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First, let me give you a description of where this occurs. The bicycle shop is in an 
affluent community in a suburb of Los Angeles. It is a rectangular building, with a 
display area up front for new bikes and accessories. It has a repair and assembly area
in the rear, with a separate room alongside the showroom, where the new bikes are 
stored in cartons, and backstock. Out in back, there is a parking lot. The parking lot is at 
a higher level than the store, so it has a little set of concrete steps to come down to the
rear entrance. Also in the rear of the store, there is a chain link cage, where bikes that
were repaired, but as yet unclaimed, are kept. The cage extends slightly into the parking 
lot, and has a gate that locks, and comes down next to the steps. There is a back door from
the repair area to the rear cage. There is a chain link gate next to the rear door as well. 
There is also a rear door that opens onto the store, where the rest room, and display area 
for cycling apparel is situated. The rest room is small, just a toilet and wash basin, and has 
a little window with old style little glass panel louvers that opens to the rear of the store, 
just to the side of the rear store entrance.
I am the mechanic for the store, and am nineteen years of age. I have a very pretty young
girlfriend, and live nearby in a rented studio apartment. The Store Manager is a middle 
age man, and he is a fairly large man, 6'2", but in very good shape, because he often rides
his bicycle to work. I am 5'8", and in very good shape, having been a swimmer all through 
High School, and was training hard to begin competing in bicycle races.
It all started one fine summer day. I was working all alone, because the Manager had to be 
somewhere, but it was no big deal. I had worked the store alone before. I was in the back, 
working on a bike, but I had a good view of the front of the store, because there were 
mirrors all along the wall, which gave me a clear view of the entire store. 
In walked a pretty little girl, and she walked right up to the front of the store, and began to
look around. She then turned around, came around the end of the counter, and walked
right up to me. She asked me if Frank, the Manager, was there. When I told her no, she 
seemed really disappointed. She asked me my name, and I in return asked her what her 
name was. She said "Pammy. What's yours?' I said "Steve." She kinda looked around, 
then said, "When will Frank be back?" I told her "Tomorrow. He had to go to a meeting."
She was looking down at her feet, kinda twisting around, pivoting one one foot. She then 
said, "Well, since Frank isn't here, will you play with me?" 
I remembered seeing her at the store a couple of days before, and Frank had been out back 
with her, but I really didn't pay any attention. I figured she was the daughter of a friend
of his, or something. Let me describe what she looked like. A small girl, slim of build, 
with short blonde hair, cut with bangs, and barely falling to her shoulders. She was 
wearing a pretty yellow sundress, and white sandals. Blue eyes, and a slight summer 
tan. Pretty smile, with very white teeth, and light pink lips. 
I asked her what she wanted to play. She got all excited when I asked her that. She asked
me "So you're gonna play with me then? Cool!" I told her "Sure, but what do you want to
play? I don't really have any toys here." She said "We can play a game, like Frank showed
me. C'mon!" She grabbed my hand, and started to lead me out back. When we got to the 
open gate, she stopped. It was then that I saw the other girl, sitting on the steps. I looked 
at her, and she smiled a big smile. She was very cute. About the same age I guess, seven, 
with long dark hair, and a darker tan than Pammy. She was also wearing a summer dress, 
white cotton, and similar white sandals to Pammy. I said "Hello, who have we here?" She
smiled real big again, and I marveled at what a beautiful face she had. Pretty green eyes, 
smooth features, and slim build. Pammy pipes up saying, "Oh. This is my bestest friend, 
Rachel. Rachel, this is Steve. Say hi!" She looks at me all shy, and says "Hi." As I look at 
her, I see that she has very lovely legs. Pammy drops my hand, and turns to face me. She 
tells me "Frank picks me up, so I can swing from the top of the gate. Lift me up!' I see that 
she is talking about the steel pipes that frame the chain link fence and gate. She looks at
me, then up at the silver pipe. She lifts up her arms, in anticipation of grasping on to the 
pipe. I reach with both my hands under her arms, and lift her up. I was surprised how light 
she was. She grabs on, swings back and forth just a couple of times, lifting her legs up and 
out in front of her. I can see up her dress, glimpsing yellow cotton panties. She then stops
swinging, and drops down to the concrete ground. "That's not how Frank picks me up. 
You have to pick me up from here!" she reaches her hand down to her crotch, and cups her 
pussy. I was thinking to myself "Wow. Frank has been playing some naughty games with 
this little girl.!" As she stands in front of me, grabbing her crotch, I look around to see if
anyone is watching. It's pretty secluded there, with thick hedges along the rear alley, 
obscuring the view from the rear of the houses, and below street level, with the retaining
walls of the parking lot further blocking the view. I, however, had a great view, with my 
head being able to peer over everything. Pammy was growing impatient, and she grabs
my right hand, and pushes in right onto her little pussy! I place my left hand on her, just 
below her right arm, to steady her. I lift her again, leaving my hand on her crotch for a 
brief moment, and then after making sure she is grabbing on tight, I let her go. She begins
to swing back and forth, spreading her legs wide, so I have a clear view up her dress. My 
oh my! What a day this is turning out to be! I look over to see what Rachel thinks about
all this, and was totally not prepared for what I saw. Rachel was leaning back on the steps, 
with her legs apart, and I saw she was wearing white cotton panties, with little flowers on 
them. I could not take my eyes off her panty covered pussy. Pammy told me to take her 
down. I grabbed her around the waist, and she let go. She was now being held firmly
against me, and I slowly let her slide down my abdomen to the ground, rubbing against 
me the whole way. I'm sure she felt my hard cock as she was tight against me.
When she was safely on the ground, she looked up at me, and flashed me the biggest smile.
She turned to look at Rachel, and said "Okay, Rachel. You're turn!" Rachel jumped up, 
and walked over to me. She looked up at me and smiled. I asked her if she was ready. 
She nodded her head, smiled, and spread her feet slightly apart. That was my signal that 
she wanted to be picked up just like I had done with Pammy. I grasped her firmly under 
her arm with my left hand, and then reached down to cup her pussy. I rubbed back and 
forth a few times, getting my center of balance, she lifted her arms up, and I picked her
up. She seemed to be more solidly built than Pammy, weighing slightly more. She put
her hands on the pipe, gripping it tightly, and I let her go. She stated to swing back and 
forth, but she didn't open her legs much, keeping them down. Pammy told her "Not like
that! You have to lift up your legs more, and spread them apart, like I was!" Rachel did
just that! I could see her little white panties. Back and forth she swung, displaying to me 
her little undies and pretty smooth legs. After a few more swings, she dropped down. I 
asked her if everything was okay, and she said "Sure!' I told Pammy that I had to go check 
on the store for a minute. I walked in the back door, looked to see if there were any people
there, and since it was mid-week, I would have been surprised to see anyone. It was clear, 
so I walked back to where I was working on the bike. I see Pammy walking up to me, and
she gives me a big grin, and puts her hand right on the big tent on my crotch. She asks me
"What's this?" I can't believe what she is doing, but recover my senses enough to say,
"That's for me to know, and for you to find out!" I look around again, and still nobody to
interrupt what I hoped was going to happen. She started to rub the front of my Levi's, and
I told her, "Not here, baby." Just then, I noticed that Rachel was standing at the back door, 
watching Pammy rub my hard dick. I had an idea. I told Pammy to follow me. She did, 
just like a little puppy dog. I went out the back door, and grabbed Rachel's hand, and told 
her, "You too, Rachel." I went over to the rear store entrance, and walked them both to the 
bathroom. I told them both to wait a second. I then went into the bathroom, and adjusted
the window slats downward, so that anyone in the bathroom couldn't really see out, but 
anyone just outside could peek in. I went out, took another look around, and told the girls 
to go in. I told them, "Okay. If you wanna see what I have in my pants, I gotta see you
both naked first, okay?" They both started giggling, and looked at each other. Pammy
said "Ok. But where can we do it?" I said "Right here in the bathroom. Nobody can see, 
it's secret. Now, you two go in, and I want you Pammy, to take off all Rachel's clothes, 
and after you get them all off, even her sandals, then Rachel, you take off all Pammy's
clothes, dress, sandals, and panties, okay?" They both giggle again, and say okay, and 
go in. I tell them to lock the door, and to tell me when they are both naked. I then go out
to the bathroom window. I can easily look in and see them. Pammy tells Rachel to turn
around, so she does, Pammy begins to unbutton her dress, then tells Rachel to lift her up
her arms, so she can take off her dress. She eases up the dress, and soon she is standing in 
just her little white cotton panties, and white sandals. Pammy turns Rachel around, and 
puts her thumbs in her panties, and starts to tug them down. Rachel has one finger in her 
mouth, and is watching what Pammy is doing. She pulls them all the way down, and then
Rachel steps out of them. Pammy shows her her panties, and then puts them on top of her
dress. She tells Rachel to sit on the toilet, so Rachel closes the lid, and sits down. Pammy 
lifts up her right foot, and unbuckles the sandal, and takes it off. She puts it on the floor. 
She then lifts up her left foot, and takes off her other sandal. I can't really see Rachel's
                                                pussy, because Pammy's head is blocking my view. Pammy tells Rachel to stand up.
Pammy tells her, "Wow! You're all nudie now! Ok, my turn!" They switch places, and
now I have a perfect view of Rachel's perfect ass. Beautiful! Pammy is already with her 
back to Rachel, and Rachel quickly unbuttons her dress. She pulls it over her head, and
tosses it on the floor. She bends Pammy over, and slowly slides her little yellow panties
over her smooth butt. Again, I can't see all that well, but I know Rachel has a great view!
Pammy straightens up, and turns around. She sits down on the toilet, and lifts her feet up, 
so Rachel can take off her undies. Rachel grabs them, and with a yank, strips them off her 
legs, twirls them around with her finger in a leg hole, and they both giggle. She tosses 
them on the floor, and they both take a minute to look at each other. I take that time to 
admire them as well. In their nudity, they are simply spectacular! I go around to the door, 
take yet another look around, and rap lightly on the door. "Are your girl's ready yet?" I
say. "Yes," I hear, quietly uttered. "Unlock the door, so I can come in, Okay?", I say. I
hear the door unlock, and it opens a crack. I say "It's just me. Can I come in now?" I can
just see inside, and all I can see is little girl skin. I gently pull on the doorknob, and go
in. "Wow!" I say. I lock the door, and I tell the girls to stand next to the window, so we 
all have room. I stand just in front of the toilet. I say, "Well, it looks like you girls have 
practice taking off clothes. Would you like to take my clothes off now? You can both do it
together, okay girls?" They both, in their nakedness, agree. "But where should we start?",
says Rachel. I say, "Well, maybe start by taking off my shoes and socks. That way my 
pants will come off easier." They both giggle, and I sit down. They both each take a shoe, 
and untie them. They take them off, then my socks. I tell them they are doing good, and 
now undo my pants. I stand up, and Pammy again rubs my dick through my jeans. Rachel
is first to unbuckle my belt, and Pammy takes over, unbuttoning my fly. I tell her to pull 
down both my pants and underwear. I wear briefs, so they are white and tight. Tighty
whiteys, I guess. Well, she puts her little fingers in the waistband, and starts pulling them
down. Out pops my cock. They both are suddenly very quiet. I just let them look for a
minute. My cock is so hard, it is throbbing, and slightly twitching up and down. That gets
the girls laughing again. I tell them to finish the job, and take my pants all the way off.
They work with enthusiasm, quickly removing both my pants and undies. I am now mostly
nude, standing in front of two very nude young girls. I ask them who wants to be the first
to touch my cock, and Pammy just reaches out and grabs it! It is obvious to me that it is
not her first time she has had a hard dick in her hand. She starts to slowly slide her hand
up and down my very hard six inch dick. I moan my approval, and then Pammy tells her
friend to join in. Rachel timidly touches my shaft, and then Pammy lets go, so Rachel 
can have a turn. She gently wraps her fingers around it, and squeezed it, feeling it out.
She then says, "It hard and soft at the same time, and it's so big!' I tell her to gently slide
her hand up and down it, like Pammy was. She starts to do it, slowly rubbing it, going
up and then down, really enjoying her new found joy. As she is doing this, I reach my own
hand over to Pammy, and begin to gently cup her little pussy. I slowly rub up and down, 
feeling the softness of her hairless pussy mound, and I slide one finger up along her slit, 
stopping when I contact her little clit. I then begin to circle my finger around it. I stop for 
a minute, because Rachel is getting more vigorous in her attention to my dick. I tell her to
be gentler, as she could hurt me. I take the moment to get my fingers wet with my mouth, 
then I begin again to rub Pammy pussy. She spreads her little bare feet apart, giving me
easy access to her young twat. I start to rub and rub, sliding my finger up and down, her
slit, and rubbing in circles around her clitty. She is loving it, and starts to go "Ooooooh."
I tell Rachel to switch places with Pammy, so I can rub her pussy too. They swap places, 
and I wet my fingers again, and I can taste the tart taste of preteen pussy on my fingers.
Mmmmmm, yummy! Pammy latches on to my prick, I in turn slide my fingers right up
Rachel's little bald cunny. She spreads her feet apart, and I look down to peek at her little
pot of gold. So sweet, and so clean it looked. Pammy was having a ball, rubbing me up
and down. She looked up at me, and said, "When are you gonna squirt some sperms? My 
hand is getting kinda tired." I told her that we need to finish playing soon, because I had 
to get back to work. I told her to let go, and I would make it squirt myself. I started to 
yank on my dick, faster and faster, and I told them that I was gonna shoot soon, and I 
was going to make it squirt on them. They didn't really have time to respond, because
I started to shoot jet after jet of hot cum, and I aimed for their flat chests, landing rope
after rope on their beautiful naked bodies. They squealed in surprise, and put their hands
up in front of my dickhead, in a reactionary defensive move. I shot a couple of more jets
on their hands, and then the cum was just dribbling out of my cum slot, oozing out over
my fingers. The girls looked at each other, mouths open wide in amazement, and pointed
at the cum on each others chest. I gazed at what they looked at, and told them I was very
proud of them. I got some toilet paper, and as I was wiping the semen off them, I told
them that we had to keep this quiet, or we couldn't play like this anymore. They both
promised to never say anything, and said that I was way more fun than Frank, even if his 
wiener was bigger than mine. I knew that they had to be messing with Frank, the way
they handled cock. 
I started getting dressed, and after I was dressed, I kissed them both on the lips, and then
on their beautiful bare pussies. They laughed when I did that. I told them to get their
clothes on, and come out after they were dressed. When they came out of the bathroom, 
I was already at my bike stand, working on a bike. They both came over, and they both
were fairly glowing with excitement. I told them that they could come back any time, but 
they couldn't tell their moms that they were ever at the bike shop, and that they couldn't
ever bring anyone else here to play. I told them if they were good, I would show them
more things that were more fun, and made them feel even better. They agreed to my
rules, and I told them to go for now, because I had to finish my work. I also told them I
loved them both, and would never hurt them. They both gave me a hug, and then skipped
right out the door! I could feel the remnants of my orgasm leaking out of my cock, and
getting my undies wet. I went to the bathroom, folded up some toilet paper, and tucked
it in my underwear, covering my dickhead, so it wouldn't soak through my pants. I just
couldn't wait to play with my two gorgeous new girlfriends again!

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