London was a pretty drab part of the world that February in 1943. Marjorie was trim in her tight, dark blue New Zealand Navy uniform and was much admired around the Admiralty, not only for her success in running the Provisioning Section at the Admiralty but for being commonly acclaimed as have the best ass in London. If you see Marjorie walk, it fascinates, distracts but also cheers up the downtrodden people of this great city. Marjorie is also renowned as having the best wiggle this side of Paris. And for being the most promiscuous.

Tonight Marjorie is going to the Pink Pussycat Strip Club in Wardour Street for dinner with her sister Doris. This might be a strange place to dine but Doris works there. She's not in management but the most accomplished stripper they have or possibly is, in London. Doris knows there are more ways to manage men. Pussy whipped. When the sisters meet, Marjorie is in her smart military uniform and Doris in her G-String. They get on very well and share a house in Bermondsey with Bridget, their Mother. Ma Devine. Ma's house is a refuge for minor criminals on the run from the law. She has a good heart.

Doris and Marjorie share a typical ration dinner. Doris had just finished a show and the place is full of American Officers. Her G-String is crammed full of $100 bills and Doris is very careful to bank them diligently. She may be rich but she's careful. After the war the girls buy the house. Thank you Yank.

After a modest dinner, they leave the club and head home. Or Doris does. Marjorie has a date with a guy called Igor. Her colleagues say he's a spy but has a twelve inch cock. Now Marjorie looks angelic, but the lure of a twelve inch cock is irresistible. Even though he may be a spy.

She mentally shrugs "He's Russian so he's supposed to be our side. But a twelve inch cock can't be ignored, can it?"

She met Igor in the Centurian Hotel and he claims to be One of Us. But he thinks that Marjorie is so innocent she will open up like a flower with secret navy information when he gets her to bed. After a couple of gins, he takes her upstairs to his hotel room and before long, Marjorie is down to her knickers. Igor strips off his clothes and ooh, there a perfect twelve inch erect cock in front of her

Igor is eager to get into her Marjorie's pants. She obliges and takes them off. And very soon she is on her hands and knees and Igor behind her is totally submerged in her deliciously taut pussy, sliding in and out of her to her extreme pleasure. He fucks Marjorie about five times during the night and she thoroughly enjoys it, swamped as she is in lust for his length. In the morning the police knock on the door, thank Marjorie, still naked and take Igor away for deportation.

"Pity," thought Marjorie, "I could have done with a few more fucks like that.

Marjorie has a reputation around the War Office. About half of the personnel there have fucked their delicious colleague all though they all know that anybody with under three stripes is not a goer. During the first half of the year she's been under assorted Captains, Commodores and even one of two Admirals. And her conquests are mounting. She doesn't do civilians. Even Doris is impressed.

"Marj, how come my little innocent younger sister has fucked more men than I'll ever have in my lifetime."

The sisters know each other intimately. Marjorie has been fucking Doris for years. They used to comfort each other in bed in the days when they shared a bedroom before they discovered men.

Marjorie replies, "Listen Dot, the Yanks are in the war now and they'll be over here in their hundreds of thousands soon. I think you'll be lucky to even have time to take your G-String off before there's a Yank in your fanny." Doris laughs.

Marjorie sometimes likes to join Doris stripping and they are known as The Devine sisters as they look like twins. They are both pretty expert and often Marjorie enjoys being fucked by American senior officers. She believes it's her duty to keep them happy as they are guests in her county. All of them? They are frequently guests in her cunt too. But that's what international relations are all about, isn't it?

Marjorie cuts through Charing Cross Station in the way home, ("if I still recognise it, she thinks.)" She, Ma and Doris have been bombed out in the Blitz twice and Marjorie sometimes forgets herself and arrives "home" in front of a heap of rubble. But they manage to find a place to live with Ma until she is killed by a V1 in 1944. If you're a little deaf, you might miss the pulse jet stopping overhead as the missile falls onto London and Ma beneath it.

The old bomb-battered station is a short cut to the bus depot. There's a soldier asleep on a bench and he looks very drunk. "He must be on leave," she thinks, "so why is he sleeping on a bench when he should be in a comfortable bed somewhere?" He has a small pack as a pillow and a kit bag with his possessions in it. He was too tired to stow his Sten gun away and it's propped up against the bench.

She wakes George, (though she doesn't know he's George yet), and he looks up blearily at her but seeing her smart uniform he pulls himself together and she finds out that his parents are dead and he's alone.

Marjorie says, "Well come on then, let's get home."

George is a bit confused it may be the booze, the invitation from a pretty woman with the most magnificent ass he's ever seen. Or the pain he feels.

As they walk towards the bus stop, he is humping his kit bag over his shoulder and she is carrying his machine gun. He doesn't know where he's going but it beats a hard bench and anyone who swings her hips like that is worth following. To Hell and Back.

She says, "I'm Marjorie by the way."

He says, "Hello Marjorie. I'm George. Thank you for rescuing me."

And so their future is assured and so is mine. Ma Devine, Marjorie's Mother takes a shine to George. She knows what he's after and installs George in the spare bedroom. Doris, who got home just before Marjorie and George, is very impressed with this soldier.

"Marjorie, I think you've got a good one here. He's good enough to eat, don't you think and I reckon you'll find he'll be eating you very soon." Doris was right there.

Ma filled up the starving, homeless soldier with food and George gratefully retired to a soft bed and quickly fell back asleep. His deep sleep was disturbed by the silent entrance of Marjorie who slipped off her dressing gown and slid into bed with him.

He said, "I knew you would come, Marjorie."

She replies, "I haven't come yet, George, but I will soon."

"I'm cold George. Can you warm me up?"

Soon they are both warm and George kisses Marjorie. He's very used to seducing women but this one is not to be seduced. She is the seducer herself. It's not long that George has entered Marjorie's delectable pussy and is beginning to lose control. Of his world.

He thinks, "I was sleeping rough this morning and now I'm being fucked by one of the most delectable women I've ever seen." George empties himself into Marjorie's pussy. He is captured. For the rest of his life.

Marjorie married George later that year. It was a typical wartime wedding and there were dozens and dozens of people in attendance. England in those days was a place of good will and most of the guests were Marjorie's former lovers from her Admiralty and strip club days who were curious to see who had won Marjorie's heart. They were all jealous of George.

The bride was in a slinky dress, a fashionably brimmed hat, clutching a huge bunch of flowers and looked radiant. George would crawl through barbed wire for her.

They found a little flat and Marjorie made it their home when George was sent back to war. George was away in Europe from 1944 to 1946 and the lovers wrote to each other every day. Both were faithful to each other and almost always were. Marjorie's later infatuation with Andrew didn't count as being "unfaithful"as he was their son.

Dad had been an international roller skater, a professional tap dancer in a well known troupe and a lover of beautiful women. But he'd never met someone as ardent or as skilled as Marjorie. And never would. Or ever wanted to.

Whenever George was on leave, they spent most of the time in bed together and Marjorie always made sure George was totally relaxed at the end of his leave. Marjorie always was sexually insatiable. Till the day that George died in 1979 she fucked him twice a day. I fucked Marjorie twice a day too when I was old enough.

In 1946 George came home for good. The two sisters bought the big house at 39 Granville Park. Ron and Doris lived downstairs and George and Marjorie the next floor up. They rented out the other two floors. George went back to work as a milkman. Many thought Marjorie had come down in the world after fucking high ranked military officers throughout the war. But Marjorie never saw it that way and they were deliriously happy together for always.

I came along in 1947 and it was a very good year for all of us.,,,9745137&pg=3#9745137

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