Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanwha Eagles) showed off his sharp pitch control and colorful breaking balls that have swept the Major League Baseball (MLB) for 11 years in the Blue and White match.

Ryu Hyun-jin started the game against Blue and White held at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 7th and allowed one hit and one walk in three innings while allowing one run.

The number of strikeouts was limited to three.

46 balls were thrown and 30 were strikes.

According to the pitch analysis data distributed by the Hanwha team, Ryu Hyun-jin threw 4 pitches: fastball (23), cut fastball (4), changeup (9), and curve (10).

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Ryu Hyun-jin put it in the catcher's mitt exactly where he wanted it without any effort.

Only in the second inning did a few balls come out of the strike zone, but most of the balls had a certain landing range.

In the second inning, he threw a fastball (139 km/h) to Chae Eun-seong in the middle of the pitch, and was hit by a double that fell to the left line, and he also gave up a walk afterwards.

With one out and 1st and 3rd bases, Jaewon Lee allowed a sacrifice fly to center field, resulting in 1 run.

The highest speed of the fastball was 143 km/h (144 km/h according to team measurement and YouTube TV measurement).

Ryu Hyun-jin, who signed with Hanwha at the end of last month and immediately joined the spring camp set up in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, threw two bullpen pitches and one live pitch (pitching like a real game with the batter standing up) before pitching in practice for the first time on this day.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who will make his return to the KBO League after 12 years in the regular season opening game against the LG Twins on the 23rd, announced that he is improving his condition smoothly with just over 15 days left.

He had adequate velocity and number of pitches per inning. https://justpaste.it/1who4

He also adapted smoothly to the Automatic Ball Decision System (ABS) introduced this season.

The fact that he took 10 waterfall curves with large drops last year appears to be related to the ABS test.

There is a reputation that ABS gives more strikes to breaking balls that fall vertically rather than to breaking balls that bend laterally.

Therefore, pitchers who are good at throwing curveballs can benefit from ABS.

Ryu Hyun-jin easily handled the KBO League official ball, which he picked up again after 12 years, despite the gap of years.

It is no longer surprising that Ryu Hyun-jin's finger sense is so outstanding that he quickly learned his breaking ball.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who learned the change-up from SBS sports commentator Koo Dae-seong, a Hanwha senior, and armed himself with a special move, moved to the United States in 2013 and equipped himself with his cut fastball as a new weapon.

Last year, after returning from a year of rehabilitation after elbow surgery, he showed off the essence of speed control with his curves.

Lee Jeong-hoo (San Francisco Giants), who is about to make his big league debut this year, said in several interviews that he needs to quickly come up with a way to deal with big league pitchers' breaking balls.

This is because the rotation speed of the breaking ball and the movement of the tip of the ball are so variable that it is difficult to compare them with KBO League pitchers.

Ryu Hyun-jin is now targeting KBO League hitters with the breaking ball, which was evaluated as high-level even in the ‘jungle’ Major League where the world’s best players gather.

The 9-1 battle has become interesting as to whether hitters from 9 KBO league teams will turn around like fallen leaves in Ryu Hyun-jin's repertoire, or whether they will overcome Ryu Hyun-jin with unique analysis and persistent hitting. https://chart-studio.plotly.com/dashboard/casinositewiki:4

Ryu Hyun-jin will start the exhibition game against the KIA Tigers in Daejeon on the 12th and begin a full-fledged warm-up, including increasing the number of pitches to 60.

Pub: 16 Apr 2024 01:30 UTC
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