Hugo's face.

'I didn't tell you to stop, cocksucker.'

Hugo seemed surprised and hurt, but opened his mouth and let the cock fuck his lips once more. Once again, he seemed lost in the sensations. I wondered how that cock tasted to make him forget so easily. His hands were still bound, but even so, his cock seemed ready to explode. I knew my bed was going to be all cum wet today.

I could see how Dante was so into this man. He was bald and rough, but very powerful.

And his cock looked good, a bit too good for my taste. I licked my lips as I watched.

'We have a deal, then?' I said, happy that my voice didn't falter. 'Hugo for Dante?'

Mr. Angello smiled at me, obviously thinking he got the better of it.

'Thank you, Noah. This is the best gift anyone has ever given me.'

Hugo looked at me, his whole face red. Mr. Angello took out the cock for a moment, and Hugo seemed genuinely sad.

'I'm not finished,' he said.

'You will, boy. Come down. I'm not ready to cum yet.' Mr. Angello knelt down and stared Hugo in the eyes. 'I saw you grow up, boy.'

'I don't remember, Mr.' Hugo said, voice trembling. 'But dad talks about you, he says you're a sorry old man.'

'I'm gonna enjoy fucking you even more, then. Would you like that?'

'Very much, sir.'

Hugo seemed so vulnerable when he bit his lower lip like that.

Then they kissed, deeply and hungrily.

'You like my cock,' Mr. Angello said after. It wasn't a question.

'Yes,' Hugo answered anyway.

'Then say thank you to your good friend there. He gave you to me.'

Hugo turned his eyes to me again. I could see the turmoil of emotions inside, betrayal, anger, desire, and gratitude.

'Thank you, Noah.'

'You're welcome,' I said.

I shook hands with Mr. Angello while Hugo watched us, his cock relentlessly hard.

Mr. Angello was eating Hugo's ass, hard pulling the asscheeks apart and sticking his tongue inside the asshole. Hugo's face was full of pleasurable agony.

'Who's your daddy now?' Mr. Angello was asking.

Hugo answered with a weak feminine voice.

'You, sir. Yeah, like that. Like that, daddy.'

I left them alone to enjoy themselves.

Dante came back some time later, and I was in the kitchen, far away from the moaning and grunting from upstairs. When Mr. Angello and Hugo passed through the living room, they saw Dante riding me hard.

The old lovers stared at each other.

I could see the spark there, but then Dante lowered down and kissed me.

Mr. Angello and Hugo left holding hands and hugging each other.

Dante took control of that ride. He rode my cock like I was a literal bull, and even after I cummed the first time, he kept going, kept fucking himself, until I was hard again and my cock grew inside of him. We could hear the sounds my jizz was making with the movements. It was like he was going to fuck me until I died.

He only stopped after I reached my third orgasm. It was more than half an hour later. We were both sweating profusely. He licked the sweat on my forehead, and kissed me so I could taste it.

Then, since he knew I enjoyed it, he turned his ass to me and let me watch my cum flowing out of his ass. After his tight hole couldn't spurt out anymore cum, I watched it blink at me, as if it was asking for me, already hungry to be filled again. I gave a small laugh

'I'm all yours now,' Dante said. 'Mr. Noah.'

I observed the old man in front of me, and suddenly it hit me how much things changed in a few days. I used to look at this man with respect and a fair amount of fear.

I thought about Ben, and how fun it would be to hide things from him while I fucked his dad in his own house. I was a bit surprised at the mischievous side I kept hidden inside.

I slapped Dante's ass.

'Yes, you are, old man.'

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