Make your Moon+ Reader look good

  1. Open any eBook [ePub Preferred].
  2. Click on the options menu at the Top Right Corner and click on "Visual Options". Alternatively you can also click on the "eye" button in your Reader bar buttons and it will directly open Visual Options.
  3. Now change the settings according to this:
    • Font Size: 18
    • Font Color: #F4F4F4
    • Background Color: #1A1A1A
    • No need to do anything with "Background Image". We will be using Background Color instead of that.
    • Font: Calluna.ttf (already available in Moon+ reader).
    • Toggle on "Smooth(Anti-Alias)" in the Font Section.
    • Toggle on "Justified Alignment".
    • Toggle on Hyphenation.
    • Paragraph Spacing: 90%
    • Line Spacing: 5
    • Font Spacing: 0
    • Font Scale: 0
    • Left Margin, Right Margin, Top Margin & Bottom Margin: 45 [Same for all of them].
    • Page Flip Animation: (Apple) Real Page Turning Effect [You can use whichever animation you want. I prefer this one]
  4. After all of this settings and complete click on "Save As Theme". Give your theme a name and your are good to go.
  5. After Saving the theme you can Load it again anytime from "Load from theme" in the Visual Options settings if you ever mess something up.

The end result should look something like this

Moon+ reader themed

Pub: 14 Nov 2023 17:29 UTC
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