Meet Alexander Stephenson, a young man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He was born in the City of Malmo, Sweden, to a Swedish father, Gustav Stephenson, and a Nigerian mother, Josephine Adewale. As his parents were diplomats, Alexander Stephenson has lived all over the world, from Sweden to South Africa, from Brazil to Guatemala. Alexander opted to study at the University of Ottawa in Canada's Capital region, and from that moment on, life would never be the same.

Alexander Stephenson has always been the son of two worlds, and back in Sweden, the six-foot-four, brown-skinned, curly-haired and green-eyed young man was too dark for the Swedes, and too light for the small population of African immigrants. Alexander opted to study in Canada because he had fond memories of the place. While visiting places like Ottawa and Toronto with his family back in the day, Alexander saw Blacks and whites dating, being friends and actually getting along.

Canada isn't the bastion of tolerance and diversity that it's often touted to be, but Canadians do try. Canada has welcomed Haitians, Somalis, Nigerians, Lebanese, Syrians, Vietnamese, and various peoples from around the world. The country has undergone a serious demographic shift, as evidenced in the populations of cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and others. Alexander has come to enjoy life in Ottawa, where a mixed-race young man can walk around without getting too many stares. Canada is definitely ahead of Sweden in terms of racial diversity, and this appeals to Alexander.

While studying in Ottawa, Alexander has become fascinated with the ladies of Somalia. The tall, handsome brother finds himself drawn to the Somali ladies, especially the ones who wear Hijab. It's this fascination which drove Alexander to approach a Somali gal named Nadia Hanaffi at a Somali cultural event in the Nepean area. Nadia Hanaffi and Alexander Stephenson really hit it off, and soon began seeing each other. When the chemistry is right, why resist it?

"We practice gender equality in this household," Nadia Hanaffi said, and the six-foot-tall, curvaceous Somali Muslim MILF grimaced as her lover Alexander Stephenson worked his thick dick into her backdoor. The two of them were getting down and dirty in the living room of Nadia's apartment, located in the Vanier area of Ottawa, Ontario. At the age of forty, Nadia is exploring her sexuality without regrets, much to Alexander's delight. Nadia began grinding her big beautiful ass against Alexander's groin, driving his dick deeper inside her asshole. Nadia loves anal sex and doesn't apologize for it...

"Hot damn, you're so warm and tight," Alexander said, mesmerized by the sight of Nadia Hanaffi's thick Somali ass, which swallowed his dick like it was nothing. Alexander briefly glanced at the nearby mirror, and grinned when he saw his reflection. The contrast between Nadia and Alexander was all too evident. A tall, curvy Somali woman getting butt fucked by a tall, light-skinned biracial man. This was frigging hot on so many levels...

"Anal sex is so delicious haram," Nadia squealed, and she rubbed her wet, hairy pussy as Alexander continued to fuck her in the ass. Alexander groaned, for the pressure of Nadia's warm, tight asshole on his dick was definitely getting to him. Alexander gripped Nadia's hips tightly and bucked his hips, angling to get his dick deeper inside of Nadia's asshole. From the moment Alexander spotted Nadia at that soiree in Nepean, he wanted some of that ass. Nadia's ass was bigger than that of Tennis legend Serena Williams, and much juicier too. How could Alexander resist smashing that?

"Your ass is simply divine," Alexander said, and he playfully smacked Nadia's thick derriere as he continued to fuck her in the ass. Nadia let out a deep sigh as she and Alexander continued to do their thing. Nadia has always had a thing for younger men, especially those from other backgrounds. Nadia has been with Haitian men, Jamaican men, Greek men, Estonian men, and even a Chinese guy, but she's never been with an Afro-Swedish gentleman before. Alexander represented a rare opportunity for Nadia, the chance for this strong and freaky Somali Muslim sister to try mixed dick!

"Pull out," Nadia said with a wince, and Alexander, surprised, did as he was told. As Alexander's dick popped out of her asshole, Nadia groaned and then let out a loud, wet fart. To his credit, Alexander didn't laugh, and Nadia turned and smiled at him. The two of them exchanged a grin and a nod, and then continued with their wicked fun. Nadia Hanaffi is one freaky Somali Muslim MILF. She'll suck a dude's dick, ride his dick and leave him exhausted, but she can definitely get freakier, as Alexander is about to find out...

"This is different," Alexander said, scratching his head, as Nadia pulled out her favorite toy, a shiny ebony strap-on dildo. Nadia smiled wickedly and beckoned for Alexander to get on all fours. Nadia admired Alexander's ass and then lubricated him with some lotion. Nadia pressed the dildo against Alexander's butt hole and pushed it inside. The tall biracial stud groaned as his favorite big-booty Black lady worked her dildo up his ass. When Nadia spoke of gender equality earlier, she wasn't joking around. The same freaky Black mama who loves getting a big dick up her ass likes to fuck Black men with her favorite strap-on dildo, and she does is happily!

"You got to do my ass, now I get to do yours," Nadia said gleefully as she shoved the dildo up Alexander's ass. Like a lot of Black women around the world, Nadia is participating in the Black Pegging Movement, and she is happy to introduce Alexander to her trusty strap-on dildo. Alexander, to his credit, took it like a champ. The tall Afro-Swedish stud didn't scream as Nadia fucked his ass with her dildo, though he did groan a few times. Nadia continued pegging Alexander's ass until he came, and then she fucked him some more for good measure. It's Nadia's way to make Black pegging great again!

After this memorable experience, Nadia Hanaffi and Alexander Stephenson grew even closer together. The two of them can be seen walking around the Rideau Center, and other public spots in downtown Ottawa. They're just another Black couple walking around, holding hands and smiling. Black Love is not dead, don't believe what the haters and naysayers peddle your way, dearest readers. Black pegging is part of Black love, and it's spicing things up in the bedrooms of Black couples around the world. Care to try it?!/!ku56493/

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