I had to get back to the shop as quickly as I could. I spent too much time at Miss D's house and Jimmy J is probably wondering what is going on. I also need to wash my hands.

I parked in my usual spot and ran into the building. I was safe. Either Jimmy J wasn't back yet or he left again. No one said anything, so I strolled behind the counter like I have been there all night.

Rick had his head in the Pizza oven as usual and Karen was working the Toppings containers. Josh was making that dough and Suzie was flinging sub sandwiches.

Suzie wiped her hands clean and took advantage of the quiet situation behind the counter. She coughed loud enough for all four of us hear, knowing we would turn and look at her. Once she knew she had everyone's attention she patted her right thigh. I walked to her and knelt beside her right leg, wrapped my arm around her thigh and lowered my head. She is such a show off.

"You may go now. Jimmy J just pulled in."

I slowly stood up and sheepishly looked at Karen and Josh. Then I proceeded straight to Jimmy J. I think Karen was taken back somewhat, but Josh, his jaw was on the floor along with the pizza dough he dropped.

"I'm ready to go, partner."

"Let's go, we have full load of deliveries. Hey, I hear you are having a girls-only party tomorrow afternoon, is that true?"

"It's a gathering for one hour. Not much of a party."

Our Pizza shop doesn't have background music, we have the Counter Manager, Sal.

"Timmy, 4 large pizzas for Porter Street, let's go."

"Brie, it's Lisa's place. What should I do?"

"Start with hello. Maybe introduce yourself. But be careful, with 4 pizzas it sounds like there may be a party. Plus, she has a bull, I mean a boyfriend, so don't get caught flirting. Especially don't get caught trying to Timmy flirt."

"Maybe you guys should take it?"

I leaned into his ear and whispered "This is your first step to having Lisa's hand in your pants. I think you want Lisa's hand in your pants. I bet she is so much better at it than I am. Now go."

Just like that, all of the delivery drivers were out the door and on the road. Another day at the office. The rest of the evening was mostly uneventful. We all worked until 1 am and called it a night. Home to my soft bed.

I slept until 11 am the next day. 3 hours before Suzie and Karen were going to pop in for a Sunday afternoon session of who knows what. No problem, I picked up the snack trays and beverages that I wasn't suppose to buy yesterday. And my legs were still in good shape from my hair removal shower yesterday as well. I hope to surprise Mistress Z with my smooth legs. She suggested it last week and I didn't tell her that I did it. She may be pleased or punish me for not telling her. Time for a quick shower.

I dried off and started to dress. I simple outfit for a simple gathering. Matching flesh-tone bra and panties, brown yoga pants, a white V neck and my short hair dark wig. I refer to this as my "Goth Suzie" wig. I don't usually wear a mask in the house so I threw on some powder, eye liner and a touch of lip gloss. A mask is better than my make-up skills, but it was just going to be the three of us for one hour, so I should be OK.

Right on time I heard a car in the driveway. I looked out the window and seen Suzie and Karen. To my surprise there were two other people as well. It was Jimmy J and Todd, Karen's boyfriend. And if that wasn't bad enough, a second car pulled up and it was Josh from the Pizza shop. I was horrified and quickly ran to the bedroom to grab a mask to cover myself.

Karen set me up, but I had to answer the door.

"Hi Brie. Sorry for the surprise but we decided to bring our men, and this wimp, Josh. It was all my idea so don't be mad at Suzie. I also invited Josh, so don't hold it against him."

"OK Karen, come on in anyway. The more the merrier is what they say."

All five of them filed in one by one. I closed and locked the front door behind them. Suzie had been here before so she was quite comfortable. Karen was looking around checking the place out. Jimmy J directed Todd and Josh to the Living Room. Josh wasn't making eye contact with anyone.

Karen entered the Living Room and acted like she was air traffic control. She placed Todd in the arm chair, Jimmy J on the right side of the couch and had Josh sit on the left side of the couch. She handed Todd the TV Remote and returned to the Kitchen area. Suzie took 3 beers and headed to where the boys were while I was filling three wine glasses.

"What the hell, Karen?"

"Oh, relax and have some fun. It's just for one hour."

Suzie returned and started to adjust my wig.

"Your eye make-up sucks."

"I know, but I thought it would be just us."

We finished our wine when Karen asked where the bathroom was. I pointed down the hall and she grabbed her large purse, smiled and looked directly at me.

"It's my understanding that you believe Suzie will be the one to take your cherry. I think she is excited about that and today may be the day."

Suzie didn't say anything. I think she was playing dumb. As Karen went to the bathroom, Suzie and I entered the Living Room.

"Everything OK in here boys?"

Todd said "I think we could use another round of beers if you don't mind."

Suzie went to get more beer. I looked at Josh, who was still quiet and staring at the floor.

"You OK Josh?"


I approached him, leaned over him and slapped at his legs in an upward motion. I also noticed something funny under his shirt. He had something green under his shirt.

"It's better if you put your legs up and under you a little. It's a fem touch."

Jimmy J jumped in and said "Listen to her Josh. Brie, do you have any other pants he can wear other than his jeans?"

"I have some lounge string tie pants if he wants them."

"I'm fine the way I am thank you very much."

Todd continued to watch ESPN. He didn't care about anything else happening in the room.

Then Karen came down the hallway and everyone went into shock (except Todd). All eyes were big and all jaws dropped. There stood Karen in a crop top and a Strap-On. I'm not talking about a Strap-On with a small triangle and a couple of attachment belts. I'm talking about full size thick leather panties that looked solid as a rock. The panties were black & pink in color and covered with rivet studs and a 7-inch light colored member.

Karen put her hands on her hips and posed for us. We were either admiring her equipment in awe or we were all deer in headlights. Maybe both. Jimmy J and Todd turned their attention back to the TV. I looked at Josh, he was fixated and sweating. I had to know what was going on.

"Who is that for?"

"It's for you Brie. Today is your day."

I walked over to Josh and opened a few buttons on his shirt exposing his hidden clothing. It looked like a dark green one-piece leotard tight. Maybe I could divert Karen's attention.

"Are you sure Karen? Do you see what Josh has been hiding under his shirt? Maybe he needs that thing."

Karen approached him, looked him over and motioned for him to stand. Josh's eyes stayed on her plastic rod as he stood. Now he is shaking and sweating. My eyes never left the 7-inch dildo either. The size was perfect and it had a head. Maybe I was sweating also.

"Take your shirt off Josh and let's see what you're wearing under there. And don't worry, this isn't for you, it's for Brie."

Josh stood and removed his shirt. Sure enough, he was wearing a leotard. Suzie was giggling and pointed at his jeans.

"You might as well go all the way now."

Still speechless, Josh dropped his jeans and remained standing (and shaking). I pointed at the couch implying he should sit back down. He sat in a normal fashion. I swatted at his legs again. He curled his legs up and under himself like before.

"That's better. You can let your freak flag fly in my house. Can someone pour me another glass of wine, please?"

"And another round of beer for us boys, please."

Karen didn't move. She stayed in Josh's eye sight and swayed her hips back and forth. So, Suzie headed for the Refrigerator. At this point, there didn't seem to be anything to hide from anyone so I threw out a question to Suzie.

"Mistress Z, I thought you were going to take my cherry with a toy of some sort?"

"Oh, I am going to take your tight cherry butt with a toy. Karen is my toy. Think of her as my personal living doll, self-propelled toy. No batteries required, just a glass or two of wine."

Everyone laughed. Even Josh came out of his trance long enough to laugh. And then Jimmy J opened his stupid mouth.

"What does my girlfriend know about Brie's cherry and how tight it is?"

"Do you really want to talk about something that happened before we got together, but after you had been sucked off by a sissy cross dresser, twice?"

Jimmy J lowered his head and turned back to the TV.

Suzie stood between Karen and I, took us by our hands and started to walk us towards the bedroom. Suzie stopped and turned back towards the boys.

"This is all about Brie and for Brie. This is not a free show. Anyone who enters the bedroom will be expected to participate. Otherwise, we will be out in 20 minutes or so. I promised Brie that this would be a one-hour party and we are almost half way there."

Suzie took us to the bedroom and told me to remove my yoga pants and shirt. Karen must have put a bottle of light blue lube on my dresser earlier. Karen was coating her cock with it and watching me undress. I was watching her apply the lotion like she jacking herself off.

"It's called Electro Glide. You will appreciate it in a minute and it smells nice. Now lose those under garments and let's get this party started."

As soon as I had removed my pants, Suzi jumped up.

"OMG, you shaved your legs!"

"Well, you mentioned it last week so I thought I would try it."

She knelt in front of me and began running her hands up and down my bare legs.

"I love them."

She pulled my panties down and turned me to face Karen.

"Karen, take a look at this body and these legs before you ruin that butt."

"Brie, you really do look good naked. Suzie is right about your cock. It is a nice one."

Suzie reached up and pressed her hand against my chest. I was hoping she would give my boner a feel, but I guess that was not in the cards for tonight.

"I want Brie to leave her bra on. I think it's hot."

"It's your party."

Karen pointed to the bed. Suzie was directing my arms and legs getting me into a doggie position. They actually took practice measurements to find that perfect height position between her plastic dick and my butt. Suzie put her arm under my waist to raise my rear up and the party was about to begin.

I was in position and hoping I was ready for this. Suzie came around to where my face was and sat in front of me and gently held my face. Her touch was very soothing and relaxing. That's when I felt Karen begin to enter me.

Karen pushed the head in and she felt me clinch. She looked around me for a response. I wasn't screaming so she continued to penetrate me slowly. Suzi just nodded and looked at me.

"Are you OK Brie?"

"It hurts a little, but I'm OK. Just keep it slow."

"That's one full stroke. I'm going to pick up the pace."

She was in motion now. Slowly for sure, but she was fucking me. Suzie figured I was beyond the initial shock so she pushed 2 of her fingers in my mouth. I took them and sucked on them. I think she waited for a few minutes to make sure I didn't bite in a moment of pain.

"Are you fingering Brie's mouth?"

"Yes. He likes it. Are you fucking his ass?"

"Yes, I'm at full stroke number 6. I think he likes it."

"How much longer can you go?"

"A few minutes. This requires a lot of energy. What else do you know about what Brie likes?"

"We have shared a moment or two."

"Hello? I'm down here ladies."

The conversation stopped and Karen, quiet little blonde Karen, went back to ruining my ass and virginity. I was beginning to get into it. I knew this day would come and here it was. Karen pushed and grunted when she hit bottom. I clinched and moaned when she hit bottom. It felt better than I expected but I knew she was getting tired.

"Mistress Z, I agree that you have taken my virginity by use of your personal living doll sex toy. I admit that my cherry belongs to you, but I think she may be getting tired. We can label it a success and call it quits for the night."

"I agree. Karen, you can pull out and get cleaned up."

Karen pulled out. The head came out with a plop that felt as good as it did when it went it in. Suzie started to move off the bed when the bedroom door opened and Josh stuck his head in.

"Suzie, I know what you said about coming in here. I'm not sure I'm ready to participate but I had to come in here. I couldn't help it."

"Come on in Josh and take a seat on the bed. We all figured you are a faggot of some sort. Karen and I are about done here. But there is a cost of entry. Do you want to empty Brie's balls with your mouth or do you want Karen to take your ass? Pick one or get out right now."

Without saying anything, Josh slowly approached the bed and crawled up next to me on his hands and knees. He reached around to the back of his leotard and pulled the bathroom flap snaps. The flap fell down and exposed his faggot point of entry.

"I want to, but Karen just fucked Brie with that thing. It's not clean. Is there something else available?"

Josh and I both turned our heads towards Karen. She was wiping it clean and was applying a fresh coat of lube. I tried to peek at Josh's dick to see how big he was but it was covered by the flap. He seen me looking at him, so he looked at me.

"I'm not as big as you Brie. You wouldn't say I have a button dick, but you might call it a sissy dick."

Those were his last coherent words before Karen entered him. It was all grunts and moans after that. Suzie took Josh's right hand and placed it on my hard on.

"I can't do it Josh, I'm with Jimmy J now. You need to provide Brie with some relief."

With his face buried in the bed he awkwardly started to stroke my cock. I twisted around a little to improve our position. It was still very awkward, but I was pretty worked up so I didn't need much. Karen was still working his ass.

"Josh, Karen is getting tired and I'm ready to release. I'm going to slide under your face so you can put it in your mouth, OK? Karen, give him as many more strokes as you can."

Josh released me and raised up on his elbows. He didn't look me in the eye, but he lifted one elbow so I could slip completely under him. My cock was pointing right at his mouth. All he needed to do was to lower his head. To my surprise and delight, he did.

"I don't know what to do."

"Stay still. I will fuck your mouth while Karen finishes fucking your ass. It will be over in 2 minutes. Clinch your cheeks and swallow. I don't want a mess on my bed."

It was over in 1 minute. I blew my load into his faggot mouth.


He didn't let me see it, but he did it. I collapsed back on the bed and glanced at him.

"I swallowed Brie. My first. Karen, is it over now?"

"Not yet Josh. My boyfriend needs a faggot from time to time as well. Todd, are you ready for some sissy ass? Josh, are you a sissy or a faggot? What do we refer to you as?"

Another set up from Karen. Todd must have been at the door waiting for Karen's signal. He was in the room in a flash.

"Sorry Babe, Brie is off limits. Just Josh today."

Todd didn't speak. He dropped his pants and walked right behind Karen and moved her so she would pull out of Josh. He entered Josh in the next moment and started thrusting like a dog in heat. No fooling around here. Straight down to business.

I think Todd grunted 5 times, so Josh should have 5 good streams deep in his ass. Todd pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean up. A man of few words, but many surprises. He and Karen must be a perfect match.

Josh rolled over. He was exhausted, but smiling.

"To answer the original question, I don't know what I am yet. I don't think sissy applies, but with a belly and ass full of cream, maybe faggot fits me better. It's just such an awful word. All I know is that I'm glad it happened with people I know and trust. Thank you all. Did anyone take a video?"

Suzie laughed.

"No, why? Do you to post yourself on a sissy trannie chat board or something?"

"Everyone else does."

The room went silent for a few minutes. Karen was cleaning her equipment and swatted Josh with her towel.

"Get to the bathroom faggot. It will leak out within 2 minutes."

Josh flipped over and frantically started pulling his leotard between his legs. That's when the door opened again. It was Jimmy J.

"It's time to get dressed and go. The party is over and I'm glad to see my girlfriend is the only one fully dressed amongst all these naked bodies."

"Five more minutes Babe. Josh has to use the bathroom."

End Pizza delivery with a twist 07

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