When we awoke in each other's arms in the morning, we didn't need to say a word about what happened the night before. We both understood that we could never tell anyone else what had passed between us that night. From that day forward until the day that Mary passed from this life, whenever we looked into each other's eyes, there was a nonverbal communication between us, and whenever we touched, we relived that night of passion in our minds.

For the rest of the two weeks my sister Mary stayed with us, we fucked like rabbits, and several times my mother invited us to join her in the marital bed Mother and I had been sharing. I really enjoyed watching my mother and sister making lesbian love while I recovered. Several times we had three-ways with one of them riding my tongue and the other my cock.

The last evening of Mary's visit, my mother and I watched as my sister peed on a pregnancy test that she had purchased that day. When it showed positive, we all smiled, and then Mary said, "I am asking both of you not to mention this to anyone. Jeffery, I need you both in my life and in my vagina. I am not going to say anything about this test until I miss my period. If this is a false positive and my period starts, then we will continue trying to get me pregnant again next month. If I am, in fact pregnant, then I will tell my husband that I need to spend more time here for moral support from my mother."

I smiled and said, "Darling Mary, I have loved you for as long as I can remember. I cried myself to sleep the night after you married Harrison. When he asked me for help in getting you pregnant, I remained calm outwardly, but on the inside, I was jumping for joy. I will always be there for you and our child, no matter what."

After dinner was finished and the dishes were done, my sister and I returned to her bedroom and made love until we fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted. The next morning, Mary returned to the home she shared with her husband, and later she picked Harrison up at Great Lakes Naval Base, north of Chicago, as he had been flown there from Norfolk that morning.

As it turned out, the pregnancy test was a false positive and my sister's period started two weeks after her husband returned. I almost felt sorry for Harrison, because I remember how bitchy my sister was when she was 'on the rag' as she used to call it. I'm sure she really used her 'predicament' to her advantage this time as I heard my mother on the telephone talking to someone about how bad my sister's monthly was this time.

Anyway, the next month when my sister 'came to visit', the two of us picked right up where we left off and Mother mostly left us alone because she understood how much in love we were.

This time I arranged to take vacation time I had accrued so I didn't have to leave home to work. Now we had the freedom to fuck and make love any time of the day or night we wanted to. Mother decided to move into Mary's and Jane's old room so we could use the king size bed in the master bedroom. We only agreed to this arrangement so long as Mother would spend Monday and Thursday nights in bed with us.

Mary and I became even closer during those two weeks and did our best to wear each other out. When she left, I needed to take an extra two vacation days to rest up because I was in no shape for the heavy manual labor I normally did.

This time my sister didn't take a pregnancy test before she went home. When her period was two weeks late, she made an appointment with her obstetrician. When the doctor confirmed the pregnancy, everyone in the family was happy. Mary was in 7th Heaven because the love of her life (me) had impregnated her, Harrison was strutting around like he was the most potent Rooster in the hen house, and the Admiral was like "See I knew you could do it son!"

Mother and I just smiled and chuckled to ourselves because we had the best reason of everyone. My mother had not only given birth the biggest stud in the barnyard, but she had personally trained him in the 'Ways of Love'.

My feelings were mixed. I knew that my sister and I were as much in love as our parents had been, and she was carrying my child. Of course, if this one was a girl, then we would just have to try again. That thought would keep a smile on my face for the next nine months.

As things turned out, my sister ended up spending a lot of her pregnancy at our house for two reasons. The first was because the two cruises that Harrison took while my sister and I were fucking each other's brains out had qualified him for a permanent position aboard a guided missile equipped destroyer. This meant a promotion, a raise in pay, and a lot more time at sea.

The second reason was that Mary's obstetrician was recommending that she not be left alone or do any physical labor. When I first heard this, I thought our 'playtime' was over. As soon as Mary moved back in, my mother put those fears to rest. Mother told me that after the fifth month we could no longer have vaginal intercourse. However, she did say that up until the last few weeks of the pregnancy that anal sex would not harm the baby. She said, "That's what your daddy and I did with the three of you, and you all turned out just fine."

When we heard her say that, my sister said, "Jeffery, I've never been fucked in the ass before. Do you think that monster will fit in my little asshole?" I smiled and said, "It fits in Mother's ass, so when you are ready, I'd really like to try."

When we finally did try anal, Mother was there with us and we used plenty of lube. Amazingly enough, Mary was able to relax and we both had a great time. From then on, anal sex became a regular part of our sexual repertoire, and even after little Richard Lauder II was born (our son was named after Harrison's grandfather), Mary told her husband that she preferred it to vaginal sex for the rest of their marriage.

The day 'our' child was baptized, no one was surprised that Mary insisted that I was to be the godfather, and as I held my son during the ceremony, I think I was prouder than Harrison. I also think I was the only one in the church who noticed how much my sister was giggling, and I almost broke up myself a couple of times.

I guess Harrison thought it was normal for Mary's vagina to be loose even years after childbirth, because I got away with fucking his wife with my monster cock regularly. Neither Mary nor I cared, because we managed to 'scratch each other's itch' at least once a month for nearly twenty-five years.

One Friday during one of the times that Harrison was home for an extended period, I came home from work to find my other older sister, sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee with my mother. I hadn't seen Jane since she left to marry her then boyfriend David.

When I asked her how married life was, she said, "I'm lonesome, the Jarhead is always off somewhere on a deployment." When I asked her how the baby was, she looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Then I said, "Jane, when you left home after father's funeral, you said you were pregnant and were going to a JP to get married."

She looked at my mother and asked, "You didn't tell him?"

My mother took my hand and said, "I'm sorry Jeffery, I neglected to tell you that Jane lost the baby in her fourth month. I was grieving about losing your father then and after we got together, nothing else in my life seemed to matter." I completely understood what my mother was saying because during that time I was obsessed with my work during the day and our incestuous affair every night.

I then asked, "What about now? Are you still trying to get pregnant."

My sister smiled and said, "That was what brought me here today Jeffery. When Mary called me to tell me about the birth of my nephew, she also filled me in on the details of his conception as well as his birth. You see, since my miscarriage we have been trying unsuccessfully to have a child, but it seems that David is not up to the task for some reason. Last week when I called home, Mother and I had a long talk, about you."

I could see where this was going, so I interjected, "Dear sister, are you suggesting that you want me to be a surrogate father?"

My sister reached across the table and touched my right hand with hers as she said, "Jeffery, I have always loved you, even when you an awkward adolescent shit. When I caught you smelling my dirty panties and peeking at my bras, I thought you were adorable. At Mary's wedding I finally saw you as the grownup man you had become and realized how sexy you were. More recently when Mother and Mary told me what an amazing lover you were, I made up my mind that I wanted you to be the father of my child."

I sat there with what must have been a stunned look on my face and tried to absorb what my sister had just told me. My mother was an amazingly sexy woman and had taught me how to be a great lover. My oldest sister Mary was so beautiful that making love with her was almost a religious experience. However, my sister Jane was sexier than both of them. It was her that I had fantasized about most often when I was wanking my adolescent cock.

Was she really offering to make my teenage wet dreams come true? I put my left hand on top of the hand she was holding my right with and said, "I can't believe this is happening to me. Before today two of the three most beautiful women in the world wanted me to be their lover. Now the third wants me too. Of course I will Jane, when do you want to start?"

My sister got up out of her chair, walked around the table and sat on my lap. Then she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with the same passion my mother and older sister had. My cock became painfully hard almost immediately, and when my sister broke the kiss she said, "I can see you are ready right now, but why don't we wait till after dinner."

I went to the bathroom, stripped off my work clothes and showered while my mother and sister made dinner. I came to dinner wearing only a clean pair of boxers and Tshirt and we all ate together. When we finished eating, I said, "Jane, why don't you use the shower in the master bathroom while I help Mother clean up after dinner."

Later when I entered the bedroom my mother and I had been sharing since we started our affair, my sister was just walking out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her. When she saw me, she let the towel drop to the floor. My sister Jane was the same height and build as her older sibling, her skin was the same alabaster shade, and her boobs were the same size with the same pointy hard nipples. She had the same green eyes and pouty lips as Mary did, but her hair was a little longer, and a slightly lighter shade of red. What really set her apart was that her vulva was different. Where Mary's inner lips were practically hidden by her mound, Jane's protruded a good half inch, and were dark red, much like my Mother's.

I immediately undressed, and as my cock slowly rose to its full erect size, my sister smiled.

She walked over to me and as she grasped it with both hands, said, "Mary was right, you really do have Daddy's cock. Oh, this is going to be so much fun."

I picked Jane up and carried her to the bed, and before I laid her on the bed, we kissed passionately. We held each other and kissed again as we lay together on the bed where we were both conceived, and then looked into each other's eyes for a moment.

I started kissing down her body, across her collar bone to her breasts. I gave each one of her magnificent orbs equal time, sucking on her nipples. This had the same effect as it has on my mother and older sister. I had her trembling and moaning uncontrollably, and felt the wetness gushing out of her vulva on my stomach.

When she calmed down after a while, I started leaving a trail of kisses across her abdomen until I stuck my tongue into her navel. This caused her to giggle uncontrollably so I continued my journey south.

When I finally got to her mound, I kissed and licked my way all around her opening until she started to tremble again. When I started sucking on her delectable large dark red inner lips, she screamed and soaked my face with her vaginal juices.

When she stopped shaking, Jane grabbed my hair, pulled me up and said, "Dammit Jeffy, you're driving me crazy. Fuck me already!"

I smiled and replied, "Jane, you have such a delectable pussy I couldn't resist dining on it. You really taste yummy big sister." When I kissed her, I'm sure she tasted herself on my lips because she just smiled and licked her lips.

Then I knelt between her legs, lined up my cock with the entrance of her soaking wet vagina, and drove slowly and steadily until I stopped when I felt her cervix with the head of my cock. I realized that there was still a few inches of my cock left outside of her body.

As I started stroking my cock in and out of her vagina, Jane started moaning loudly, and when I bent down and started sucking on her swollen nipples she started to tremble, just like Mother and her older sister.

I kept stroking and sucking until the tremors got stronger and I felt her cervix open and allow the head of my cock to enter her womb.

Jane let out a loud moan and then we both started to really fuck each other. Very soon her entire body began to spasm and I began to pump my hot potent semen directly into her womb, exactly like I had done with Mother and her older sister.

When we both 'came back to earth' some time later Jane said, "Holy Fuck Jeffery, I thought that Mary was bullshitting me when she described what it was like making love with you but she was right. Damn little brother, that truly was a religious experience. I could actually feel you pumping your seed directly into my womb. How on earth did you do that?"

I smiled and said, "I'm not sure how or why it happens. I think it has something to do with how the nerves in your nipples are somehow connected to your vagina and your cervix. I think that all of the women in our family are wired that way."

Jane just smiled and said, "Jeffery that is way cool." Then she curled up in my arms and said, "I am so glad that you are both my brother and my lover. I wouldn't want things to be any different."

We both fell asleep for awhile but I was awakened some time later by my sister trying to deep throat me. I was on my back and Jane was slobbering all over my fully erect cock. When she saw I was awake, she climbed up my body, grabbed my cock, and impaled herself on me. When she smiled at me, I said, "Ridem' Cowgirl", and Jane did exactly that.

We spent the next several hours fucking and making love in every position both of us knew, eventually falling into a coma like exhaustion induced sleep. When we both woke up the sun was shining and we were both covered with sweat and other bodily fluids.

We made love every night and during the week and all day long as well on the weekend when I didn't have to work for the next two weeks while Jane's Marine husband was deployed somewhere overseas. When he returned home, my sister went home and two weeks later her period started. It would take three more tries until our incestual couplings bore fruit and Jane delivered a beautiful baby girl that they named Stephanie, after her husband David's sister.

Our little girl was born with red hair and green eyes, exactly like her mother, so no one questioned her heritage. I was once again chosen as the child's godfather, and thoroughly enjoyed myself at the christening. I guess Jane was better at controlling her emotions than Mary was, because she didn't giggle even once during the ceremony.

For the next fifteen years, both of my sisters managed to spend a lot of time at our house and in bed with me. Several times I even got to have a three-way with Mary and Jane and watched them sixty-nine each other while I rested in between trysts. I also spent as much time as I could with the energy I had left taking care of my mother's 'needs'.

One evening several years later, after I had helped my mother wash and put away the dishes after dinner, she said, "Jeffery darling, I'm a little tired tonight but I want you to make gentle love to me before we sleep." I told her that I would, and we went into the master bedroom together. I undressed her and carried her to the bed where I gently laid her down and covered her with the covers. Then I undressed and crawled in bed next to her. I started kissing and caressing her gently, and when she grasped my erection, she said. "Darling I'm ready, take me to heaven."

When I felt between her legs, she was as wet as she had ever been. When I eased my hard cock into her, it felt like liquid velvet. We only made gentle love that night for a short time, but it felt like the most wonderful time I had ever experienced. We only came once but it was at exactly the same time, and when it was over, I said, "Mother, that was the best I have ever felt."

Then she whispered, "Jeffery, I will always love you," and we both fell fast asleep soon after she said that.

When I awoke the next morning, I sensed that something was wrong. When I opened my eyes, I saw that my mother appeared to be resting quietly next to me with her eyes closed and a peaceful smile on her face. When I became more awake, I noticed that her chest was not raising and lowering, and when I touched her skin it felt cold. That was when reality hit me like a shot. My mother was dead. She has passed away peacefully during the night after giving herself to me one last time.

I started to cry, but just then her last words came back to me, "Jeffery, I will always love you." It was then that I realized that she knew her time had come and she would be reunited with my father for eternity. A calmness came over me when I looked at her. I was no longer sad, but happy that she was at peace.

I quickly got out of bed and dressed because I knew what had to be done. It was 6:15AM, so I called Wayne Somerfield, the town's mortician. When he answered the phone, I said, "Mr. Somerfield, this is Jeffery Gilbert. I need your help, Mother passed on during the night."

He calmly said, "I'll be there as soon as I can son." Next, I called work and told them I would not be in, and why. I was told to take as much time as I needed and to let them know when I would be available.

Within twenty minutes, there was a knock on the door. When I answered it, I saw the tall slender greying man dressed completely in black whom I had known since childhood. Mr. Somerfield was well known to all of us in our small village. Not only was he the town mortician, but his hearse also served double duty as an ambulance service for our small community. In addition to that he was also assistant fire chief for our volunteer fire department.

As I was closing the door behind him, I told him how I had found my mother when she was still in bed and not fixing breakfast like she normally was at that time in the morning. I stood in the doorway of the bedroom I had been sharing with my mother since shortly after my father's death and watched as he walked over to her and felt for a pulse on her neck. He put his bag on the bed next to her and pulled a stethoscope out of it. Then he pulled the covers down to her waist and listened to her chest for her heartbeat.

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