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It was Sunday, late in the afternoon and we were about three hours from home. My wife, Dee, was a bit down, for some reason and I was thinking of how I could cheer her up.

Many country roads in south Texas aren't loaded with traffic most days and Sundays these roads can be almost devoid of other travelers.

We have a mostly playful relationship. She is generally good with my crazy and sometimes kinky kind of thinking (she calls me her slut). In my mind, I am conjuring up a means to get her out of this funk and get her to smile.

We haven't seen another car in a while and I don't see anyone in my rear view mirror so I find a spot to pull over and stop. Dee asks what I am doing and I say, "I'll show you in just a minute. When I am completely stopped, I get out of my truck and walk to her side and open her door. Now she is looking at me curiously and asks "what's going on?" I tell her I have a plan to cheer her up and I start unbuttoning my shirt. Her eyes widen and she asks, "what are you doing?" I remove my shirt and hand it to her and say, "I'm stripping for you." "Are you crazy? Someone is going to see you." I say, "only you if we do this right." I continue undressing and she keeps looking, nervously, up and down the highway for cars.

I finish stripping and when I hand her my last piece of clothing, she asks, "what now?" I tell her I am going to get back in the driver's seat and we are going home. She asks, "what am I supposed to do with your clothes?" I say, "just keep them until we get home or until you decide you want me to get dressed." At that, she got a big smile on her face and I figured my plan was working. She was already in a better frame of mind as we started moving again. She was alert, smiling and looking at me with excitement on her face.

She was staring at me as I drove and I was wondering what she was thinking, but I was not going to ask. She cocked her head and asked, "what do we do now?" I kept my eyes on the road and said, "your call, this is for you, I wanted to cheer you up and this is all I could think of." She grinned, sat back and appeared to be in deep thought.

After a few minutes, she said "I can't help but notice this is getting you excited" as she looked at my lap and then back up at me. I was a little aroused and if she kept talking about it, I would become fully erect and she knew it. She knows me all too well and she knows just how to push my buttons. She said, "you really like this, don't you?" I nodded my head. "I do too" she said. I have my very own personal exhibitionist." She knows I will do this sort of thing for her whenever she wants and she enjoys testing my resolve at times. This was the first time I just went for it with no discussion or warning.

She smiled as she reached in her purse. She found her phone, brought it up and said, "I think I'm going to document this, otherwise no one will ever believe it happened." "No one?" I asked. "This is too good to keep to myself", she said. She took some video of the highway to show we were on the road, then zoomed in on me in all my glory. She then took a few still pics of me, for good measure.

She instructed me to touch myself so she could get some good shots and I did. Now, I am in such a state of arousal, there is no question as to whether I am enjoying this. The bigger question is, how long can I keep this up? I can't remember being so excited, ever. We have played in risky/kinky scenarios, but this is different. I started it this time and she jumped in with both feet and we are both enjoying this. This is the first time she decided to "document" our fun. I'm wondering what she is going to do with her proof, but deep down I am really not concerned. If she wants to share it with her friends, she knows I won't mind.

It's getting late. The sun is setting, and we have about 30 minutes of daylight left. We are still about an hour and a half from home and I'm still very excited. Once the sun has set, I will be less exposed and will feel a bit safer. Dee sees a spot to stop and tells me to pull over. After we come to a complete stop, she tells me to get out and walk around to her side of the truck. Making sure there are no cars coming, I get out and walk around the rear of the truck and she steps out with her phone. She is videoing me as I walk toward her. She tells me to stand still and touch myself so she can "document that I am outside, naked, on the side of the highway." As I said earlier, she knows how to push my buttons.

She cautions me to not go too far just yet. If I lose control now, it will put a damper on her fun while we wait for me to recover. On another note, she knows I lose most of my exhibitionist bravado once I have an orgasm, so she needs to keep me on edge, where she knows I am hers and will do absolutely anything she wants.

After a couple of minutes, she tells me to get in and drive. I walk around the truck, get in and we continue our journey. She is having way more fun with this than I imagined when I first pulled off the road and got things started.

I am so excited; I can't believe I haven't lost all control already. I can't recall ever being in such an elevated state of arousal and definitely not for this long. My mind is reeling. I ask her when she is going to let me have my relief. She looks straight ahead for a bit and says, "I'm not sure. I like seeing you like this. It's fun watching you get so close and have to stop. You pushed this to a whole new level today and I'm loving it." I'm okay with her newfound level of interest in our little games. I have tried to get her to take it to the next level. It will be interesting to see where this leads to in the future.

We are now less than 30 minutes from home. I'm beginning to calm down some and she has been quiet for a little longer than I thought she would be. She tells me to turn on the interior light and I do. She gets her phone up and starts recording. She says, "go ahead, I want you to finish and I want to record it." I asked her for a tissue so as not to make a mess and she shook her head. "I can't see it or record it if you cover up with anything. I want to see you make a mess of yourself and I want to record it."

I'm seeing a whole new side of my sweetheart and my emotions are all over the place. She has really taken control and I am under her spell. I'm hers and she knows it, probably more so than ever before.

She urges me on while recording everything and I am getting close. I tell her I am close just in case she wants to stop me again. She smiled and said, "don't stop, we both want this. You have really been good and it's time for you to get some relief." It was only seconds before I came and it felt so good. I can't and won't even try to describe it. I made a pretty good mess on my stomach and in my lap and she got it all "documented".

She said "wow, that was amazing" after I finished and began to come back to earth. Now, I am regaining my senses and am keenly aware of my nakedness. My boldness is all but completely gone and I am nervous. I turn off the interior light and she snaps, "what the hell are you doing? I didn't tell you to turn the light off. Turn it back on." Snapping back to reality, I turned the interior light on and looked at her. She grinned and said, "we are done when I say we are done. You said this was for me and I want my naked driver on display."

We are only a few miles from home, I'm naked and spent. The interior light is on and I'm nervous as can be. As we turn into our neighborhood, she gathers up my clothes and tucks the bundle neatly under her arm. She looks at me and says, "you won't be needing these tonight."

When we pull into our driveway and stop, she opens the door to get out and says, "see you inside." I get out, naked, hoping no one sees me and I go in the house.

She is standing just inside the front door with the biggest smile I have ever seen, drops my clothes on the floor, puts her arms around me and gives me a bear hug and a kiss. She looks me in the eyes and says, "the trip home was something I could have never thought up on my own. We will be doing more of this when we can. Now, take me to bed, I need you to make love to me."

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