"Beat me 1 on 1 in Apex and you can do whatever you want to me." Astel said eyes glinting with a grin.

You didn't even like Apex but you liked the thought of Astel's tight body milking your dick so you agreed. He gave you a week to prepare. All your time that week that wasn't spent sleeping and stuffing your face was on playing Apex to hopefully be skilled enough to get close to Astel's skill level. Time passed fast and before you knew it the day was here.

"We'll both play Wraith," Astel said over voice chat, "No Qs, no ults, no heals, guns only, best out of five."
The first three fights were stomps. Astel held back none and downed you swiftly before you could blink. You grit your teeth as you were revived. The only thing that would make this worse is if he was taunting you after each defeat. The fourth fight you won. A lucky headshot had Astel spitting a curse then wailing as you pushed. You nearly lost that match barely living with one HP but it spurred you on giving you hope.

Then you won the next fight and the next one. Astel was hissing under his breath as you quickly caught up, your heart was beginning to thump in your chest. Astel won the next match then you the next leaving you tied at four wins. Your hands were shaking. Astel was silent the only thing you could hear on his side was the clicking of his keyboard as he moved into position. The final fight happened in a blur you couldn't recall but you knew you won when your last fired shot just clipped Astel as he tried to duck behind cover. His shrieked "REALLY!?" blew your ears out but you didn't care.

Tonight his ass was yours.

The trip to his home was in a daze of excited arousal barely remembering to keep your semi-erection, that swelled up and refused to go down the moment Astel grumbled for you to come over, hidden. The closer you got the harder you became until your dick was threatening to burst through your pants. You had the presence of mind to at least wait until you were inside his home before sweeping Astel’s slim body up and trying to steal his breath with a kiss.

Astel squeaked flailing when his feet left the ground, beating on your shoulders with his fists. The pain was a distant thing you really didn’t notice too busy trying to lick your way into his mouth. He relented opening up letting you tangle your tongues together the taste of alcohol filling your mouth. You kissed him until he was breathless and flushed green eyes cloudy plaint against your body. You carried him to his room wasting no time to stick your hands under the shirt he wore pushing it up to take off and throw to the side burying your face neck breathing in the sweet scent coming off his skin doing the same to his sweatpants and underwear.

Astel muttered something about you being a dog moaning softly as you nibbled and sucked at his neck leaving marks behind in places you knew would be hard to hide kissing down to his chest lapping at his velvety skin. His nipples were pinched until they were bright pink and perked up Astel squirming from the ministrations voice hitching up into gasps. You pulled away long enough to shed your clothes, remembering belatedly to grab the lube you stuffed in your pocket before reattaching your mouth to the skin of his chest sucking more marks where you pleased licking at his nipples.
Astel arched into your mouth his voice pitching up body shivering. Your placed your hands on his waist groping sliding them up and down feeling his silky skin then grinned as a thought entered your head. You pulled back and crawled up his body straddling his middle. Astel blinked at you as you lowered yourself your stiff dick laying on his chest.

You opened the lube squeezing some out over your cock and took his hand making him cover it and rocked groaning as your cock glided over his skin. Astel hummed quietly pressing down his other hand coming up to tease your tip with his fingers. You shuddered panting moving faster, this felt better than what you had expected. Astel's hands were just as smooth as his chest and warm, even his nails were soft the edges filed down to gentle curves as they slid against your head. You ended up coming sooner than you thought the pleasure swept over you in a sudden wave. You bucked into his hand grunting jizz shooting up to Astel's neck and collarbone. He made a noise of surprise hands moving up to wipe at the mess.

You shifted back down his body settling yourself between his legs opening the bottle once more. You coated your fingers and pressed them to Astel's hole. dipping in and out feeling his walls trying to cling. Astel made a sound of annoyance glowering at you. You smiled back finally pushing in with two fingers. Astel’s body trembled as you stretched him open his cheeks tinting redder. He whimpered when you found his prostate rubbing over the spot until he was shaking all over clutching the blanket with his hands. The sight of his writhing body and mewls had your dick standing again.
You figured he was ready and pulled out quickly slicking up your cock and grabbed his legs lifting them to your shoulders scooting forward to nudge your dick into his hole, but paused peering down. Astel was so much shorter than you his legs barely hung over your shoulders. If you remembered correctly Izuru said Astel was flexible . . .

You cupped the back of his knees and pushed down. Astel’s eyes grew wide as he was bent in half, his ankles inching closer to his head. A large grin split your face the further you pushed. His lower back was hardly touching the bed at this point and aside from looking shocked at the position he was in, Astel didn’t look uncomfortable. You rose to your knees letting go of one his legs to direct your dick into his hole and thrust in. Astel cried out his insides squeezed around you making you hiss at the tightness. You think your dick might be snapped in half, each time you drove into his body Astel got tighter and tighter.

His green eyes glazed over, expression twisting in bliss. Astel’s voice grew steadily louder the deeper you went grinding your dick over his prostate. You panted heavily pounding his ass relishing his cries and the way his insides contracted around you. Even though you came not too long ago another orgasm was creeping up fast.

You moved faster pushing Astel’s legs further down until his ankles were next to his head. He hit a pitch you’d usually hear when he was singing head thrashing. A few more thrusts had him coming with a scream, his body tensing, his cock spurting on his face, walls clamping on your dick. You hit the edge not a second later yelling from the tightness constricting around you. You leaned back letting Astel’s legs go so they could flop down. You spent a moment catching your breath looking at Astel, his heaving chest covered in the remnants of lube and your come, the splashes of his own come sliding down his face and neck. You felt the stirring of desire fill you again.

You weren’t sure when you’d get the chance to do this again so it was best to make the next hours count.

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