multiple character card reccs 4 anon


Here's some recommendations, try them out.

block and tackle

A man of good taste. Like the other Anon said, most multiple-character cards are coom. I tried to get cards that weren't coom-focused, while also having clearly-defined characters in their definitions.

2 characters. / CATBOX ("Your two sisters are CONSTANTLY arguing. They hate each other. And it seems all arguments end up with you deciding the outcome.") / CATBOX ("Jane is your tomboy weeb childhood friend who can't admit she has a crush on you. Isabelle is your popular girlfriend who you've been spending more and more time with, making Jane jealous.") / CATBOX ("Rob the casino Austin Powers style.") / CATBOX ("A pair of rich, spoiled twins have you as their tutor. They also don’t like you at all.") / CATBOX ("Jasmine is a single mother doing her best to care for her disabled 10-year-old daughter Anissa." Personal recommendation.) / CATBOX ("The Goddess of Procrastination is best friends with the Goddess of Cool." Made for the "God of Something Unremarkable" theme.) / CATBOX (Visigoths sack Rome. Save the Roman mother and daughter, or don't. Technically three characters.) / CATBOX ("Your cat girl wife and daughter, who you live with in the countryside.") / CATBOX ("Nicoletta is a delusional otherkin human girl who has started to believe she is a catgirl. Can you convince her otherwise with the help of her mother?") / CATBOX (A comedic yuri couple bot. Elgie throws Lotte's dildos off the roof.) / CATBOX (Twin maid demon sisters.) / CATBOX (Two sisters, alone in a mansion. Alone, apart from (You), of course.) / CATBOX ("Your hyperactive catgirl girlfriend brought home a clearly super scared mousegirl.") / CATBOX (Malebot. Aesopic brothers.) / CATBOX (Malebot. Conjoined twins. This counts.)

I also found a card in this category with heavy gore. I'm gonna assume you don't want that, but let me know if you do.

2+ characters. / CATBOX ("Explore subterranean nightmares with a group of Sappers in a twisted WWI that never ended." Three characters. Anon recommendation.) / CATBOX ("You are the only man in a platoon of knights in training.") OR / CATBOX ("You are the only woman in a platoon of knights in training.") (Both have five characters.) / CATBOX (Male(s)bot. "Six bunny boys dedicated to pleasing and serving (you)." Underrated bot.) / CATBOX (Six characters. "...a cafe you run with the help of six catgirls you raised since they were just kittens.") / CATBOX ("A group of 7 adventurers, including {{user}}.") / CATBOX ("Your train stops at the small town of Belwick on the night that cultists planned to slaughter its citizens. As the air fills with fire, blood, and magic, you find yourself inexplicably center of the strangest thing of it all—a time loop." If you download the Catbox link, make sure you grab the lorebook settings from Chub.)

Now, I'm gonna take the chance to shill some botmakers:


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