"I am going to cum," he managed to say, expecting her to lift her head and jerk him off until he came, but instead she again sucked hard on him and kept working up and down his shaft. She reached down to grope his balls just as he shot his load into her mouth. The first shot surprised her a little bit, as it hit her in the back of the throat. She swallowed hard as the second shot came. Then the third, and the fourth. This was the most she had ever known him cum, and she was trying to swallow all of it. She was having a little difficulty as it started to run out of her mouth onto her chin, but her hand kept stroking up and down his cock. After he finished, she kept sucking on him, much more lightly, trying to get him hard again, as they had made it onto the A64, and were nearing home.

They came off the duel carriage way and drove the short distance to their home, and pulled into their drive. Once the car had stopped, Anne sat up, with lust still in her eyes, got out of the car totally naked, not caring if the neighbour's could see, went round to the drives door, opened it, grabbed Eddie and started to pull him out of the car. "I want to fuck you! Now! I don't want to make love. I don't want to have sex. I want to FUCK!"

They nearly fell over themselves getting into the house, but that's a story for another day...

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