I used to take a boat back and forth between my hometown and the city where I stayed for college.

Nothing fancy, I usually stayed in a regular cabin accommodation: a long narrow room with four double bunks on either side of a narrow passageway barely wide enough for one guy to pass through at a time. Traveling light, I stowed my stuff at the foot of the bunk.

The trip this story took place in started no different.

The ship had just left port a couple hours ago - maybe - time seems to stand still when you can't see the outside. I had the floor-level bunk on the right closest to the door, doing some last minute studying with my back against the bulkhead, with a line of sight toward the other two double bunks inside the room.

That was when I first noticed the two women enter our room. This was before the time cabins on these liners were segregated between men and women, so at the time it was not a surprise to see them there.

They both appeared young, at most in their early 20s. Judging against the height of the top bunks, one was a little shorter than me, wearing a crop top t-shirt that tastefully emphasized her nicely-filled out chest and denim jeans that hugged her slightly chubby yet still delightful form.

Normally she would be the kind of girl I would be pulling my meat to in my private time, and her full breasts were what caught my attention this first glance, but this time wouldn't be about her. I didn't know it then but this night was going to be all about her friend.

The other girl, apparently just a little taller than me, had on a sleeveless top and denim pants like her friend. At first I paid little attention to her as the two of them went to the bunks inside the room, talking about their plans onboard later, from what I could overhear.

After a while the busty girl left the room to "go ahead" while her friend was still going through her stuff. Busty girl was in the bunk on the other side of the bulkhead at the foot of my bunk, and the tall girl was on the floor-level bunk across the passageway from the bunk beside mine, giving me a good view of her ass while she was bent, rummaging her stuff.

She pulled out some clothing from her bag and turned around, apparently catching me checking her out. At first I was a little embarrassed but her nonchalantly friendly reaction made me feel at ease. She greeted me and the other two guys in the room with us, briefly engaging them in some small chat.

Then came the point where my attention really started to wander from my book.

In a casual voice she straight up asked if she could just change there since she didn't want to have to go all the way to the bathroom. There were no complaints as she took off her top and bra, exposing her nicely-shaped B-cup bosom to a cabin of guys. She put on a more daring black lace bra before our very eyes before putting her top back on. Thanking us for not minding, she left the room with a smile to follow her friend.

We had a few chuckles between us guys after she had left, but the interest soon died down and we resumed minding our own respective businesses.

Sometime later, probably late at night already, the two girls returned. Busty girl had a male in tow but he seemed to double-take when he saw us guys there.

She apparently tried to convince the guy to come in but to no avail, he leaves. Busty girl, visibly frustrated, spoke something in a dialect I could not understand to her friend before leaving the room once more. Tall girl stayed behind.

She must have noticed me stealing glances at her from my reading. By now it looked like the other guys were all asleep as the two bunks visible from me had their privacy drapes drawn. I obliged when she started up a conversation, also eager by now for a distraction from the monotony of reading.

I learned that she was an entertainer, on vacation from her work abroad. I didn't ask her name and it also seemed she didn't mind not knowing mine.

The topic shifted to her work, and she revealed she had been thinking of getting a breast augmentation. I politely told her she didn't need one as she was quite sexy already, which she apparently liked to hear.

"Thank you. You really think so?" She said with a smile, her eyes looking down to her chest, cupping her hands around them as if to confirm my assessment. "Don't you think they're too small?"

"Nah. They're nice and perky," I add.

After a brief pause, she looks at me with a twinkle in her eye and says, "Wait up. I heard from some of my friends at work that having them massaged will help them grow bigger. Want to help me try it out?"

I was initially taken aback by the request but thought she was just joking. With a weak laugh, I replied, "Sure. Why not? If you don't mind."

Her expression lights up and, without saying anything more, she lifts her top over her head. Once more I find myself staring at the black lace bra she had put on in front of us earlier. In my surprise I could do nothing but gawk as she turns around to show me her back, asking me to take off her bra.

Just a reminder: This was me before I had any actual sexual experience. Barely able to keep up with the situation anymore, I wordlessly complied, getting off my bunk to get close enough to unhook the undergarment for her.

She must have noticed my confused expression at the moment as she flashed me a reaffirming smile.

"It's alright, baby. You just have to do this," she says, gently carressing and squeezing her breasts to show me how it's done.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I do as she says and place my hands on her breasts. I've seen porn before, I thibk I know what to do.

I gently savor the opportunity to play with her soft yet firm breasts, gently kneading them in my hands.

Looking up at her face, I observe her reactions. She has her eyes closed, her head tilted backwards, moaning gently to my fingers brushing against her erect brown nipples. She plants her hands against the edge of the bunk, allowing me full freedom to do with her breasts as I liked.

"Oh yes, baby...that's good...right there."

She gently mutters between moans, her encouraging words stirring me to quicken my pace. I alternate squeezing her mounds and brushing her sensitive nipples with my fingers.

I could see her nipples continuing to grow as I fondled them, and couldn't resist the urge to pinch them between my fingers. That drew an especially loud moan from her, and she beckoned to me to sit beside her on her bunk so I don't have to do this standing in the passageway.

Now huddled up against her, I could feel her entire body tense up with each wave of pleasure my hands produce in her. I could feel her warm breath on my face as she turns her head toward me, her face a mask of excited pleasure, her chest heaving as I vigorously played with my newfound sensitive toys.

Her face flushed with her excitement, she brings my face close to her chest. "Please...use your lips!" She pleads.

I put my lips on her breast closer to me and start to suckle on her nipple like a baby. I couldn't see her face but from how she kept trying to push my face into her breast she was really feeling what I was doing.

I was already starting to lose control myself as well, no longer concerned with the situation we are in, or where we were. I was in a frenzy, encouraged by her rapturous responses.

Feeling naughty, I use both my hands and lips to knead her now sweaty breasts faster, alternately flicking her nipple with my tongue and gently clamping it with my lips.

Her moans come harder and faster. I can feel her body shudder beneath me as she pulls my face hard against her breast, so much I actually find it hard to breathe until she relaxes her hold.

Chest still slowly heaving from orgasm, she looks at me fondly before kissing me on the forehead.

"That was good, baby. Now it's my turn," she says with a gesture over to my bunk. Even then I could tell what it was she wants.

Sinking back into my bunk I sneak a glance up at her topless form the side, fixing her long hair in a ponytail. She is sexy as fuck, I realize.

By the time she climbs into the cramped space of my bunk, I had only managed to kick off my cargo shorts.

It was only at this time I noticed that the middle-aged guy on the top bunk across from mine had peeped out of his drawn drapes. He didn't say anything and at this point I was too far gone in the head to let a peeping tom stop our good time. I close my drapes for a little semblance of privacy after she had come in.

With another reassuring smile she helps pull my briefs down. My boner was already painfully hard, and a cute little giggle escapes from her mouth as it pops up free from its fabric prison.

"You have a nice cock," she compliments me.

"Not very big, is it?" For the first time that night I felt conscious about myself.

"It's average, don't worry," she whispers in my ear. "I'll take good care of you."

In our excitement we had not even closed the privacy drapes. Such things were no longer even remotely in my mind as she takes hold of my shaft and begins to masterfully stroke me.

I could hardly believe how quickly her hand was bringing me to the brink. Firm yet gentle, her fingers constantly hit my glans and frenulum just the right way.

Her skill, was this somehow related to her work? I didn't even care. I just wanted more pleasure. I strained my hips like I had never strained before to hold my impending explosion.

But it was too late.

I muffle my cry as my hips shuddered in a massive orgasm. My mind goes blank as my hot cum spurts like a fountain all over her fingers, and I keep on cumming.

With a pleased look she squeezes my shaft until no more cum was leaking out. She wipes most of the fluid across her breasts before eagerly licking the rest off of her dainty fingers. The sight was enough to jolt my boner back alive.

"So much cum...good job, baby," she whispers in my ear before gently kissing me on the forehead.

Seeing my boner still at attention, she winks at me and starts to take off her pants.

Her purple string panties didn't leave much to the imagination. Almost translucent at the front, even in the dark lighting of the bunk I could make out that she had a neatly trimmed bush underneath.

"This is your reward for being such a good baby. Relax."

Already straddling me, with one hand she pulls aside the crotch of her underwear and with the other deftly guides my shaft toward the space between her slowly lowering hips.

A warm, wet sensation envelopes my member as it gets its first taste of pussy. I raise my knees as much as the cramped bunk would allow just to try and get a little deeper, but I barely had to.

Holding on to the ladder for the bunk above me, she gently twerks on my member with impressive skill. Raising her hips, the entire length of my shaft feels the squeeze of her tight vagina, just before a graceful yet energetic forward motion of her hips rams me back inside her with a lewd wet squelching sound.

Mouth agape in a drawn out moan, she looks me in the eye as she fondles her breast with her free hand. Without words being exchanged I could tell she wanted to come together with me.

After five minutes I had reached my limit. She had hastened her pace, her vagina seemingly so eager to milk me of my cum. My balls were screaming to release their load I had been fighting back so we could come together.

"I...I'm going to cum!" I manage to say through clenched teeth.

"It's okay. Cum baby...inside me!" She says between labored breaths.

I didn't need any more convincing. Grabbing onto her legs, I relax my hips and give her what she asked for.

Still riding my about to ejaculate cock, she falls to her knees, allowing my cock to push inside to her deepest part just as I release my load.

I could not even track how many times my cock squirted inside her, but it definitely felt like a huge load. I had practically emptied my balls inside a tight young pussy for the first time.

It was a sensation I would never forget.

"So warm..." she moans, rubbing her belly with a satisfied grin. "You still came so much for me, baby!"

She gives me another kiss.

"Thank you."

I slowly regained my senses after she got off me, and my worries only amplified after I noticed hardly any cum dripped from her pussy afterward. All of my cum had gone right into her baby maker.

"Baby is worried I'd get pregnant? That's so cute!" She giggles, "It is kind of exciting to think about, don't you think?"

I could not deny the rush of our unprotected sex was real. At that time I can only remember finally being overwhelmed by the experience and finally settling back. In my mind if she wasn't bothered about it, then I didn't need to be either.

We said no more to each other that night. The last I saw of her before going to bed was her striking up a conversation with the guy who had been peeping on us earlier, then climbing into his bunk in the same underwear she wore with me. I didn't need to imagine what they could have been doing the rest of the night behind his drapes.

I saw her for the last time on deck as we were disembarking the ship. Polite greetings were exchanged, then we passed each other on our own separate ways. We never knew each other's names, nor have I ever seen her again since.

It's been a long time since and I've come to have a deeper appreciation of sexuality since then, but I can never forget the nameless woman who first introduced me to the pleasures of raw creampie sex, and eventually appreciating the rush of an impregnation fantasy.

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