I discovered my love with sex at the young age of 18. It started with slow rubbing once or twice a week. The overflowing feeling as I climaxed was magical. By the time I was 19 the once or twice a week turned into once or twice a night before bed. I bought my first dildo while away at college and thought I was on to something the feeling of climax was more intense. The dildo satisfied my strong sexual urges for a while. As time moved forward so did my urges for a more intense orgasm. Still I longed for the feeling of absolute satisfaction.

At a party half way through my first year of college I met a the first man I would ever be intimate with. He approached me with a swagger I couldn't ignore as he began a conversation with me. I found myself wondering what it would feel like with him deep inside me. The feeling of his warm juices filling up my wet and swollen cavity. The more I wondered about such things the more anxious I became. Later that night as we entered his room he gently kissed my neck from behind. His warm breath made my nipples hard as diamonds, and sent a chill up my spine. "Have you done this before?" He asked softly in my ear.

"No." I replied in a whisper. "You're my first." I continued as I turned to look as his gorgeous face. He leaned in to kiss me; as we shared a passionate kiss he unzipped my dress. I slowly let it fall to the floor then as he removed my panties I slipped my bra off. His tongue gently caressed my nipples sending a wave of intense feelings coursing through me like an electric shock. I became so wet I was dripping down my legs to the floor. The anticipation was killing me. I knelt in front of him slowly undoing his jeans dragging both his jeans and boxers to his ankles. Now eye level with his slightly hard cock. Not even fully erected I gently kissed the head while rubbing the shaft as I felt it getting harder in my hands. I stared up at him seeing the look of pure pleasure on his face made me grin a little.

Soon overcome by pleasure he stripped all remaining clothes off. Picking me up I wrapped my legs around his waist nervous only for a second or two. Laying me down on his bed the moment arrived. I felt his now rock solid cock enter deep in to dripping wet vagina. He thrusted in hard and fast. I fell weak to the pleasure it was better than any dildo. His testicles steadily smacking my ass. I moaned softly trying to be quiet as the orgasmic feeling built deep within. I felt the urge to release getting stronger. My moans grew louder as i orgasmed all over his rock hard cock.

As the flow of my juices covered him his warm cum finally shot off inside me this was the most orgasmic i ever felt. We cuddled for about an hour until i got dressed. Deciding to go back to my dorm for the night. "Can we do this again sometime?" He asked as I headed for the door.

I looked back at him smiling and said. "Of course, if you make me cum like that again." He smiled in response as I left him room already thinking about next time. It was about three in the morning when I got to my dorm i showered and got ready for bed. Trying to be quiet not to wake my roommate. As i sat down on my bed slowly and quietly still remembering what just happened tonight i sighed in pleasure.

"How was your night roomie?" A voice said.

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to wake you." I stated.

"You didn't i just got back about 20 minutes before you did." My roommate rolled over talking to me.

"Ok good."

"What did you do tonight?" She asked me. Excitedly I told her everything about loosing my Virginity. "Wow! Sounds amazing maybe next time he will give you oral." She continued giggling.

" You really think so?"

"Yeah oral is the best aint it?"

"I wouldn't know I haven't ever..."

"Not even once!" my roommate interrupted in shock.

I dropped my head with a shameful look on my face and said. "No." My roommate asked me to lay down on my bed.

As I laid down my roommate leaned over me asking. "Would you allow me to eat you out first?" Grinning ear to ear. "I am kind of bisexual." She continued and I just knew I would never forget this night ever.

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