To avoid misconceptions: This is obviously a fetish fairy tale, not a realistic depiction of a loving BDSM relationship based on SSC principles. If you're uncomfortable with stories featuring outré fetishes like slavery, I'd suggest to skip this tale.

It is around six when they get outside, the day is still warm and they have a large air-conditioned limo waiting to take them to the airport; about thirty minutes away. A male valet greets the three and offers them help into the vehicle before closing the door. Inside they find a change of clothes for the flight home and Michael instructs them to change on the ride over.

They slide out of their dresses, giving Michael a moment to look at their beautiful nude naked bodies before they slipped on a plaid miniskirt and find that doesn't come low enough to cover their vaginas or the bottom of their ass. The push-up bras are the same white as the sheer low cut blouse and give support to their breasts while allowing the dark circles of their areolas to show through.

A pair of thigh restraints with a bondage belt is added to their existing restraints and a large uncomfortable two-inch ring gag placed in their mouths causes a stream of saliva to form and dribble down on their pushed-up breasts. They are given thigh-high socks and sneakers for their bottom half and without an explanation Michael unlocks Sarah's pussy then attaches each wrist to the belt in front of both of their belly button.

Amber is the first to speak of the play, "That was incredible, Mistress and Sir. I have never seen anything like that. We heard about plays, but nobody from the convent could ever go. Thank you both so much, it was amazing!"

Sarah adds with a chuckle, "Thank You Sir. It was a wonderful surprise and I enjoyed seeing it with both of you. Don't know if the sex from the spectators or the sex on stage was hotter. Lots of very perverted acts, certainly my type of sex."

Michael replies, "Yea, it was pretty good. A bit heavy on the propaganda, but a lot of fun. And all the sex was overwhelming. It was better than I thought it would be."

"I wonder what you got for us, two sexy women?"

Amber adds as she pushes her breasts up "I hope it involves my boobies!" which causes them both to laugh.

Michael smiles and shakes his head then answers matter-of-factually with a grin, "You'll find out."

At the airport, they drive right up to a large private airplane with the symbol of their Master on the side. A muscular male valet opens the door and helps each bound girl to their feet before saying "Please come with me, Mistresses". He leads the two girls up the stairs and into the plane.

Luxury and flying are new to Amber. Most of the time she just looks lost with two wide-open eyes. The main room on the plane is wide but very long with a door on one end and a view out of the front of the plane on the other. It is decorated with an expertly crafted office desk and chair near the wooden bedroom door. The two facing leather sofas and four wooden end cabinets share the front end of the aircraft. White inner support structures of the outer shell comprise the walls and ceiling. A red, very soft, carpet lines the floor.

The chairs that catch everyone's attention are bolted down and are one foot apart in the center. They are facing out from the center of the room to the plane sides and have one inch wide, eight-inch pole sticking straight up from the seat.

Both girl's hands are released and told to sit on the chairs with the poles.

Following the orders require them to carefully squat a bit until the long, smooth, and slightly cold pole slides into their already wet pussy's. It is the familiar pressure of the butt-plug pushing against the chair that first told them they had the rod all the way in them.

The chair can be customized to fit any woman, but the poles have to be moved to fit the girl's dimensions. Its surface feels like synthetic leather slightly soft and very comfortable. The rod in their pussy's forces them into an upright position.

While kneeling on the side of the two sitting women, the male slave brings their arms around their backs and attaches their wrists together. Adding three leather straps around their arms causes the girls to push their chests out. The chairs also have seat belts that are attached and tighten to their waist. Finally, he attaches both ankles to the legs effectively restraining them from moving up the dildo or rocking on the chair. The male slave leaves without saying a word.

It doesn't take long, but Michael enters only a few minutes later. He immediately sees the girls but takes a moment to close the airplane door before he orders "AI, we may take off."

Amber doesn't say anything. Being new to flying, she is a bit nervous and her heart races as the plane leach forward. The moving runway starts and is quickly replaced by the feeling of climbing in altitude. She made the mistake of looking out the front of the plane and her fear of heights kicks in. A short pause in Amber's breath leads Sarah to reach back and grab her lover's hand.

Michael waits until the plane is steady before reaching to the end table for a pair of tweezers nipple clamps on a short chain. He enjoys tightening each end on Amber's four nipples, causing some wincing but no other protests. Speaking in a loud commanding voice, "AI, please darken the glass and give maximum pleasure to these two. Just do not allow them to cum."

Sarah and Amber do not notice the lights dim or the glass darken as they are shocked by the seat as it starts moving. The surface below them quickly conforms to their body and starts sending small ripples out from the center while also putting a slight amount of pressure on their sensitive parts. Inside them, they feel the rod start acting like a finger as it curls up inside them and pressing slightly on their g-spots. Amber never even knew that the butt-plug she has been wearing can vibrate.

"Girls, do you enjoy my new toys? They are an invention and gift of Kazuo's. I think you will realize that they are pretty good at what they do. Kazuo says they feel better than his hands and mouth. He seemed very proud of his abilities, which really says something about the effect these chairs should have. Well, I hope you like them." Reaching into the drawer next to him, Michael grabs the two blindfolds he has placed there for this occasion. Putting one on each girl he then gives each a deep kiss and a "Good luck."

The AI analyses their reactions, sounds, movements, heart rate, and moisture production to customize the vibrations for an experience that is mind-blowing. Sarah and Amber both quickly find out that the movement stops when these involuntary reactions indicate the onset of an orgasm only to start back up when it's passed. Eventually, the computer adapts and they are given just enough stimulation to keep them right at the edge, but completely unable to reach release.

At first, it's enjoyable than it becomes relentless and completely uncaring. Sarah and Amber's lust quickly turns to dread as they realize they won't be allowed a climax anytime soon. For comfort, they start squeezing each other's hands as the feeling starts to build in them.

The ring gag in their mouths inhibits their ability to muffle themselves and every new sensation becomes very audible. They have no way to stop the sensations, even if they rock in their seat. The computer will ultimately adjust the seats and move with them preventing even the smallest reprieve.

Time becomes blurry. It doesn't take them too long before they are shaking against their bonds. They are forced into pleasure they do not want and cannot avoid. An internal struggle starts as they fight off wave after wave of vibrations from entering their minds. They just cannot getaway.

Michael notices they finally resign themselves to their fate at around the twenty-minute mark. Their screams are diminished to almost nothing as they try to go anywhere else. Soon they admit defeat and submit to the machine.

They are left sweating and breathing heavily while leaning to one side. Drool from their gags is running down their chins and dripping on the floor. Their hair is wild from their earlier shaking and both are completely removed from reality.

The only thing that draws their attention is his order, "Computer, you may stop the vibrations." Michael goes over to Amber and removes the locks on her legs and ring gag.

Amber's mind is in pieces. She attempts to talk, but seems to put the words out of order and doesn't make much sense. Michael can't help but a joke, "Guess the seat works."

As he helps Amber to her feet he finds a small puddle of cum around the base of the dildo and commands with a smile, "strip, but keep the socks and shoes on."

When Amber finishes getting undressed; Michael grabs a small, partially hidden, pulley on one of the supports. Extending a steel cable, he attaches it to her wrist restraint. He then extends another cable down from the other side to secure that arm. More cables for her belt, thighs, and anklets come all from the nearest pulley.

Sarah is released next, but this time Michael secures her using the pulleys on the other side of the four-inch support beam. He spreads her legs much wider than Ambers resulting in them being eye to eye with less than an inch between their faces. Their breasts press up against their partners while their hips have mere inches.

Michael ends with a spider web of sixteen steel cables, all emanating from the walls of the plane, and leading to the girls who are now face to face. Neither girl can move much after he locks the pulleys with a verbal command.

As Sarah and Amber recover from the vibrations they think about what is happening and figure out that they are about to be whipped. Grabbing a two-person ball gag from the bedroom, he locks their heads together in a kiss.

The thigh-high socks present some limits on where Michael can strike, but the back, ass, and upper thighs are bare skin. His tool of choice for the night, a small switch with a nine-inch whip on the end, and with a flick of the wrist he brings the leather across Amber's ass.

"Fuck, that hurts" is the first thing that crosses Amber's thoughts.

Michael asks, "So, Amber, are you really ready to serve me?" before flicking his wrist once again for a second and, on his return, a third strike. Thinking, "Wow, that is easy."

The lick of the whip feels as if it's made of fire leaving Amber to scream in response to the two, new, bright welts on her backside. The bondage is not very friendly, making it impossible for her to rub her wounds, and a few tears start to flow.

Michael is not, and does not, intend to be kind to Amber. He enjoys her screams and takes pleasure in his role of causing them. He then continues, "I am impressed, you have been an amazing slave so far. But what about when it's not so easy? What will you do, then?"

More pain with more welts leads to open crying. With each new strike, pain builds and the desire to flail grows leading her to focus intently on suppressing each of her responses or risk hitting Sarah.

He knows he has Amber's complete submission. She will do anything he wants just to make him the slightest bit happy even if she will scream for it. Her loyalty and dedication are what he needs to justify the assignment of Gamma rank. That is for later, now is for fun.

As the strikes continue to fall the endorphins follow and soon Amber is in a place she has never been before. The pain embraces her and the mind becomes clear as the desire to please overcomes her. Nothing else matters but his happiness as hate for the whip vanishes and is replaced with love for the new way in which she can give herself to her Master.

Reaching for Amber's pussy, Michael finds it dripping wet. He can't help but think, "Just what I thought, this slut is dripping wet." before speaking, "Very good Amber."

Ambers heart explodes and is left wishing for more of his attention. Michael will continue to whip the girls for the next fifteen minutes leaving them both red and in tears. The strikes are generally very light, leaving little in way of bruises but not short on pain. He always thought that screams of pain are like different kinds of wine; they all are good but they're completely different. Sarah's scream is a lot louder but less squeaky than Ambers.

Michael then lowers their arms a bit so that he can have them stick out their asses as he fucks their pussy's each in turn. He doesn't allow himself to cum, but instead waits until he feels their pussies convulse in orgasm around him before moving to fucking the other one.

After three orgasms, each, Michael finds he is covered in their combined cum, and thus asks, "AI, what girl took the longest to cum?"

"Amber took almost 20 seconds longer on average, Sir," responds the AI in a male voice.

Michael instructs, "Since Sarah won, she will get my cum in her pussy. However, I will allow Amber to lick her pussy after I fill it with my seed," before instructing Amber to lean backward between the bound Sarah's legs leaving her face inches from her pussy.

Fucking Sarah one more time allots Amber the close-up view. Occasionally she will get too close causing his balls to smack her in the face. It's not Sarah's squirts that land on Amber's face and neck but it's the pulsations of her pussy that drive Michael into his orgasm. He grabs onto her waist and fucks deep into her one last time before pumping his cum. The feeling of his warmth floods Sarah and further fuels her ongoing orgasm.

After a minute, he commands, "Now don't you swallow any of it before I tell you."

Michael withdrawals his cock from Sarah leading a few drops of their cum to fall on Amber's chin before she can get her mouth up to the gaping pussy. Eagerly, Amber dips her tongue right into Sarah, tasting the mixture of their cum for the first time. It is a combination that is absolutely delicious, better than either one's alone, and Amber is left wanting more. In her eagerness, she starts dipping her finger in and out of Sarah's pussy just so she could lick it clean. Sarah eventually helps by giving up her reward and pushing the cum out into Amber's waiting mouth.

Licking Sarah's pussy with it full of her Master seed makes Amber very wet. She admits to herself that she loves the taste of cum in her mouth and wants it to fill all of her holes. Being allowed to clean and care for her lovers is a perfect opportunity for her to do two things she loves. When Amber finishes she remembers to gets in her kneeling position while keeping her mouth open to show the cum within.

Michael releases Sarah with the instructions to clean up Amber's face. Finished, he offers the girls a chance to wash-up in the small washroom and before going to bed he takes a moment to lock Sarah's pussy up. Doesn't take long until they are all asleep together.

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