The Hormoning Ch. 3: Anon, Japan needs you!


“Eh~! I guess I’ll have to take the samples myself!” Koyori exclaimed as she began undoing her coat-like shirt.

“K-Koyori please, we, w-we can work this out!” You began walking back. The door behind Koyori locked.

“We sure can, Anon~!” She spoke. “I’ll use the tools given to me by mother nature!” She placed both her hands on her midriff and slowly rubbed them across her womb.

The guidelines on risk prevention given to you at your job came back to your mind as your brain was grasping at straws trying to find a way to get out of this situation while Koyori approached you with the look of a woman who’d die if she didn’t get cummed inside in the next 20 minutes.

“The phenomenon begins around 8 pm and usually lets up at 4 am, thus, it’s best to avoid being outside by oneself at those hours.”

Right, whatever time it was, you’d have to stalemate her until 4 am!

Except it probably wasn’t doable on this small room, you’d tire out before Koyori would even break a sweat.

Think, think, what was the next one?

“Yelling is discouraged, for it may draw unwanted attention.”

Not useful in this scenario, unless Botan could hear you.

Koyori kept walking towards you, her skirt dropped and formed a ring onto the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties, her bush, albeit trimmed, was still a considerable size, her love juices were already running down her leg..

“Some subjects calm down after the act, some don’t, it’s best not to find out the hard way.”

Shit, shit, shit! Come on brain, think of something!

A strange song crossed your head, thoughts of sailing filled your mind.

“Ding, diding ding ding diding ding ding ding diding ding diding.”

Something useful, you fucking piece of meat with electricity!

Koyori took off her shirt slowly, she wasn’t wearing a bra either.

“Like what you see, Anon? Go ahead, give them a squeeze!” She said as she closed the distance between you too. Out of options, you stepped to the ride and ran for the door. Locked. Fuck. How do you open this thing? A keycard. Koyori must have it, it must be somewhere in her coat.

Koyori stopped and looked at you with the same eyes a predator sees its prey, your instincts had chosen to run, but there was nowhere you could go. Koyori pounced on you and grabbed you by the hips, your belt became undone as you squirmed and panicked. A risky idea presented itself in your head, kicking off your shoes in a flash and as Koyori pulled your pants down, you used the opportunity to slip away, now only your torso remained with some form of protection.

Koyori stared at your pants with exasperation.

“Come on Anon, don’t be so dodgy! We are nothing but mammals~!”

You ran for Koyori’s coat and searched for the keycard, and searched the pockets, so many pockets. Pens, a phone, vials, a packet of condoms, the keycard was nowhere to be seen.

Koyori stood there watching you. Your desperation was part of the fun for her. She bit her finger as she saw you hopelessly search her pockets.

“Are you looking for this, Anon~?” She said as she held the keycard in her hand. You watched in horror as the dropped to the floor and slipped it under the door with her foot. “I knew you’d try that~”

Koyori approached you without hurry, step by step, as you looked desperately around the room for a glimpse of hope.

“Save me, Botan!” You yelled, but the feline was nowhere to be seen, your calls for help were swallowed by the darkness.


Botan was in a taxi with a driver that reluctantly let her in despite her yelling in his ear she was asymptomatic. Telling him she’d pay triple if he floored it, he almost ran over passerby and skipped the red rights. They were at the limit he’d set before District B. Before Botan could take out the money, he speeded as fast as he could out of the zone. Now all Botan had to do was sprint to the lab.


Back in your cell, you were dodging Koyori’s attemps at grappling you as best you could. Charging at you, she tipped over the bedside table and dropped all the stuff that was on it all over the floor. At last, you got on top of the bed and stood above her. It didn’t help your situation that your penis was hard a rock.

“Just once, Anon~! Stab me with your meaty sword!” She said as her arms tried to wrap around your ankles.

You jumped over her and landed on your socks, slipping, and hitting yourself on the floor.

“Oh fuck!” You yelled, Koyori couldn’t stop laughing, she massaged her tits and rubbed her womanhood as she watched you.

You laid on the floor and waited for the inevitable.

You couldn’t do this much longer. Your eyes were slowly closing, accepting your fate, but a glimpse of a long, stretchy object gave you an idea and the will to fight on. You crawled toward the items Koyori dropped on the floor as you felt her getting on top of you, her soft thighs rubbing bellow your hips, her hairy bush brushing itself on your glutes. Bits of drool fell on top of you, causing you to shiver, her arms came under you and gently stroked your chest. Even in your situation, it wasn’t a displeasing feeling. Now you understand why men fear succubi. Your penis was beginning to let out little drops of precum that stained the floor.

Grasping your last hope for salvation, you had one play to make.

“Turn around, Anon~”


And so you faced your predator, the face she made was beyond what a porn star could pull off. Hiding your hands behind your head, Koyori aligned herself with you, you could feel her slit on top of your manhood, her saliva was getting all over your chest. She slowly moved back and forth to lube up your dick, the sensations that shot across your spine were insane. You beckoned her to come closer as her hips slowly raised to put your penis inside her. And while she was distracted doing so,

You pulled back on the condom you had put on before, and slingshot it onto her face.

“Ah!” Koyori cried in pain. In her moment of shock, you slipped from under her and began furiously masturbating. If was she said was true, then all you had to do was cum on her. You walked back as Koyori approached you in all fours like the animal in heat she was.


She’s closing the distance, looking directly at your throbbing member. She got ready to pounce you again, her hips shaking side to side.

Your cock was about to burn from how fast you stroked it.


“Haaa!” She jumped at you.


The first spurt landed on her face, the second inside of her mouth, which she swallowed by reflex. As her body landed over yours, the third and last shot landed between her tits.

Falling to the floor, all you saw was Koyori cleaning her face with her fingers, before sucking them clean, your penis is going limp, and you feel her hand jerk it off before your vision fades.


Botan kicked on the trapdoor repeatedly with no success. Giving up, she searched for something to use as a lever and force it open. She was sweating bullets as she inserted a broken pipe in the crevice. Stomping down on one end, she broke it open and rushed inside.

“Anon?! Koyori?!”

“Botan! Help!” Koyori cried.

Botan hurried to your room and banged on the door, before seeing the keycard on the floor. In her rush she dropped a few times which only made her stress more. As she entered, she saw your body on the floor and Koyori knelt to the side with a horrified look. And cum as well, lots of cum all over her face and chest.

“I think I killed him!”

“Step aside!”

Botan held you in her arms and checked your pulse, she let out a tired sigh, but also one of relief.

You were alive. She held you like a baby close to her.

Botan noticed that indeed, Koyori wasn’t in her usual state during the nights of the Hormoning, which only made her anger more justified.

After she caught her breath, she glared at Koyori, who in turn hid behind one of the curtains she had given you before.

“Koyo-chan… What the fuck happened?”


“Alright, so, as many of you know, this phenomenon began somewhere around July of last year.” Koyori spoke as if she was speaking to a gigantic crowd with exaggerated mannerisms, yet the only people in the room were her, Botan, and you.

“The effects vary from person to person, the only constant being that every five days, there’s two days in which women became insatiably horny during the night, and the release from the effects can happen by different means…” Koyori changed the slide of her presentation. This one showed a bunch of images with sexual content.

“Anon, don’t look!” Botan covered your eyes. You brought her hand down and glared at her while she stifled a laugh.

“Now!” Koyori said loudly, requesting your attention back. “Some calm down post coitus.” She said as she pointed with a laser to a woman with cum dripping out of her vagina. “Some find relief in pleasuring themselves.” Now she pointed to, wait, that’s an image of her masturbating. She looked really into it too. “And some others don’t calm down at all. The intensity of the effects...”

Even Botan was shocked at her friends lack of moral restraints. You seemed mostly unfazed, which confused her. She looked at your unexpressive face and you answered the question she didn’t ask while Koyori kept talking about the effects the Hormoning had on women.

“I expected worse.” You shrugged.

Koyori kept going with her presentation and adopted a more mysterious tone, the presentation switched to a black screen in which various objects appeared as she talked.

“For the past two years, the reason for this happening has evaded scientists all over the world, physicists were trying to find the answer in the stars, related to the cycle of the moon or planets, biologists did the same looking for a relationship with women’s periods, chemists were looking for anything that could cause such a hormonal imbalance in women, but all was futile!” Her corporal language was akin to the one employed by actors during a dramatic theater play. “Everyone remained perplexed by it. Every attempt at explaining it, rationally or irrationally, failed. It seemed impossible to demystify this event.”

You could tell Koyori was taking this very seriously, even after all the displays of the presentation or her behavior, she was speaking with a dignified tone.

“Now.” She said, barely hiding her excitement. “Even if we don’t know the reason for its happening, we might have found a way to stop it!” The presentation changed to a slide with a picture of you sleeping. “Thanks to subject A…”

“When did you take that picture, Koyori?” You asked in horror.

“Yesterday!” She replied without shame.

“I feel violated…”

“You got almost were.” Botan said.

“Anyways.” She cut you off. “Subject A’s sperm had a special molecular structure that I had never seen before.” The presentation now showed a bunch of images you didn’t understand, formulas, chemistry thingies, and so on. “And a special quality which made its discovery one of the greatest about this phenomenon! Ahem!"

The presentation now showed a perfectly normal image of herself. “Subject K, under the effects of the Hormoning, was calmed down by the sperm of subject A! Which means that you, Anon, have a superpower!”

You didn’t want her to finish talking. Your face expressed the discomfort and cringe you felt inside. Botan couldn’t help but smile, you could tell she was hiding the urge to laugh. Waiting for Koyori’s last sentence was like waiting for a guillotine to fall and cut your head, except that at least the guillotine puts you out of your suffering after it’s done.

“You turn women off like a switch!” Koyori spoke.

A few years ago, this would’ve been an insult. Now it made you feel like a superhuman, but Koyori’s implications didn’t stop bothering you.

“You’re the final piece of the puzzle, Anon, you’re the savior of Japan!” She said in a dramatic tone, then she bowed deeply. “Thank you, thank you!”

“This isn’t happening…” You prayed. If there was a god above, he was laughing at you too.

Botan clapped, Koyori looked at you expectantly, wishing for a more excited expression.

“If my theory is correct, I should run further tests and try to develop a cure.”

You sighed in defeat. At least this chapter of your life is close to ending, or so thought.

“I’ll get you your samples. Just please, let me out of here.”

“Sure thing! But I need something else from you.”


“Well, a scientific approach can’t work on singular subjects, much less by outlying cases.”

The sound of this scared you.

“That has to be the most coherent thing you’ve said for the past 10 minutes.” You told her.

“So, in order to make sure that your cum truly negates the effects of the Hormoning or that I’m not the only one who’s affected as such, I need you to-.”

“Stop.” You spoke. “I don’t want to know what you’re going to say.”

“What? I just need you to check if women regain their regular mental state after they have sex with you.” Koyori gave you a sly look. “Then again, if some of the more violent ones don’t, then you’ll be in huge trouble, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

You felt a mix of emotions, mostly embarrassment and anger.

“A-About that…”

Koyori waited patiently for your answer as a snarky smile began forming in her face.

“I don’t…really have that much sex, you know?” You spurted out. “I try my best to keep away from random chicks, since STDs run rampant nowadays.” You lied. Koyori called your bluff, so did Botan.

Koyori’s pupils shrunk, her hand came closer to her chin as air began filling her cheeks in mockery.

“Oh, Anon…” She began stifling a laugh. “I knew I could smell something on you when I first saw you, but I didn’t think that… no way, how did you manage to get this far and-.?”

“P-Please stop.”

“How are you still a virgin?!” She yelled, and burst into laughter.

Botan remained silent, you had piqued her curiosity.

“I’m getting out of here.”

“Wait, wait, I still need a way to test my theory, so how about you put your semen in the food and drink of-.?”

“No.” You said firmly.

“Come on Anon, Japan needs you!”

“I don’t care, I’m ditching this country anyways.”

Koyori harbored a mad expression. Botan got up from her seat.

“Koyo-chan, Anon has done enough for us. We’ll figure the rest out.”



She kept silent.


As you got up, Botan told you to wait. She’d get her car and some lady perfume to sneak you out of District B. She promised as long you brought Koyori her samples, both were going to be out of your life forever. “Mostly” She said, since she’d have to see you at least once a week.

“Alright, I’ll be back in a second, need to get my keys.” Botan spoke and left the room.

Being alone with Koyori wasn’t scary as it was yesterday, there shouldn’t be any of the effects of the Hormoning by this point. It wasn’t scary, sure, but she sure could be annoying. What once was a test of your stamina and brain, now would be a test of your patience. Perhaps you should’ve turned the tables on her yesterday and teach this little brat to respect you, hold her little slim body down on the floor as you choked her into submission, and then…

And then you saddened at your own thought. You didn’t have the heart to do it and you knew it.

“You could be a hero, Anon.” She told you.

“I don’t want to be.”

“You sure?” She kept pestering you.


“Very, very sure?”

“Yes, for fuck’s sake.”

“Ok.” She said. A short silence ensued. Koyori’s usual voice was replaced by a soft spoken, gentle voice. “There’s something else I should tell you.”

“What?” You asked, already prepared for the most insane of plans dreamed up by this maniac. What next? Putting your cum in the water supply of Japan?

“When you told us that in case either got pregnant…”

The direction she took surprised you, and depressed you as well. You didn’t want her to continue.

“Now, I didn’t put your semen anywhere where I could get pregnant, just so you know. But, when you said that… That was a bluff, right?”

Your heart skipped a beat, and now you could hear it in your ears.

“Anon.” Koyori continued. “When I studied your sperm, I found out that you’re…”

“Don’t say it. I know.”


Koyori’s disregard for your request didn’t anger you as it should’ve. At most it was something you had to come to face again. Your hand felt shaky as you felt your emotions coming back to you. You couldn’t catch a rest from anything, not from this national crisis, not from these maniacs, not from yourself.

“I know.” You spoke. “I’m just very self-conscious about it, so I lie.”

Botan realized her keys were inside and came back for them. Accidentally she had caught a glimpse of the conversation. Curiosity got the best of her.

She remembered what you said while you were sedated. “I want a dozen kids, with a beautiful girl.”

Unable to open the door, she simply stood there.

“I feel like it makes me less of a man…” She heard you sniffle.

Koyori brought her hand over your shoulder and gently rubbed it.

“No, it doesn’t.” Botan muttered to herself.

“Look at the bright side, Anon!” Koyori tried to cheer you up. “Many men would wish they were in your situation, at least you won’t have to take care of bastards from one-night stands.”

“That’s the thing. Koyori.” You replied. “I’m never going to hold someone of my own either.”


Your head wearing a wig and your body stinking horribly of peaches, Botan drove you across District B towards your home. Not only was your smell digging into her nostrils, she felt sad for you. The insight into your dream truly messed with her. To her dismay it was a long drive, and her radio was broken.

“Koyo-chan sure is a handful, eh?” She tried to ease the tension.

“Yeah.” You said bluntly. The streets, although in a good state, showed almost no signs of human life. You figured most of the businesses operated during the night. Koyori’s lab was hidden in plain sight, inside of a closed pharmacy.

“How did you two meet, anyway?”

“Oh, it’s a long story.” Botan said. “Our ideals just sort of aligned.”

“Which would those be?”

“Putting an end to the hormoning. We both think it’s been enough.”

This… was a vague answer. Koyori was a scientist, of course she would be interested in this phenomenon, but what about Botan?

“And I suppose you kidnap the test subjects, right?” You joked. Botan stopped the car and locked the doors. Through the rearview mirror, you saw her death glare.

“At first we were going to free you, but now it seems you’ve figured out too much.”

You became pale like snow. Botan took off her seatbelt and turned to you, getting closer to you.

“I guess our little façade couldn’t hold up much longer...”

Creeping death. Your limbs gave out, you voice wouldn’t come out, her eyes, her fangs, you’re done for.

You heard her muffled laugh.

“Bwahahahaha!” She wouldn’t stop laughing.

You were still in shock while she brought her hands to her belly and brought herself back to her seat.

“Anon, Anon, it’s…” She was still laughing. “It’s okay. It’s…” There she goes again. “I’m joking.”

You remained silent. She turned the car back on, looking back at your horrified expression.

“Alright, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“You’re so mean.”

Botan thought you were adorable. At the very least, the mood of the car let up.

She dropped you at the entrance of your apartment complex and you exchanged numbers with her so that you would tell her to come pick up the samples. She eyed the building with great interest. It was a fancy place, well decorated, a little park in the middle of the building with trees and benches. Judging from the windows, she could tell the room were spacious too.

“Mixed?” She asked.

“Yup. I can’t afford one of the male-only ones.”

“Do you have a lock on your door?”

“Double locks.” You spoke. “Plus, the guards lock all the doors by remote control after 11.”

Botan eyed the building with a certain worry, then turned to you.

“If anything happens, you can call me.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

And with that you two parted ways. Botan saw you enter the complex in her rearview mirror. She felt as if somehow, your history together wasn’t done just yet.

Dropping yourself in your bed, you laid back and looked at your ceiling. Home. Finally.

You looked around and saw that everything was exactly as you left it, from your unmade bed to your dirty clothes scattered about, your laptop on top of a foldable table and the little piece of tapestry that was peeling near the air conditioning.

Just now you began processing the insanity of everything that happened in the past few days. However, how insane is too insane anyways? The fact that the Hormoning happened was already crazy enough, you had just gotten used to it like everyone else.

“You could be a hero, Anon.” What Koyori told you came back to you.

But that wasn’t possible. You were just Anon, a regular office worker, and even now, remained a loser.

Exactly what you feared would happen back home, happened. You were going to destroy yourself amidst mental ramblings. Tomorrow, you’d get up, shower, have breakfast, and go back to work.


Once more, you found yourself in this strange, dark place. Nightmarish shapes moved about in the distance, yet you felt calm. Your instincts didn’t detect any danger. This strange dream repeated itself for some reason.

“Incredible, Anon!” The wind spoke once more, in a distorted, low voice.

“Where am I? Who are you?”

“You may be allowed one question per session.”

“Session?” What is this, therapy? Either way, you wouldn’t say that out loud, thinking whoever was speaking was going to pull a genie-type smartass move on you.

“Where am I?”

The two white eyes made themselves present in the sky once more, now they turned yellow, blinking a few times.

“You are beyond the plains of the mortal realm, I am darkness, I am intelligence, I… wait, no, no, that’s two answers…”

The strange voice suddenly turned into one akin to a kid’s, very feminine too. Whoever she was, she was struggling to maintain the mysterious persona.

“Eh, two! Two questions! You may be allowed two questions per encounter! A-And you’ve already used one!”

So now it’s an encounter? Something about the high-pitched voice just asked you to mess it with. It was your dream, so why not have some fun? Disregarding potential dangers, you asked the mysterious entity something that was bound to make it mad.

“What is 1 divided by 0?”

“Oh you…! About me! Questions about me!”

You heard the sound of a finger snap and woke up back in your bed with a big grin on your face. Two hours had passed.

But that voice, wasn’t that the same that had woken you up when Koyori ran wild?


Botan re-racked her weights after finishing her bench press and reached for her bottle of water. She was working up quite a sweat. Exercise is the fountain of youth, she believed. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw her body, wearing her tight jogging pants and her sports bra that showed her midriff. The sections around her abdomen were well defined, but didn’t really show abs, Botan loved eating too much to go on a deficit. Proud of her work, she made herself a snack, but before she could sit down and enjoy it, she heard a knock on the door.

Two police officers, once more.


Inside the police station, Botan sat and said nothing. The officers didn’t ask questions either. She wouldn’t talk unless spoken to.

Tick, tock. One of them coughed.

Tick, tock. Someone passed along the hall.

Tick, tock. The clock is getting on her nerves.

Soon enough, heavy steps could be heard approaching the room. The door opened, the officers saluted the person as he instructed them to leave.

The chief was here.

“Evening, Botan.”

She didn’t respond.

“Now, I could list all the things that happened in the past few months, but you already know them, with better detail than us too, don’t you?”

“Lawyer.” Said Botan.


The officer took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up. He offered Botan to take one, which she didn’t.

“You sure? There are no cameras in this room.”

“Lawyer.” Said Botan, acknowledging his threat. That is precisely why she won’t try to relax.

“A lawyer isn’t going to change anything for you, sugarplum, but you know that.” He said. “At this point, I don’t care about stopping the “mysterious” bitch that goes around shooting women when they go crazy, I just want you to admit it, Botan. You’re insulting my intelligence.”

“Not much to insult, then.” She thought, but knew it wasn’t the time.

“I don’t care if you used gloves, if you burned your fingerprints off, or if you magically destroy all traces of evidence, Shishiro.” He said as he took another long drag. “I’m going to put this on you.”

She got her lawyer in a better time window than the last, but he couldn’t do much. This was most likely Botan’s last straw. Months of work, one little mistake, and now everything was falling down. At some point they would find something to link her to the attacks, or even fabricate it. They needed a guilty veredict, it didn’t matter who or the means to. She didn’t have much time left.

“I had a good run.” She said in defeat. She wouldn’t rush things, but when the police came back, she’d confess. Running away wasn’t precisely a good idea either. Koyori needed her, so at most, she’d help out while she could.


A few days went by, you returned to your job to justify your absence. You exchanged a few stares with the people who got on the bus on that fateful night. A few looks of envy. You reached one of your boss’s offices, as she had asked to see you.

“Well, it was impossible to reach you, Anon. I’m not gonna question anything.” Your boss said. “I’m just glad to know that you’re okay. After that bus fiasco, I pray for the safety of everyone.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Lui.”

She smiled at you with the usual plastic good mood that was required for the job. You knew she was probably getting chewed up by the higher ups, but she did her best so it didn’t show. You returned to your computer and began working as if nothing had happened. Your normal life resumed. Excel sheets, meetings, risk prevention talks, papers, reports, and so on.

That week a bunch of people quit. The bus incident left a sour taste in the mouths of everyone, now most of the work of the office befell upon a handful of workers, including you.

After work was over, you’d get on a cab paid by your company after all the drivers were confirmed to be male. They were risking a potential lawsuit after the bus incident, they would rather pay the cabs than the legal fees.

“Caught something good last week?” One of them asked, trying to make small talk.

“Not really.” The rest of the ride was completely silent.

You’d get home, drop yourself on your bed, and masturbate into condoms for Koyori.


Botan knocked on your door, you answered and quickly let her in.

“Sorry about the mess, I really haven’t been able to clean.”

Botan didn’t say anything. Eyeing the place, she saw some of your personal collection of manga. Some of them spicy, too.

“A-Ah, those are…” You spoke in a defensive tone, but Botan’s expression didn’t express concern or interest. What’s wrong? She’s usually snarkier than this.

You handed her a jiggly black bag. “Here’s what Koyori asked for. There should be 5 inside.”

“Alright.” Botan said with a dull look. She then noticed a pair of dumbbells on the floor.

“You work out?” She asked.

“Uh, yeah, no, not really, not anymore.”

“Huh.” Botan put the bag in the floor and went for your dumbbells. She did a few curls.

“Do you?” You asked.

“Four times a week. Strength Training.” She said. Now she was doing goblin squats. Her ass had an amazing, round shape.

“I-I see.” You didn’t pay much attention to her body before out of respect, but now you couldn’t keep her eyes off her. Her colorless face didn’t change, you almost wanted her to make some remark about you being a pervert so you’d know she was okay, but she remained silent.

“Botan, are you okay?” You finally asked.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” She said, while glaring at you, but her trick had no effect. You could tell she was trying to get a laugh out of you, but now, all you felt was worry.

“Aw, come on, I expected a little more fear!”


“It’s nothing.” She said. “Don’t worry about me.”

After that, she took the bag and left.

Koyori lost herself in her experiments, Botan put her nightlife on a hold, and you returned to your office as if nothing happened. When your coworkers asked why you had been missing, you’d say you had no memory of it. New interns replaced the old ones, and the world keeps spinning.

Such is the fate of worker bees like yourself. You remembered Botan and her crazy pink friend. They were probably the highlight of your life, and now everything returns to the same dull everyday grind.

“Just a few more months.” You told yourself. “And I’ll be able to leave this place for good.”

Cold comfort at best. You didn’t think you’d do anything better outside of Japan either.


That night you bought yourself some takeout. A heavy workday and a long time in traffic sucked out all your energy left. You hadn’t heard of Botan or Koyori in a while, then again, you said you’d only talk to her when the samples were ready. Clutching your box of KFP, you fell asleep on your dining table.

A familiar, yet unfamiliar place. This box of darkness. This “plane beyond the mortal realm.”. Whatever it was, this recurring dream was beginning to annoy you.

“Mortal.” The wind spoke once more, a condescending tone. “I’ll disregard the lack of respect you showed me last time, for I must follow the oath I set with, uh…”

You heard the sounds of someone sniffing something, very close to you too.

“W-What’s that that you hold in your hands?”

You looked at them and noticed your takeout had also crossed over this strange world.

“Oh, uh, fried chicken. Nuggets and strips, to be precise.”

You felt someone’s stare under your shoulder. Next to you, you saw the same yellow eyes as before. They were just below your chest, eyeing your dinner with great curiosity.

“Ca-Can I try... Ahem. May I be allowed to savor this “Fried chicken” you have brought with you?”

“Uh, sure.”

“I present you my upmost gratitude.”

The items inside the box moved around, a chicken strip began flying out and stopped in the middle of the air. The yellowish eyes were right above it.

A bite was taken by the nothingness. A soft sound of chewing could be heard.

“Woah, so good!”

Right before your eyes, you saw something appear, no, someone. A little girl in a black… dress? Jacket? It looked like something a Devil May Cry character would use. Wearing it, a pale skinned girl with long white hair and purple horns, on her neck, she wore what looked like to be a piece of a collar. She held the chicken strip between two extremely long and oversized sleeves coming from her garment and kept eating with a joyous expression.

After she finished it, she coughed into her hand and turned her back to you.

“Mortal!” She spoke, turning to you and pointing at you with her sleeves. “You have…!”

She just realized she wasn’t invisible anymore and her face reddened. She covered it with her sleeves as she muttered something to herself.

“Oh no, I ruined it, my introduction!”

You sat there waiting for her to do something, but the embarrassment had been too much for her. It was almost pitiable.

You shook the box of fried chicken before her, her head perked up. When you looked back at your hands it was gone, and the horned girl was eating once more, the same joyous expression present in her face. It was endearing.

“Better?” You asked.

“Yes.” She said, her mouth covered with some crumbs of bread.

“Alright, so, let’s get this over with.”

“Eh? What do you-?”

“Who are you?” You asked in a forcefully dramatic tone, thinking it would help her.

“O-Oh! Right, ahem. Mortal!” A pillar made of some sort of purple stone appeared beneath her feet. “I am darkness, I am intelligence, I determine the past and the future! I am…”

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