It had been 3 weeks since I had been with Jann and 4 weeks since the session with Shera. With Jann being in university, I didn't see her at all for those three weeks and I really was looking for an opportunity to get with Shera again. As each day passed, I was more and more excited at the prospect but I didn't have any opportunity to talk to her alone and the more time that passed, the more my anxiety grew over potential issues. I worried a little that maybe Jann told Shera about being with me and I agonized that Shera might have changed her mind and decided not to meet again like we had discussed. Then I thought that perhaps they both told each other about their experiences with me and were both angry with me. Adding to all of that, I was extremely horny. It was torture.

It was Friday night and I was walking up my street when a car that had passed pulled over and stopped about 50 feet in front of me. Jann got out of the passenger side and walked back toward me. My heart was in my throat wondering if she was going to tell me off, take a swing at me or both. When she was close enough to me that I could see her expression in the dark, she said "Can we meet somewhere alone?"

"Sure." I replied, somewhat relieved but still tense.

"I mean ALONE, alone" she stressed. Her look was serious and her tone was calm but urgent.

"We could go to the cabin." I offered.

"Ok. 20 minutes?" she asked.

I confirmed "Yeah. Ok."

She turned on her heel and got in the car which took off and I saw it make the turn at the top of the hill to go down our lane. I saw the car leave the lane and take the other route departing from, I assumed, dropping Jann off. I was a little relieved but still wondered if Jann was planning to really tell me off and just didn't want to do it in the presence of whoever was driving. I was definitely anxious about it. I went directly to the cabin and waited. It was an ok spot. My friends and I had carpeted it with the leftovers from a friend's parents' reno. There was just a couple of chairs in there but the main thing was that it was clean. I didn't hook the door, I just had a seat and wondered what was up. I lit a few candles that I had on an old plate because it was really dark in the cabin.

I had been waiting for 10 minutes or so when the door opened and Jann stepped inside. "Hi." she said as she turned and swung the door closed then latched the hook.

"Hey" I answered. "What's up?" and just as I got the words out she turned and was right against me, pulling my head down to kiss her. I could smell and taste immediately that she had been drinking but I noted that I didn't detect the smell of alcohol when she talked to me down the street. Anyway, my anxiety disappeared as her hands were already at my jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them. My cock hardened and as Jann pulled my jeans and underwear down, my dick stuck right up at her.

"I've been thinking about you." she said as she grabbed my rod and started stroking it.

I was groping at her tits and ass while we kissed and asked "Is that a good thing?"

"Well that's open to interpretation." she responded while she started removing her own clothing and I fumbled to assist her. In seconds she had removed all of her clothes and pushed me back on to one of the chairs. Facing me, she was able to straddle me and while I groped at her ass she guided my fully erect penis to her pussy with her pumping hand. She let go of my cock while a warm, wetness held my throbbing knob and she began lowering herself onto my pole.

She raised and lowered herself on me and soon I felt wetness on my sack and a little on my thighs. Our mouths hungrily sucked at each other's and I moved my hand right between her cheeks, my middle finger circling her ass hole."Ohh." Jann moaned into my mouth and continued "That's one of the reasons why I have been thinking about you. I need it and I don't want anyone else using it." As she finished saying it, she reached between us as she raised herself and moved my wet cock head from her warm cunt. She put the slippery end against her ass hole as I was still circling it. She settled down on it and the head popped inside her as she sucked in a sharp gasp. She held in that position and told me "I thought about what you said and since I don't think that I can do without it, I will have to meet with you from time to time." She pressed down again slowly, engulfing a couple of inches into her tight grip.

"I can definitely try to help you with that." I replied into her mouth. I just held her hips and ass as she continued raising a little, then lowering herself on me until she was completely impaled on my poker. She put her head down on my chest and just rested there for a about a minute as she breathed heavily and shakily. My cock throbbed inside her tight heat. I just breathed and noted my pounding heart and the heat of her ass. She started lifting, then abruptly sitting down on my stiffness, hammering her ass over my cock. Jann reached down and scooped her abundant juices from her pussy and spread it on the shaft of my throbbing cock. The stimulation was intense and I hadn't had sex since our night together 3 weeks back. To add to that, I hadn't come for that time either, thinking that I was saving up a super load for Shera.

Jann kept spearing her tight ass with my hard cock and I groaned, my cock started spasming and shooting into her ass. "Oh yes." she whispered as she pulled her hole away from me with every squirt. After the fourth pump, I lifted her off of me and moved my rod to her pussy sinking it in all of the way. With my cock pumping sperm into her, I stood up holding Jann tightly to me."Oh god." she squealed as I quickly lowered her to the floor and began jackhammering into her. "Yes, yes, fuck me." she urged as I pounded into her with wet slapping sounds. As my orgasm began subsiding and my cock was only twitching a little, Jann whispered "Put it in my ass again." I lifted her legs up, moved my cock to her ass hole and leaned in. I pushed and it resisted. I pushed again and I sunk into her a couplbe of inches.

She gasped a loud inhale and moved her hands to her pussy. I leaned back to give her some room and while I slowly pushed into her, I felt her hands working her pussy hastily. Jann threw her head back gasping and I felt a spasm inside her ass. I buried my rod in her ass and I only drew back an inch or so before burying it again. I kept this tiny stroke going as I felt the erratic muscular contractions of her tight tunnel around my erection. She was breathing heavily and hadn't started recovering at all when I put her legs up over my shoulders. I reached down with my right hand and as I pulled my cock from her ass, I lifted it and positioned it in the soft flesh of her cunt. I sunk my rod all of the way in. I then pulled out and positioned it against her ass, I pushed more carefully and sunk into her hot tightness again. Jann just held my shoulders and gasped.

Her mouth was wide open, gasping as my hand steered my slippery cock into her pussy for a full depth stroke, then after pulling out, into her ass. I continued fucking her like this steadily. "Oh Kevin!" she shakily stammered and she let her head fall back, mouth still wide open. I switched back and forth maybe 20 times before I established a steady rhythm in her ass again. Slowly sawing back and forth in her tight hole. Our breathing got louder and more strained sounding and I felt myself going over the edge.

"Oh fuck!" I grunted as I withdrew from her ass and buried my pulsing cock into her cunt. I reached under her, pushed my finger into her ass and started shooting my load into her soaking wet pussy. After a couple of streams, I pulled out of her and moved up to her face frantically. A long stream of my cum landed right on her big round breast and as I stuck my jerking rod toward her mouth, another long stream laid out on her face from her temple, across to her chin. Another stream shot against her tongue as I pushed my cock into her soft mouth for the rest of my orgasm as Jann sucked it and licked me clean. I stroked in her mouth for a few minutes afterward as the sensitivity lessened. My cock softened a little but as I pulled out of her panting, sucking mouth and pushed it back in, I could feel it spring back to fully erect.

I moved her up on her hands and knees and got behind her, pushing my cock into her soft pussy. "Oh yeah." Jann cooed as I started steadily stroking her. The wet smacking of my cock plunging into her was louder than her gasps and as I saw that she was rubbing her pussy, I started completely withdrawing from her just leaving the tip touching her hot softness and pausing before sliding it back in smoothly all of the way. This caused wet smacking sounds with every plunge and every withdrawal.

"Oh Jann, your pussy is amazing." I told her as I continued to impale her and pull it out of her.

"I'm going to come Kevin." she urged as the wet slapping sounds filled the cabin. "Put it in my ass again." she begged as I stroked into her hot, wet cunt.

I pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and pushed into her ass. "Oh yes..." she grunted as I began sawing in and out of her tight anus. "Yes! Yes!" she hissed as her muscles started flexing on my swollen cock again. I continued stroking in her ass until I couldn't feel any more contractions and then I raised myself up a little and started stroking faster. "Kevin!" Jann pleaded as my thrusting cock started jumping, shooting streams of sperm into Jann's ass. I kept stroking until the last flex of my cock. With my heart rate slowing back down and my breathing normalizing, I pulled my cock back. Jann's ass held it snugly as I withdrew a couple of inches. I pulled back again and a couple more inches came out. I pulled again to withdraw and the rest of my cock came out of her tight hole with a slight pause at the head.

I rolled her onto her side and laid beside her, throwing a leg over her hips. We stayed like that in the candle light while we calmed our breathing and our heart beats. I thought to myself how much better that was than being told off.,5956520

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