This story is based on real-life events.

"Good morning."

Greg is laying behind me, one arm wrapped around me and the other stroking my waist. I moan contently, as his hand starts playing with and grabbing my breasts. He kisses my neck and bites me teasingly. I reach behind me and grab his cock. It's so hard and already leaking. I want to wake up fucking him, like we used to. I spread my legs and place his cock on my pussy so he can grind into me. We are both on our sides, and I start bucking and rolling my hips as he enters me slowly and steadily. I moan louder and he moves his hand down to my clit and starts rubbing it, in slow circles. I can't believe how good this feels. My whole body is tingling and my pussy is soaked.

"Norah," he moans in my ear and I remember how he screamed my name as he emptied his load in my ass last night. I feel dirty and amazing and start grinding against his cock faster and faster. Greg pulls away and rolls me onto my back. He gets on top of me and just as I expect him to push into me, he places his dick on my clit and starts rubbing them together. The wetness from my pussy still on his dick makes it feel silky smooth against my clit and he adds just the right amount of pressure. Within fifteen seconds, I throw my arms over my head and arch my back as a divine orgasm spreads through my body.

As soon as I start coming, he pushes into me, pumping me like a toy, going at it so hard and fast that it's scary. My pussy pulses on his dick as I keep coming. He places his hands on my body and pushes down hard to pin me to the bed and I just lay there, moaning and admiring his pre-orgasmic face. He's getting closer. My shoulders and collarbone ache as he places all his weight on them, fucking me so hard. He grabs my throat and squeezes it, a little too tight. I gasp for air and he looks at me.

"You fucking slut. I will fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk out of here. I will fuck you all day and night until you're drenched in my cum."

The tightness of my throat makes my eyes watery and I use my free arm to ease his grip on my throat. He grabs my wrist and pins it to the bed and says "where do you want my load? I'm so ready to blow my load on you, you dirty slut." I moan and don't know where to begin, his foul mouth is turning me on so much I find it hard to choose.

I tell him to cum on my face and he fucks me fast and deep for a second and then pulls out and climbs on top of my chest. He looks down at me with an evil grin and strokes his dick fast until he starts blowing his cum onto my nose and mouth and forehead. Some of it hits my hair and I feel drops of it running down my closed eyelids. I wipe my eyes and open them and he's staring at me with so much lust and cruelty that I feel just like the dirty slut he wants me to be, so I start rubbing his cum all over my face, coating my fingers with it and sucking them clean with my mouth. I rub his cum all over my lips and my tits and he laughs at how dirty he's making me. Then he gets off of me and bends down for a deep kiss, tasting himself in my mouth.

He starts kissing me and moving down my body, working his tongue on my tits and belly and thighs. He laps my pussy, and pushes my thighs wide apart so he can go deep. His finger starts fucking my ass and he buries his tongue and nose in my sloppy wet pussy. I tremble and writhe, grabbing my hair as high-pitched moans escape my lips. I breathe deeply and push my clit against his mouth, wiggling my ass and begging for more. He devours me and starts fucking my ass with two fingers.

"Yes, I love it when you hurt me like that. Oh god, don't stop, I love you. I love what you're doing to me."

Greg freezes and looks up at me. "What was that? What did you say?"

My mind is foggy and I don't know what he's talking about. "I said don't stop. Please, don't stop! Ahh, I need this so much, please..."

"You said that you love me, you fucking whore. Is that how you feel when I attack your asshole? You love it so much that you accidentally told me you love me?"

I don't know what to say. I just want him to keep going.

"Say something, slut, or I'll stop."

I sit up and lean on my hands and look into his eyes. "I don't care what I said. I only want you to keep abusing my ass. Please. Destroy me. Do whatever you want," I beg.

"Well, if you're begging..."

Greg winks at me and dives back down between my legs, pulling them as far apart as possible. He pinches my clit painfully and makes me scream. Then he forces three fingers into my asshole and attacks my clit with his tongue. The pain in my ass is excruciating, he hasn't lubed me up at all and his dry fingers stretch my tight hole as he forces them in and out of me. I love it so much. His tongue on my clit is driving me insane and I cum like a whore, screaming at the top of my lungs and massaging my tits. He painfully rips his fingers out of my ass and makes me suck them clean for him. I don't like the taste, but it turns me on doing it, looking up at him with an obedient look.

"You know what I want, Greg?" I ask him.

"What, you little slut? Tell me what it is, and maybe I'll consider it."

I roll him over on his back and climb on top of him, rubbing my pussy back and forth along the length of his hardening dick.

"I want to try something I've never done before." I moan, massaging my tits with his hands.

He looks at me with eager, almost boyish interest, forgetting his dominant behaviour for a second. I get off him and turn around so my ass is facing him, straddling him again and pulling my ass cheeks apart so they fold themselves around his dick. I lean back and lie on top of his chest. I move my ass up and down, pulling on his cock with my ass.

"I want two cocks. One in my pussy and one in my ass, at the same time. And I want you and some random guy to do it. I want you both to violate me. I want ..."

I don't get any further, because Greg has already started pushing against my asshole, stretching me open once again, making me moan and breaking my concentration.

To be continued.

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