ori or en : he halo
no.1 mohwee lover
introject syshost

interestshypfx spin
indie+rpgmaker games : end roll  to the moon  omori
milk series  utdr  cat in the box  + unlisted
vocaloid : project sekai  mimi  kanzaki iori  pinocchio-p
deco*27  kurage-p  + unlisted
etc. : bears in trees  pokemon mystery dungeon  outsiderssmp

1) i remember mohwee as my partner and talk
about it frequently if i get comfortable
2) don't try gatekeeping my interests i'll cry
3) i make many jokes about my suicide attempt
and mom's death, sorry in advance
4) i will have episodes and vent untagged

Pub: 01 Dec 2022 23:12 UTC
Edit: 14 Mar 2024 11:35 UTC
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