The dim early-morning light woke Benjamin from his golden-tinted dreams and he experienced for the first time the pleasing but uncomfortable feeling of being crushed by the dead mass of a sleeping mature female. Jemima was sprawled across his chest, her legs entangled with his; one of her arms was twirled around his neck with her fingers reaching up to twiddle with his hair. Her armpit was next to his nose and he breathed in that famous perfume known throughout the world as 'Sweaty MILF'. Her close funk made his dick harden and this brought to his attention the fact that he needed to pee. He had a decision to make: Disturb his Momma and destroy the crystalline moment or cope with the discomfort of a full bladder and preserve the peaceful embrace. He opted to handle the pressure in his groin and luxuriated in Jem's cradling clutch. Within her slumber she moved slightly and her arm clamped tighter, her fingers toyed with his hair a little. He lay under her, listening to her breathing and feeling her chest move against his own.

He kissed the top of her head then gazed up at the grubbily stained ceiling of his tiny room, pondering the great change that they had undertaken together. Last night wasn't the first time he'd had sex but it was certainly a monumentous progression from the awkward, embarrassing, fumbling chaos that had been his previous attempts to become a fully-fledged adult. He took a moment to give himself a psychological high-five for a job well done and then adjusted into a slightly more comfortable position to join her in her dreams.

Seemingly, in the next moment the alarm was ringing and Bobby was tapping on his open door. The morning light was now brutally garish.

"I haven't seen you two sleep together for years," Bobby said then took a drink from his coffee mug as he watched the entwined pair come to their groggily awaking senses. Jem sat up, fretted dozily but was then calmed by the way both she and the naked boy were hidden by his blankets.

"Erm, Benji had a bad dream," she attempted.

"Yeah? What was it about?" Bobby's grin appeared to be all-knowing.

Benjamin reached over and silenced the annoying alarm. Bobby was dragged away to the kitchenette by the sound of his toast popping up.

"Gotta pee!" Benjamin declared.

He leapt out of bed, pulled on some underpants then disappeared. A frazzled Jemima held her face then ran her fingers through her grimy hair, trying to adjust to the enormity of what had happened. She stood up and felt exposed, wearing nothing but a teeshirt. She glanced around the door to check if Bobby was busy then darted into her own bedroom. She looked into her mirror.

'Really?' she asked herself, 'Is this who you are now?'

She pulled on a pair of cut-off jeans shorts and hoped that coffee and a cigarette would solve most of the problems amassing in her fuggy brain. The rest of the morning went quietly, they hardly spoke; Bobby tried to conjure some conversation out of them both but he was met with monosyllabic responses. Whenever she thought it looked appropriate, Jem touched Benjamin, small and perfectly innocent touches that conveyed an ocean of meaning between them. Bobby pulled on his biker boots and stood to button up his jacket.

"That's me away up the mountain," he declared cheerily, wedging a packet of cigarettes in his pocket and picking up his keys.

"You don't have to look so happy about leaving me all alone," Jem pouted.

"You won't be alone, you got the boy," he said enigmatically,

"Anyway it's only for a couple of weeks," he circled his arms around her waist but she resisted his cuddle, "And I'll bring back a car for the kid and I'll pay off some of our bills and still have enough left for you and me to do something fun. Sound good?"

"Okay," she stopped struggling and permitted his cuddle, "But don't dawdle coming back, okay? I miss you."

They kissed sloppily, Benjamin stared into his coffee. Bobby left and Jemima stood in the doorway, watching his motorbike growl off down the gravel path and out of the trailer park. She closed the door and sighed. Benjamin looked up at her. All morning he'd been averting his eyes. He was not ashamed but some part of his decency felt that he ought to be. She hadn't made it easy not to gawp, her skimpy jeans shorts barely covered her jelly-roll buttcheeks, and now he was free to marvel at her dishevelled allure. She reached behind to scratch one of her protruding buttocks and she caught him in mid-ogle. She smiled shyly. Everything had changed. She now knew he what he might be thinking when he looked at her ass. She walked over and sat on his lap. She put her arms around his neck. The smell of unwashed armpits reminded him of that happy time he'd spent at dawn, lying under her.

"Are we okay? You and me?" she asked.

"Of course."

"You mean everything to me. I'd just die if I did something... if something came between us."

"I feel closer to you than ever."

He kissed her and she smiled sweetly. She lay her head on his shoulder.

"It's time for me to go too," he said, sadly.

"Don't go to work," she spoke quietly, "Stay with me."


She lifted her head to beam her charming broken smile at him.



"I'll go shower while you call in sick."

She pushed herself up off his lap and he caught her arm before she could walk away. He stood up and kissed her neck.

"Before you get all clean," he said, "Can I taste you?"

Her face was a mixture of distaste and amusement. Before she could grant permission he was already undoing the button on her denim cut-offs and pushing them down her golden thighs. She was amazed at his newly found assurance as he squatted and pressed his face to her soft, curly pubes and pushed his tongue into her sticky slit. Jem leaned back against the breakfast counter as her young snatch-snacking freak began to eat her. She recognised the unwashed smell of her own pussy wafting up to her nostrils.

"If it's nasty," she warned, "It's because you made it so."

"Not just me," Benjamin replied.

He twirled his confident tongue around her jelly-bean in ways he had quickly learned would make her thigh muscles quiver. After a few minutes of almost silent slurping and heavy breathing, she tugged on his hair and cried out for him to stop.

"That's enough for now, you dirty little boy." she said, her heart pumping at twice the recommended B.P.M.

She wriggled her jeans shorts back up to cut off his source of pleasure. Benjamin stood and leaned in close for a kiss but she held him at bay.

"You can wash your face first!" Jemima pointed to the kitchen sink, her nose wrinkled in disgust at her own putrid scent.

He laughed as she waltzed into the bathroom. He made the fraudulent phone call to his boss and then washed his face with dish detergent before cleaning up the breakfast mess. He plopped down on the sofa and waited. He heard the sound of the shower stop and he imagined she'd disappear into her bedroom for a while. He hoped to catch a sneaky glimpse of her as she exited but was instead dumb-founded as a glistening, dripping golden goddess emerged from the steam and walked towards him, nude except for the towel wrapped artfully around her head.

The natural spectacle stunned him. Her slightly tubby tummy with a unicorn tattoo smeared by the passing of years into a child's watercolour painting. Her lustrous blonde fluff at the top of her thighs. Her large, brown nipples that spread up her jiggling pear-drop breasts. Rivulets of water danced down her skin and she left damp footprints in the carpet. She was Venus emerging from the primordial waters. In ancient times, men would have sacrificed bulls just to worship at her feet but here she was, tangible, touchable and smelling of coconut-infused shower-gel. She stood before him then reached out and gently closed his mouth with a single finger. She relished the shock her nakedness had induced in the boy and luxuriated in his youthful awe.

"Why am I the only one naked?" she asked, theatrically confused with her hands on her hips.

Benjamin hurriedly undressed and Jem had to help him when he got his clothes in a tangle. They giggled as she helped strip him. She held him at arms' length and appraised his physique.

"I always thought you were cute but I don't know when you got so, um, you know..." she floundered.

Her hands lazily glided across his chest, down his tummy, bypassed his furry groin around to his thighs and, finally, came to rest on his peachy bottom.

"Or maybe I did notice but didn't let myself notice, if you see what I mean?"

Benjamin nodded as she planted a soft kiss on his lips.

"I'm letting myself do a lot of things I shouldn't do, am I a bad Momma?"

Benjamin shook his head dumbly as her hands sneakily made their way around to his soft curly pubes. Her fingers encircled his proudly erect prick and gave him an encouraging stroke. She held on to his cock as her other hand pushed him down on to the sofa. They locked eyes, his pale irises gazed deeply into the amber kaleidoscope of Jem's. She straddled his lap and guided his iron-hard cockhead up inside her. She sank her body down and settled herself with a few gentle screws then they both became motionless, lovers preserved in a momentary bubble of intimacy. Nothing else in the world existed but the feeling of their joining, their combining, their merging into a single identity. They began a gentle, almost imperceptible movement together.

"You said you were in love me," she said, feeling his prick twitch inside her, "Did you mean it?"

Benjamin was clearly moved by her urgent, impassioned question.

"When you're happy," he said, "My whole life has purpose. Your smile lights up my sky. Your laugh gives meaning to the universe. When you're sad, it's... it's like a million fish-hooks are tearing me apart."

Jemima leaned down to hide her blushing face in his neck and he kissed that delicious, delicate skin that lay just behind her ear.

He continued, "I often find myself unable to think of anything but you, you... overwhelm me. I'm obsessed."

She was barely riding his pulsing, throbbing cock but her tiny motions were amplified a thousandfold by their shared heightened emotion.

"No one's ever said anything like that to me before," her voice was muffled by his shoulder.


"Not so that I would believe them," she lifted her face to look at him, "Men like me because I fuck them. Women don't like me for the same reason, I fuck their men. But... I'm getting older. When I'm wrinkly and my teeth are rotten and my hair is grey and straggly and my tits are down by my belly-button, who's going to want me then?"

"You'll always have me," Benjamin said, raising his pelvis up to meet the slow, circular movements of her hips.

"You're, ahhh-um, kind to say so but I, mmmm, I know it's not true."


"You need to grow and get out and have your own adventures, your own lovers, your own... everything. I know I can't keep you forever."


He could feel her natural lubrication soaking his probing prick and spreading out to wet both their thighs. She was breathing faster as she rode him harder.

"But nothing. Ahhh, fuck. We'll, we'll um, have today, and,

and, today alone, and by this evening we'll go back to normal like nothing ever happened. We'll just get this itch scratched and, mmmm, get this obsession out of your system, okay?"

Jem was wriggling around trying to find just the right angle with which to connect. She was exploring, by the blind sense of feel, every curve and bump of his precious cock and she knew for certain there was a way to ride him that would relieve the growing pressure of potential and untapped orgasm that lurked within. She moved her body in different contortions, seeking out that perfect place within herself.


"And that's enough, Benji, my baby, it's enough that right now, just for a few hours, you are mine, completely."

She squeezed him with her surprisingly strong pussy-walls and humped her whole body against him, her nipples were steel rivets that speared into his chest as their skin squished and slapped together.


"Shhhhh now. I love you."

Jemima kissed her young buck to shut him up as she increased further her elliptical gyrations. They melted their flesh together in the heat of their volcanic coupling. Jem could feel the coarse material of the sofa rubbing her knees raw but she didn't care. She felt the growing hint of an oncoming orgasm to dwarf all previous climaxes, she could feel it somewhere out there in the mist and she fucked her way towards it, knowing her boy would do anything, anything, to make it happen for her. Benjamin willingly agreed his role was to be a silent sex-toy for this untameable feminine beast that was rutting up and down his cock. He kissed her and welcomed her tiny, fleeting nibbles and scratches as she whimpered and moaned on top of him. After maybe twenty minutes of intense and wordless screwing, she could hear his laboured breath accelerating into urgent pants and she leaned in close to his ear.

"Don't come," she whispered with molten breath, "Not yet, don't, I'm close baby, keep going."

Benjamin grunted his assent and grit his teeth in readiness to do all that was within his power to delay the inevitable popping of his champagne cork. Jemima's disloyal brain reckoned that Bobby would've selfishly shot his seed long ago. She was pleased with her new stud's stamina and ground her dirty cunt harder and faster against his hot dick. He could swear he felt every single micromillimetre of his cock was being teased simultaneously as she rode him like a galloping horse. Then, all of a sudden and without warning, Benjamin pushed in a certain way, at a certain moment and speared the special spot inside his adopted mother's internal velveteen clamp and she squealed with unadulterated joy. Her muscles spasmed and her breasts ached with electric lightning. Her stomach flipped and her brain deleted all thoughts except the ones centred on the youthful piercing prick that was driving up inside her again and again and again until she became a puddle of gibbering mess. Benjamin was nearly scared of the shaking, growling woman who was pressing him violently into the sofa cushions. He was compressed so completely it was difficult to breathe and he was considering hauling her off just enough to take a much needed inhalation of oxygen when she relented and fell limp upon him like a lifeless thing. Sporadic seizures deep within her pussy were her only signs of life.

They nuzzled and snuggled together for some time, Jem remained impaled on the boy's stiff prong and she marvelled at his endurance. She gave the boy's full, soft lips about a million miniscule kisses.

"I love you, Jem."

"I know. In ways you shouldn't."

"I can't help myself."

She smiled mysteriously as she kissed him and he wondered what she was thinking.

"Let's go to bed," he said, asserting some control.

Jem had a little trouble mustering the coordination back into her limbs to effect a detachment from his perpendicular dick and as the fat, mushroom-shaped glans finally struggled to plop out of her clinging cunt she quivered bodily and lay down on the sofa to tremble happily, squeezing her thighs together tightly and looking to Benjamin like the proverbial cat that got the cream. Gallantly, he helped the dazed, giggling woman of his creamy dreams to her feet and escorted her to her bedroom.

She lay on her back on her bed, opened her thighs wide and tucked up her legs, exposing her red, wet gash in a gorgeous display of wanton womanhood. Benjamin decided that the sight was just about the most pornographic thing he had ever seen. There was no mistaking her desired intentions. He put one knee on her bed, steadied his aim and then plunged his raging teenage hard-on inside her again. She cried out with unrestrained relief that the boy needed no further encouragements or provocation, her newest conquest knew what was needed from him. As Benjamin sank his cock into her deepest recesses she snaked her hands around his body and mawled his soft bumcheeks. They began a serious, slow, deeply heartfelt fuck.

"Are we, are we going to stop?" he asked, "This evening, you, you said..."

"Tomorrow," she gasped, her eyes closed to savour more the physical sensations coursing though her entire being, "We'll stop tomorrow."

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