18 years old Tyler leaned against his locker, breathing heavily. The 5 feet 6 cutie struggled not to cry. His baby face was already scrunched up in an effort to hold back the deluge of tears threatening to pour forth. This shouldn't be affecting him so much. He has been abused this way by his peers for so long already. There was no longer any anxiety before the attacks. He already knew what he was due to receive. It's quite sad that after the past several years of high school he has actually grown to accept constant bullying from his classmates as an ordinary part of his life.

It started not long after his 11th birthday. Young little Tyler never told anyone when his birthday was and just celebrated by sitting by himself in the library and reading a new novel his parents bought for him. He was just minding his own business when Penny, one of the cool kids in their school, and her two close friends May and Victoria approached his table. Tyler gave them a warm, friendly smile, not noticing the latter two sharing a conspiratorial wink before Penny upends her drink over his head and pour all the pepsi on his hair, and joined her cohorts in rapturous laughter at his expense, as he sat there stunned. "Guys, look at how pathetic this little nerd is! Can you believe it? He looks like he should still be in primary school!"

From that moment on, the trio would regularly harass him over the long 7 years, bringing along some of their footballer friends and also other members of the cheerleading squad, ganging up on and shoving him around, making fun of how weak and spineless he was. They'd often call him 'wimp' 'loser' and 'waste of space'. Being continually exposed to their insults eventually desensitized him and now he's at a point where only the most vicious round of bullying would be enough to reduce him to near tears. That's exactly what happened not too long ago, when Victoria told him that she thinks he is never going to be able to find anyone to spend the rest of his life with, because he is nothing more than despicable scum and no one will ever love him.

As Tyler gathered himself together and stood up to leave the campus, he could hear some commotion coming from outside. Heading out to investigate, the young boy was shocked by what he saw. On the ground in front of him was Penny, her pretty face caked with some blood streaming out from her nose and busted lips. May and Victoria were also next to her, looking similarly beaten. In front of them were Rin, Laylah and Ellie, rival cheerleaders from another school that was competing with them in a match that weekend. They all looked slightly dishevelled from what he presumed was a fight, judging by their split lips and the handprints on their cheeks from laps, and the fact that his three tormentors were cowering on the ground.

Without even thinking about it, the boy ran forward and jumped in front of the bullies, shielding the girls who gave him so much pain, stretching out his arms to try to protect them from their enemies. Rin appeared surprised while Penny looked shocked as she grasped what the long time victim of her abuse was attempting to do for her. Victoria was also suitably stunned, as was May, who gaped, her mouth open like a fish caught out of water. The trio couldn't comprehend why Tyler was bothering to defend them after what they did to him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Rin demanded, her flawless face etched with fury. She's never been defied before, being such a rich, spoilt popular girl who everyone fawned over. Beating up her rivals was a way of reinforcing her status as the alpha girl, making sure others knew their proper places. "If you go away now, I might not beat you up," she added, seeing him refuse to answer or budge from where he stood.

"Leave them alone!" Tyler yelled. "Hurting other people isn't nice. Why can't you just let them go?" He was trying desperately to hit upon the right words that would save Penny and her friends from any further attacks. "Have you ever thought about how you would feel if someone treated you the way you treated them? You might find it fun to cause others so much pain but it can be a nightmare for the people on the receiving end!" the boy went on. He looked over his shoulder at the three girls who were now looking up at him in awe. Maybe they'll leave me alone after this, the skinny 18 years old thought wryly.

"Hmm, what would you give us if we... left them alone?" Rin asked, slowly looking him up and down. She found him to be exactly to her liking : A clean shaved face, thin body that isn't bulging with muscles but looks good nonetheless, and the clear coquettishness that he tried to hide during his appeal to them, begging them to leave these bitches alone. After getting over her initial irritation at his interruption, she was beginning to realize just how adorable this little fellow is, and was getting wet at the sight of his blushing cheeks.

"Ummm, I I I'll t take their place! Y Y You c can b bully me instead! I won't fight back! You can do what you want!"

Clearly, the poor boy had no idea what these mean girls would do to him. Laylah snickered and Ellie laughed shortly as Rin stepped forward to place her lips an inch away from his ears, whispering "I'll hold you up to that, cutie," kissing him on his cheek softly and feeling up his firm ass, giving a lascivious squeeze before walking off with her giggling friends. Tyler managed to recover his wits before crouching down. He reached over to offer his hand to Penny, who grasped it, allowing him to pull her up to her feet. She then went over to help up May while Tyler supported Victoria as she staggered up on wobbling legs.

"All right, just go now. Bye," Tyler said before walking off by himself again, only to be stopped when Penny had grabbed his arm tightly. He spun around to face her, blushing profusely at the contact. She let go after seeing that he wasn't going to leave now. The girl looked down in a way that could have suggested she was actually feeling shy.

"Thank you," Penny muttered, staring at her shoes like they were the most interesting things in the world. "Why did you save us after everything we did?" she asked, confusion plain on her face. For a moment, Tyler couldn't figure out what to say. The truth is, he didn't know what the fuck was going on in his head when he stepped between his tormentors and the girls who kicked their asses. Some part of him couldn't bear to see even the bitches who caused him so much pain suffer such shame and humiliation.

"I I I, um, I don't think anyone deserves to be treated that way! And I know you're not really bad! You just didn't know the damage you were causing!" he finally managed to stammer out with red cheeks while Penny was looking at him in a new light.

From that day onwards, Penny stopped bullying Tyler. Instead, she befriended him. At first he was a bit tentative, not sure if she had really turned a new leaf. But then he realized that she really did change for the better. It was as if the daunting experience had converted her. She no longer took any pleasure in inflicting pain on other people. The two gradually became very close. Unbeknownst to Tyler, his staunch defense of her in spite of his own fear has inspired some deeper feelings in the once shallow cheerleader. The boy failed to find out by himself that Penny has fallen deeply in love with him. Afterall, it was enough of a miracle that she decided to become his new friend, even after what he found himself doing for her. He never knew that her tormenting him was a way to hide the crush that has always been developing inside her, one that she denied to herself, out of fear that dating him would ruin her popularity. Not that she cared about what those other shallow bitches think now.

She attempted to drop some hesitant hints but of course, these were ineffective. The shy boy was highly inexperienced and thought Penny was only being nice and friendly to him. Said popular chick and her friends eventually decided that the best way to secure the lovely nerd as her boyfriend would be to trick him into her bed so she can get his pants off, since there won't be enough room for both of them once she gets in there. The lascivious girl smirked as she finished whispering the final parts of her lewd plan to her two long time friends. The trio cackled maliciously together when they spotted their adorable, soon to be fuckboy emerging from his class.

Tyler was surprised and delighted when Penny texted and asked him to come over to her house. He relished the opportunity to hang out with his new close friend. The boy enjoyed the walk, trailing along the pathway, basking in the warmth of the afternoon sun, running his hand through his hair. He was humming softly, trying to think about how he felt towards Penny. It's very hard, since he's never had romantic entanglements before and had no idea how to cope with these new feelings bottling up inside his chest. He hoped to be able to sort all of them out in due time. Within minutes he was at Penny's place. Rapping his knuckles on the red-painted door-panelled wall, he was greeted by the shocking sight of his friend's tear-streaked face as she greeted him at the threshold and quickly ushered him inside.

The stunned boy quickly reached up, tenderly wiping away some of her tears with his thumbs, brushing her cheek gently while asking her what's wrong. He recovered his wits and was able to place his arms around her in a warm embrace, and led her up to her bedroom. Tyler guided her over to the bed so she could sit down, before scooting over next to her, gently rubbing her back with one hand while the other extended his handkerchief, using it to help dry her tears, doing what he could to try to help this girl. She accepted his gesture, resting her head on his shoulders as he finally managed to ask "What happened, Penny? Are you alright? Is there anything I can do to help you?"

Penny just stifled her sobs before speaking. "I'm in love with this guy, Tyler, but he doesn't know. I I'm a afraid he'll r reject me. If i it w were you, would you accept me?" This evidently caught him off guard. He blushed for a moment, a bit saddened by the prospect of her confessing to another guy other than him, but deciding that the right thing to do would be to support her in whatever path she chooses. The flustered boy found himself nodding in response.

"Yes," he whimpered in a quiet voice. "Yes, I'd happily agree to go out with you. You're perfect, Penny. You're smart, kind, funny and beautiful. Any guy would be lucky to go out with you." His honest compliments delighted the girl very much. He was suddenly knocked over when Penny tackled him onto the bed. She straddled him and stretched forward with her powerful arms, keeping him pinned beneath her. Her friends jumped out of the closet and assisted her, holding down his frail limbs easily and making it even simpler for Penny to lock Tyler in place. Strong hands were pinning him on the comfy mattress by his wrists and elbows, preventing him from escaping their slutches. It was easy for the girl to handcuff his wrists and ankles to the bed posts. "What are you doing?!" he yelled, shocked by the sudden turn of events. Never had he ever even entertained the idea of being handcuffed to his sexy friend's bed like this. Okay, so he might have had some wet dreams about submitting to her and letting her use him, but this was, well, he didn't know what.

"That's very sweet, cutie. Now that you can't escape, I'd like to tell you the truth. You're the guy I'm in love with, baby. And I know you love me too. You just don't realize it yet, but I'll make you understand it. Just lie there and relax, and I'll do all the work," the sultry teenager said as she gingerly slid her t-shirt over her head, exposing her nude upper body underneath, her large braless boobs being exposed to him for the first time. Her stomach was completely flat and lightly toned with firm muscles that only served to make her sexier to him. Her long blond curls cascaded down over one shoulder along the side of her right breast, each of her erect nipples larger than the tip of his hard cock, confined in his baggy pants. She grabbed them, sucking one of her tits while staring at him with lust. "You know, I think I've always been in love with you. Bullying you was the best way I could think of to get your attention, and I'm sorry about that, baby. Let me make it up to you when I fuck your brains out now." The horny young woman quickly ripped his shirt apart, salivating at the sight of his skinny body, unbuckling his seat belt after that. The boy found himself blushing madly as she gently kissed the tip of his nose, followed by his eyelids.

"I love you too Penny," Tyler muttered shyly, looking away with coyness. The girl was ecstatic at his words and May and Victoria squealed, glad to have helped their friend win her guy over. The two just sat down on a couch opposite the bed, making Tyler frown slightly. "Are you going to watch her fuck me?" he asked warily, unnerved by how they smiled evilly before nodding.

Soon he was completely nude, pants bundled up at his feet. She eyed his hairless torso, glancing down at his crotch, looking down with lust at his rapidly hardening cock. "You cock is very small, baby, much smaller than my past hookups, but don't worry, I still love you," she assured him, reaching out with her experienced hand to begin fondling his 3.5 inches shaft, rubbing the underside with her thumb, squeezing gently. She loves him so much. The girl continued her lewd strokes up and down his length, caressing his throbbing little dick. Her Tyler is so adorable when he is whimpering and trying not to cum. "You're so hard for me already. This cute little thing belongs to me, got it? Your dick is mine" Before the handcuffed boy could protest, she slid her lips over his spongy tip and started sucking.

"W Wait! It's dirty down there!" he cried out in shock.

"It's okay, my love. I don't mind," she replied.

Penny easily swallowed his entire slender cock into her warm, wet mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down. Tyler started moaning her name loudly, his hands clenching around the bedsheet so hard he was afraid he might rip it, gasping in pure pleasure. The salacious girl continued pumping his cock with her mouth eagerly, her hands grabbing onto and squeezing his ass cheeks. She licked his cock crown while her lips were wrapped around the base of his dick before they moved up. Penny's full lips slid along the length of his small cock quickly, driving him mad with desire. Seeing her perfect face around his rock hard penis was driving him crazy as her cheeks were hollowed by how hard she was sucking his dick, thrusting her face along the entire length of his solid shaft, taking him aggressively. The boy began to flop about helplessly. Soon, he was about to cum and Penny knew it. The skilled girl stopped just in time.

"Noooo! Please, Penny! I really need to cum! Please let me cum!" Tyler begged pathetically, crying tears of frustration. He's so cute when he's desperate, though Penny idly as she shifted away, much to the amusement of her laughing friends. The girl stroked his hair gently with her hand, patting his head as if he was just a little child, before shaking her head with a smile.

"Tell me you love me first, Tyler," she said teasingly. The boy quickly nodded.

"I love you, Penny! I love you! Please let me cum!" he continued to beg her and was rewarded with a smile before she nodded and then sucked his dick into her lips again, and quickly resumed bobbing. Then, to his horror, she stopped again right before he reached the point of no return. The experienced cheerleader just cackled madly.

"I love you too, sweetie, but I also want to torture the shit out of you. You're going to stay this hard the entire night and I will tease you and give you the worst case of blue balls ever. Got it?" she uncuffed his wrists and ankles, lying on her side and wrapping his arms around her, thrusting her big, firm ass against his crotch, enjoying his tears falling down on her shoulders. "Your cock is so small and adorable like the other parts of you, baby," she said teasingly, delighted by his light whimpers as she grabbed his swollen balls and cock, whispering "You are mine," before falling asleep in the arms of her beautiful boyfriend.

Tyler sobbed, his painfully stiff dick pressed into her ass crack. Before he could protest, May and Victoria plopped down on the bed next to them and snuggled up, sandwiching the boy in between the three of them.

The next morning, Penny woke up before Tyler did and surprised him by taking his hard cock into her warm wet mouth. The boy was startled awake and shocked at the sight of his new girlfriend bobbing her head up and down, sliding her lips along his entire shaft, easily deepthroating his tiny cock. In just two minutes, he found himself firing off a massive load of semen into her slutty mouth, filling up quickly as she eagerly swallowed his cum down her throat. Penny moved up to kiss him tenderly on his forehead as her beloved fainted from exhaustion. He didn't even register the fact that he'd been handcuffed to the bedposts yet again.

She woke him up with a handjob two hours later, before whispering to him "Now my cute little boyfriend, I am going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk straight for the next week." With that said, she quickly got on top of him, grabbing his hard dick and sliding it past her puffy labia, inserting it into her warm, moist pussy, sighing in pleasure before starting to move. She began riding him, bouncing up and down slowly at her. The boy soon found himself starting to moan, gripping the bedsheet very tightly as he struggled not to cry out in front of their audience, May and Victoria, who were sitting on the couch and smirking as they watch their best friend rape her adorable boyfriend.

Penny grabbed Tyler's thin face, pressing her lips down on to his, sticking her tongue forcefully down his throat, almost dislocating his jaw as she fucked him harder than before. The sound of their flesh slapping together, her muscular ass crashing down on to his backed up balls, and the scent of her sweat was driving him wild. He was being raped by the girl the loves, and he was enjoying it. She continued to pump him with her tight pussy, running her hands all over his body, kissing him all over his face, marking her territory. Staking her claim over the cute boy as he writhed about in pleasure beneath her.

The athletic girl was fucking him really hard and fast down, her muscle torso tensed up, her face contorted with desire and lust. She knew now that the adorable boy was completely hers. Penny slammed her hips down onto Tyler's roughly, grabbing him by the butt, lifting up his crotch to meet hers as she thrust down upon him, rendering him helpless before her passions.

The nerd finally screamed with pleasure as ropes of cum shot up through the tip of his dick and entered her womb as Penny continued to fuck him through his orgasm, wringing more spurts from him until his balls were drained completely empty. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill," she told him. Good to know.

Three years later, when asked how she and her groom got together, Penny just turned to May and Victoria, and the bride and her two maids of honour just shared a laugh while Tyler, in his wedding tux, just smile shyly.

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