Bzzzzt. Doot-dot.

The phone went off again. Mike checked it. It was AznLex again.

"So when do you want to meet?" Photo attached

Mike felt nerves down his spine. The photo showed an array of toys across the bed. Some looked bigger and more painful than what Mike had seen in person. No doubt they might even be more pleasurable. He furrowed his eyebrows to something at the bottom left corner, at the edge of the bed. That's weird.

"Why is there a bottle of hot sauce in here?" He wrote back.

The dots started typing immediately. AznLex replied, "What's your hot sauce tolerance?"

That's a new one. Mike had been exploring kinks for a while now. He'd been used to hearing of the usual; the dildo, the whip, the pumps, nipple clamps, and candles. But hot sauce? Edgy.

"I've tried the Korean spicy noodle challenge. That was rough but I got through it."

The dots returned. "Weak."

Mike felt insulted . It wasn't like he grew up trying to set his insides on fire at every meal. Thai chilis? Not too bad. Lao Gan Ma? An absolute must when having mapo tofu.

Infuriated, Mike replied "am not."


Mike waited a little longer but still nothing. He turned his phone down and went back to his YouTube feed. He was about to start a new video when a new notification came on again.

"X928374837: Hot singles in your area, click to learn more jsdnvsi.idjdsm"

Twitter really needed to have less spambots. And getting Mike's hopes up too easily, but maybe that was just him. He only met AznLex a few days before. After he liked a few posts and typed lustful comments, they struck up a conversation, on the sort of topics you could only discuss on gay Twitter.

Having had access to prying into each other's past sexual history, their conversations became more about what other things they had wanted to do or had yet to do. AznLex seemed legitimate, they talked enough where it didn't seem like he could have been a catfish. Even if he was, the videos and photos of his physique were too hard to pass up. AznLex said he was shorter than Mike but he made up for his compact size with a ripped body where his muscles took advantage of the space. It was like looking at a rugby player with padding under the skin, thick and muscled. If he tackled, his body was big enough to smother you down, but gentle so it wasn't a trip to the ER for a concussion. Mike wasn't sure what he wanted to do with AznLex, he just knew he needed a release.

A new notification went off. "Come by tonight. I'll show you what the hot sauce is for. devil emoji"

Mike wasn't going to just keep chatting. He wanted to see for himself and there would be no point in prolonging the texts than an opportunity to have some fun. Every second he wasn't there was a moment to lose. It was a good thing he ate dinner and showered early. He picked out a grey button up over a blue cardigan and a pair of grey ripped jeans. He asked for the address, got in his car, and drove off.

15 minutes later, Mike turned onto the well groomed street, street cleaning had cleared much of the autumn leaves as the trees continued to sway under the fresh wind. He found a spot a few units before the address and walked the rest of the way. Shaking off his last jitters, he punched in the apartment code, expecting to hear someone on the other end. There was no camera by the door. The speaker turned on and he expected AznLex to say something. But there was silence, only the static noise coming from the call system itself. Gingerly, Mike finally spoke, "H-hey. It's me."

The door buzzed open and Mike made his way in. Down the hall were the elevator and the emergency stairs nearby. Figuring it would be more interesting, Mike took the stairs to the fifth floor, it wasn't too bad of a climb up. As he arrived on the fifth floor, he opened the door to a long hallway, the signage clearly displaying the unit was in the left direction and so he headed there. As he passed each unit, he could hear TVs on blaring the various primetime shows. One home tuning into the evening news, another playing some sitcom or drama or whatever. Thankfully it wasn't endless and he arrived at the steps of 1537. There were no sounds at the door, just Mike's slight breathing. Whatever were to happen tonight, at least AznLex lived right at the end of the hall away from any prying ears.

Again, a second to wait, another moment to lose. Mike firmly knocked on the door. The faintest change in light through the door peephole meant Mike new AznLex was at the door. After a few seconds, the locks clicked and the door opened.

AznLex stepped in front of the door with a warm smile. His physique looked better in person in his white thermal long sleeve and black sweatpants. They accentuated the ridges on his body and made him look even muscular. He had bright eyes and jet black hair well groomed in a quiff. And there was only just a hint of something sinister in AznLex's expression that went unnoticed by Mike.

"Hey dude," AznLex welcomed him. "I'm Jackson. Come in."

A relief set in as Mike walked through the door. Jackson's home was furnished quite modernly and simplistically. Nothing around the house seemed old and nothing excess in place. The kitchen wasn't cluttered and his living room had a decent setup, a PS4 by the floor with the TV screen paused on Fortnite. All of this illuminated by 3 large paned windows facing the downtown skyline, the sun still setting in the distance.

"Nice place. Oh I'm Mike by the way," taking off his shoes and shaking Jackson's firm and hairy grip. No doubt who was in control tonight.

"Thanks, Mike. Grab a seat on the couch. Can I get you anything?" Jackson walked over to the fridge waiting for a response.

"I'm fine, just taking in the sights" Mike walked around the couch and sat on the farther end where the couch was closer to the windows. "So you play Fortnite?"

"Yeah, not pro but good enough. What about you?"

Sheepishly Mike replied, "Haha, I'm not a gaymer ... but I'm open to learning."

Jackson chuckled and walked over to the living room. Instead of grabbing a seat next to Mike, he walked behind the couch over to where Mike sat and grabbed a seat on the top edge of the couch. "I can teach you how to start another time. But you're here to learn something else."

Mike turned to look up. This time Jackson wasn't hiding that sinister grin. It made Mike nervous, hot and bothered by the quick turn of events. Only the draft from the window cooled Mike down, his Adam's apple bobbed once while processing how quickly things moved. It shouldn't have come as a surprise, after all that's what he was here for. But what should he do next? Was this a cue to start here? Should he have asked for water when he got there? Not giving much more thought, Mike started undoing the first button on his grey dress shirt.

Jackson put his hand over the next button and laughed deeply, the sound putting Mike to a stop and a look of confusion. Jackson looked back down to Mike and said "Come with me, I have everything set up in my room. But first, you gotta put this on." He handed Mike a thin black blindfold.

Nothing new to Mike. He had played with other people who wanted him blindfolded. For him, it added to the sensations, shutting off one of his senses to enhance everything else he would feel. Without hesitation, he expertly tied the blindfold up and waited, hands on his knees. Jackson couldn't help but stare at Mike as he waited. His taller frame slimmed his body but as Jackson reached for Mike's left bicep, he could tell Mike's body was still packing. He continued to roam Mike's body, moving inward to Mike's chest where his firm pecs were and slowly sliding his hand up to Mike's throat. He held it there longer, giving Mike a squeeze, a moan escaping deep from within Mike as the constriction created a small struggle for him. Jackson knew tonight was going to be fun. He signaled Mike to get up, took off his jacket, and walked him over to the bedroom door next to the TV.

As Jackson shut the door, Mike felt the change in air difference. He obviously couldn't see but it seemed somehow the room had been renovated, possibly with sound deadening? He guessed he'd find out in a bit. Jackson stopped Mike in the room, between his bedroom view and the nightstand by his bed. Over on his drawer was a roll of duct tape. Jackson grabbed the roll and skillfully tore off a piece to place over Mike's mouth. He added leather wrist straps to Mike's arms and legs. Each strap had a carabiner hook to them so Jackson put the wrist straps together and kept Mike's arms overhead. In the ceiling was an eye hook with a rope above. The other end of the rope was fixed to a ratchet held securely to another eye hook screwed to the door stopper, a clever trick Jackson used to hide the appearance of a floor hook for his activities. With a simple click, the carabiners on Mike's wrists were hooked to the rope and Jackson ratcheted the rope in place.

Mike felt his arms being lifted higher so he made a muffled groan once he felt the rope was secure enough. Out of dominance, Jackson yanked the ratchet once more after Mike's call out to make sure there was no wiggle room. To secure Mike's legs, Jackson had an extendable aluminum bar that would lock in place with the carabiners on the leg straps.

Jackson took a step back to admire the handiwork. "How you hanging?" he called out. Mike replied with some muffled noise, not that it mattered what his opinion was. Jackson took a step forward to ruffle Mike's hair like the little toy that he was now.

Slowly, Jackson moved his hands across Mike's body, taking in the sight and causing Mike to emit soundwaves of pleasure. The rest of Mike's upper torso was fairly fit and firm while his lower section complemented the assessment with thick quads from the squats and runs Mike would frequently do. Jackson began running a hand along Mike's inner thigh and could see an outline begin to form out of Mike's jeans. Shame the clothes would all have to be scrapped but Jackson wouldn't mind paying him back for the torn clothes.

He turned to his dresser to grab a pair of scissors and ran the metal ends along Mike's neck to let him have a feel of the cold metal, allowing them to warm up before Jackson went along his merry way with them. He got on his knees and slowly approached Mike's groin, taking in the scent and the bump present from within the jeans. As he casually rubbed his face in and Mike bobbed his head to the sensation, he got to work with his scissors starting with the right leg. With care, he turned Mike's ripped jeans into shorts, stopping just where the rips on the knees were. With both pant legs off, Jackson moved back up, one hand feeling the crevices on Mike's chest, the other getting to work snipping away at the dress shirt.

Mike couldn't fully process what happened to his jeans when Jackson held his face to Mike's groin the whole time, heightening his sensitivity and focus to that area. He knew his jeans were gone but now his shirt too?! He could feel the shreds being created out of his shirt. Panicked, he cried out and writhed around for Jackson to stop but it only bought him a few seconds as Jackson waited for him to stop. Dejected, Mike hung his head low as Jackson continued the job. What remained of Mike's shirt made him look like a piƱata and Jackson took his time tugging around the shirt teasingly.

Jackson had cut holes where Mike's plump nipples were and bent closer to squeeze them ever so gently, arousing Mike who's head began to sway. He leaned in this time and sucked Mike's right nipple, the firmness in contact with Jackson's teeth as he added playful bites, eliciting an equal reaction. This time, Mike was louder despite the sealed mouth. A choice word or two was vaguely detected in the garble and Jackson reciprocated by doing the other nipple.

"Hmmph mmmm ugh! Fuuuumph!"

Jackson chuckled, "Ha ha, it's only a warm up" and this time, rotated Mike's head in circles, the bobblehead of his big obedient toy for tonight. He began kissing Mike's neck, taking time on the collarbone too as he made his way across. Jackson firmly grabbed the tattered shirt and yanked it clean off. The satisfying ripping noise was amplified for Mike who couldn't see. His smooth body was lightly adorned with chest hair, the defined 6 pack slightly tan, a beginning of a V-line too. Jackson could feel what was a growing in his pants since he sat behind Mike on the couch turn into a twitching.

"Just right" Jackson thought to himself. He put out his left hand to the middle of Mike's pecs and slowly moved his hand down to the happy trail while his right hand reached between Mike's new denim shorts and his boxer briefs, cupping Mike's ass with a firm grip. Jackson undid the button and zip and pulled the shorts as far as they could go revealing the outline of Mike's meat under the boxer briefs. It was even more eye popping that Mike chose an electric blue pair of sexy briefs with a red waistband.

Jackson couldn't keep his dick lonely like this for long. He stood back and took off his black sweatpants to jack off admiring his setup for Mike. Mike looked helpless, obedient, and willing to be used and that's exactly what Jackson wanted. Although he would have liked if Mike had acted out more against the restraints, he was sure he'd see more of it soon. Jackson found some relief from the twitching by jacking off some, but not wanting to neglect Mike, he stepped forward and rubbed their two pieces together, the fabric heightening the frictional pleasure for both of them. Mike lolled his head back in agreement to this.

But Mike also couldn't help thinking, what was next? So far the usual stuff had already happened albeit with more flair. Blindfold? Check. Wrist straps? Check. Uncomfortable? Yup, those straps were starting to dig. Plus the whole tearing his clothes apart. He hadn't even thought of how he'd be leaving without his clothes on, that Jackson went there was ...

It didn't seem like he'd finish that thought, or see the rest of his clothes for that matter. Jackson grabbed a vibrator and held it up to Mike's briefs, taking Mike out of his thoughts in time to watch as Jackson made light work of the remaining denim. Jackson traced the open scissor blades along the outline of Mike's cock before making the first rough cut into the remaining denim leaving Mike exposed in his briefs.

"Aarrghh Umm Ummmphhher!!"

"Sorry, what was that?" Jackson teased. He ripped off the duct tape without care, giving Mike time to recover and scowl at what had happened.

"You Fcker! You couldn't have just let me take my clothes off before? I can't -" Whack! Mike felt the tingling from a backhand slap. It shut him up while Jackson tied a ball gag to his mouth. "Aarg mmph!!" But he knew he wasn't in control and had to obey.

"There there. You came for a lesson and that's what you're getting." Jackson lowered the vibrator and walked around to the back of Mike and took in Mike's muscular back, flexing from trying to hold himself up to the straps. A light sheen of sweat covered his back making his skin shine against the room light. Jackson stepped forward to pick up the scent of Mike's adrenaline pumping. With scissors in one hand, Jackson made a small snip in the briefs near Mike's hole. Jackson slowly cupped and rubbed Mike's bottom cheeks in a circular motion massaging them from the clenched tension Mike had been feeling.

SCCRRRRRRKK!! Without much force, he tore Mike's boxer briefs with a perfectly wide gaping hole, enough that Mike's balls could now feel the cool air of the room. Hands still gripping firmly on the fabric, Jackson took a knee, spread the cheeks revealing a well groomed and presentable pink hole. He lunged tongue first at the spot causing Mike to jump from his restraints, his head moving inches further forward and breathing heavily as the penetration became a rhythmic thrust.

It was like magic to Mike. He'd had some good ass eaters but Jackson was just as good as any. He could feel Jackson testing for all of his sensitive points, breathing a cold wind down his crack, flipping tricks with his tongue, and heavy suction that pulled inner nerves to the surface of his ass wanting the Jackson treatment. This time, Mike was moaning uncontrollably and moving his hips in tune with whatever Jackson wanted. The treasure chest was wide and reciprocating.

It seemed this time Mike would be more obedient. Jackson got up to release the wrist straps on Mike's arms and promptly pushed him forward, his upper body falling right onto the bed, ass up at height just below Jackson's waist. He walked forward, continuing to smooth over Mike's firm ass. Jackson adjusted Mike so that he was now on his knees as Jackson took a seat on the bed facing him. Using his right hand, Jackson held Mike's chin to face him.

"I remove this gag, and you don't talk back. Got it?"

"Ummph Hhhhh" came the response.

He took off the gag and firmly grabbed on to Mike's hair, pulling Mike's face directly in front of his dick. With the other hand, he playfully swung his meat back and forth against Mike, the forehead touching forehead.

"Suck, boy" and Mike did as he was told, slobbering the skin along the shaft as he worked his way up and did his best with the tip of Jackson's penis. Impatient, Jackson began lowering Mike's head to which he understood and began his descent. Jackson's shaft was fairly thick and started to make Mike's objective more difficult as he went. Jackson was pleased. Mike's mouth wasn't stopping as he went the full length without any sign of gag reflex. Although there was some teething, it wasn't painful and actually heightened Jackson's experience. He began to moan from pleasure and Mike replied through his own guttural vibration on Jackson's dick.

Feeling the need to challenge him more, Jackson took over the speed at which Mike did his job, forcing him to quickly move along the shaft and holding him to make him choke a little longer. Eventually, he released him to grab air.

Rough, Mike thought. But he couldn't complain. Jackson's dick was sure enough worth the rush over to his place. He was intimidated at first when he was being hit on the face with it and as he was going down on him, Mike was worried but started to take it in stride. That is, until the last choke he was put under.

As Mike managed to get his breathing under control, Jackson decided now would be a good time to up the ante. On the other side of his bed was the hot sauce bottle, a single bottle version of the notorious buldak sauce from spicy ramen. Having eaten it himself, he knew the right amount that would keep Mike conscious, on his feet or knees still in this case.

"Doing good, boy, one more round. See if you can still keep that rhythm going. That was hot." Jackson cupped the back of Mike's head and pushed him forward onto his dick again, this time he wanted his balls serviced first. While Mike went to work with each of the testes, Jackson carefully uncapped the buldak bottle and poured just enough that half of his penis dome of his penis dome was well covered. Combined with some of the precum and saliva from Mike's previous service, it moved a glacial pace downward. He put the bottle to the side and put his head back, enjoying Mike's treatment of his balls.

Jackson started to pick up on the cycle that Mike was doing, going from tiny nibbles at his skin to sucking in more of the stretchy skin before engulfing a testis in and rolling his tongue around it. Then proceeding to the next.

"Ooohhh" he cooed in response. Finally, he decided it was time to give Mike the real kick in his throat. With both hands clasping Mike's head to pull him upward, Jackson lifted Mike just high enough before hitting the tip of his dick.

"Open wide. Enjoy." And he held that same sinister smirk as he plunged Mike's head right down the length of his shaft, his dick feeling the back of his throat, knowing the hit would kick in soon enough.

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