Mobilism Ranks

Red users

Administrators hold the highest level of authority on the board, with comprehensive control over its functions. Often, they are Section Heads, but not all Section Heads must be administrators.

Green users

Moderators ensure that all members adhere to the site’s rules and guidelines. They form part of the staff responsible for maintaining order and proper conduct within the community.

Light green users

Helpers are akin to moderators but with fewer privileges. They assist in maintaining the site, often progressing to full moderator roles over time.

Orange users

Reviewers specialize in evaluating and reviewing content for the Android Review Section and Book Review Section. They are integral members of the review teams.

Purple users

Achieving the rank of Major Releaser typically involves contributing significantly to the release sections. Each section has different criteria, but it generally requires a high level of contribution.

Blue users

VIPs either earn their status through noteworthy contributions or by donating to support Mobilism. They enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to VIP sections (VIP Releases, VIP Requests, VIP Talk), additional WRZ$, and an ad-free experience.
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