It was the early 1970s. Vicki had been on earth for a LONG time. She could automatically acquire any knowledge she wished but where would the fun be in that? Vicki wanted to play. Her sluts could eat her out anytime. She wanted to experiment with humans in a different way. So Vicki enrolled herself at the local college.

Vicki figured the local college was a great place to meet "fresh meat". There were so many young and inexperienced people there. Vicki could be the first one to teach them a lifestyle and lead them on a path of sexuality.

Vicki had no particular reason for taking Spanish 101 but that was the class she took. Vicki was not used to doing work, she had slaves for that, so it was quite a surprise to her when she discovered she was failing her class. This would not do. She had never failed at anything. Something had to be done. So she decided to visit her professor.

Professor Rivers was quietly working in her office. She liked her alone time and her privacy. Truth be told she would have stayed in the Dominican Republic if she didn't need the money. But, it was the money that had brought her from her tropical island home to snowy Chicago.

A knock came on her door. It wasn't a big surprise to her. It was her office hours after all. Still she wondered who it could be.

"Come in." she called.

In walked her 19 year old student Vicki. She had thought that Vicki was smart but she was surprised when she discovered that Vicki was failing her class. That was the way things went sometimes. Normally, Professor Rivers didn't remember students' names, it was just that Vicki was so beautiful and so commanding that she drew all the attention to herself. Other students,especially the women, sometimes had a hard time concentrating in her class since they all were so entranced by Vicki.

"How can I help you today, Vicki?" asked Professor Rivers.

"Well, Professor I seem to be getting an F in your class, I don't like all." said Vicki as she closed the door behind her.

" Well, Vicki I always say that you get out of something what you put into it. You don't seem to be putting a lot of effort into what you're that's why you're getting the F." said Professor Rivers.

Vicki strode purposefully closer to her Professor. If Professor Rivers had been watching she'd have noticed a predatory look in Vicki's eyes. But, she wasn't paying attention. Vicki carefully studied Professor Rivers. She was a Hispanic woman, with nice hair and ample breasts. Vicki didn't have a Hispanic woman as a slave yet. Vicki loved variety in her sluts. Professor Rivers would make a great addition to her harem. Vicki could just picture her servicing Vicki's every demand.

Professor Rivers just needed to learn some obedience and Vicki was excellent at teaching obedience. Soon she'd have this woman crawling around on her hands and knees and obeying Vicki's every command. Vicki would barely have to improve her appearance either.

"Oh, I agree Professor, I think you get out of something what you put into it. I intend to put a lot of effort into my new should be perfect and A worth." said Vicki. She started using her succubus hormones to entrance her professor.

"Well, it's the last day of the semester. What project are you talking about?" asked Professor Rivers. Then she undid some buttons on her blouse...was it getting hotter in here?

"Oh, my latest project is becoming friends with you. I'd love to have you come, and stay at my house. We could have dinner. I'm sure you'd love eating with me." said Vicki. She started using all her succubus powers to make Professor Rivers like her. Professor Rivers was sure it was getting hotter and undid more buttons on her blouse. All that was left was a thin t-shirt that showed off her ample breasts. Vicki admired the view.

"So Professor Rivers, what did you say your first name was again?" asked Vicki as she strode closer to her professor.

"My name is Paula." said Professor Rivers. Why hadn't she trusted this woman a minute ago? This woman was her student. She could trust her students...couldn't she?

" Paula isn't a very Hispanic name is it? You're Hispanic so you must have a Hispanic name...right?" asked Vicki. She was slowly erasing Paula's memories. Soon Paula would be a blank slate she could write on.

"I'm Hispanic and I do have a Hispanic name...I just don't remember it right now. I think it starts with a P." said Paula.

"Well, then you're lucky I'm your best friend and I know your name." said Vicki as she pressed herself against Paula's ample breasts.

"Then what is my name, Vicki? Asked Paula.

"Oh, you were named after what you are. Your name is Puta*. You're nothing but a lesbo licking cunt." said Vicki.

A great change happened to Paula/Puta in the next few seconds. Her eyes grew glassy and her memory changed as she switched from Paula to Puta.

"I'm not a lesbian...I experimented in college. But, I'm not..."Said Puta although she sounded unconvinced.

"Well, where do you teach?" asked Vicki.

"I teach at a college..." said Paula/Puta.

"So if you're still at college you must still be experimenting with lesbians..right Puta?" said Vicki.

Puta said nothing. She just looked at the beautiful woman in front of her. She was SO pretty SO commanding.

"I...I guess.." said Puta. She was so unsure.

Suddenly, she was unsure of herself. She did teach at a college. She liked women so she must be a lesbian.

"In fact, you ARE a lesbian. You're a cunt eating dyke. I'm your favorite student and that's why you brought me in eat my pussy. Look at you trying to seduce me by showing me your tits. You think I'm the most beautiful student you've ever had." said Vicki.

She had been striding towards Puta all this time and now had her professor backed up against her desk. Vicki had always wanted to fuck someone on a college desk. Vicki had no problem ripping Puta's skirt off.

Vicki shoved all the papers and books off of Puta's desk. She pushed Puta back on the desk and climbed on her slut's face.

"Lick me." Vicki ordered.

Puta began licking..nervously at first. Her tongue only touched the outermost part of Vicki's clit.

"Deeper slut." said Vicki.

"Si amante, si" Puta murmured. She never had feelings like this. She needed to obey this woman. Puta licked deeper and Vicki pressed Puta's face into her cunt.

Despite, Puta's inexperience, Vicki exploded in her. It made Puta SO happy. Like all her slaves, Vicki would leave Puta horny. Puta would have to wait for her reward. It could come today or in a thousand years.

***Puta means cunt in Spanish.

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