I'd not had many experiences with guys in my 32 years of life up to this point, the only times being meeting up with guys that I'd met online to suck them off; one outside, one in his car and one in my flat. So it was these same websites I turned to one Saturday night when I was feeling the urge to mess around with guys again.

There was the usual hoard of sketchy looking ads that always seemed to flood these websites and I was about to give up after about half an hour of looking when I clicked on something that caught my eye. It was an ad looking for a couple of guys interesting in hanging out, having a couple of drinks, playing some video games and messing about with each other. Nothing seemed sketchy and I do love my video games so I thought why the hell not and I sent them a message. The guy (Ryan) was 39 and seemed down to earth and it turned out he was actually less than a mile away from me. He said he'd already found the other guy so now that everything was set, we exchanged numbers then he gave me his address and told me to come around the next day at about 1pm.

The next morning, I woke up to a message from Ryan. "Hey, just thought I'd send some pictures just so you know what to expect." The first picture was of his top half showing his short black hair and slightly stubbly beard along with his reasonably toned torso that didn't quite have a six pack but you could tell he was working on it. The second picture was of his uncut dick. It looked to be around about six inches and fairly thick but it was hard to tell with nothing to compare it to. I could feel my own dick starting to harden while looking at the picture so I stroked it to full hardness before I sent my own pictures back. My own body wasn't quite as impressive, pretty much average in all aspects, but I was lucky enough to be blessed with seven inches downstairs with I would say above average thickness.

"Nice," came Ryan's reply, "wait until you see the other guy."

I took a long shower after having a very small breakfast. It wouldn't have been half as long if I hadn't started thinking about Ryan's pictures and his last message. I wasn't sure what he meant but it certainly got me excited. I started stroking myself thinking about Ryan and what I'd do with him and the other guy once I was there. I pictured myself rubbing his chest as I slowly went up and down with his dick in my mouth, taking it all the way to the back of my throat. It wasn't long before I felt myself coming to climax and I was shooting five spurts into the shower water as I felt my legs quiver with the intensity of the orgasm.

Once I'd finished showering and got dressed, it was already 12.30 so I had a quick drink and left my flat heading towards Ryan's place. It was a pretty hot day so I was wearing a white t-shirt, some tight blue jeans (I'd often been complimented on my arse so thought I might as well flaunt it a bit) and some white trainers. It took about twenty minutes to find the place, a small terraced house with a tiny garden. I walked through the gate, closing it behind me, walked up to the door and knocked. A few seconds later, the door opened and Ryan appeared. "Hey, Dan, right?" I nodded. "Come in, the living room's just this way, take a seat, I'm just gonna get everyone some drinks".

I took my trainers off, leaving them to the side and stepped through a doorway to the right into the living room where a young, slim guy with medium length brown hair was sitting on the sofa. He was wearing a Mario t-shirt, some black cargo shorts and seemed to be in his very early twenties. "Hi, I'm Jamie." he said as he stood up to shake my hand.

"Dan." I replied as Ryan came into the room carrying three cans of cider and handed them out.

"So, is everyone OK starting off with FIFA? I figured that whenever someone concedes a goal, they have to suck off the other player." Jamie and I both nodded in agreement. "So, obviously only two can play at a time, so we'll rock, paper, scissors to decide who plays and who sucks first".

Ryan and I both chose rock and Jamie chose paper so he would be the first to do the sucking. We decided between us that he wouldn't start until the first goal was scored and then Jamie would suck the player that scored the goal until the next goal and whoever conceded that goal would be the next person to suck the goal scorer and so on. So Ryan and myself both chose our teams and started playing while Jamie sat on the floor in front of us, waiting to see who he would have to suck first.

A couple of minutes in and I scored the first goal so Jamie turned around crawled over in front of me. He reached over and unzipped my jeans just as we were kicking off again then freed my dick from my boxers and placed the tip into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head and I felt myself immediately getting harder as he teased me. Thankfully, the teasing didn't last long and he took the rest of me into his mouth, slowly moving up and down. The only bad thing was that he was doing such a good job, it got very distracting and Ryan very quickly scored a goal of his own.

"Damn it!" I said as Jamie stopped sucking me and grinned as I gave him the controller. Ryan took off his trousers and underwear as I swapped positions with Jamie and moved over to Ryan's side of the sofa. I could see he was already sporting a semi, but it was nothing I couldn't handle and I went to work on him straight away, licking up and down, teasing him a little before opening my mouth wide and taking his entire length down my throat.

"Fuck..." Ryan moaned as his body shivered a little. I looked up to him with a cheeky grin as he tried not to be as distracted as I was though I could tell he was struggling.

It seemed to take a while before the next goal was scored, but I didn't mind, I was enjoying taking Ryan all the way down my throat so that my face was right in his crotch, before moving back up leaving only the head in my mouth then going all the way back down again. I'm pretty sure Ryan was enjoying it too. It was a shame then, when I heard Ryan cheer as he scored another goal and I knew I would have so stop, but not before I deepthroated him one last time and he let out a small disappointed noise as I let his dick slide out of my mouth.

So it was Jamie's turn to go down on Ryan and he did so with the same enthusiasm as he did with me. Unfortunately for Ryan, it was perhaps too much enthusiasm as he let out a moan and fumbled his controller giving me the opportunity to go through on goal and score. "Dammit, already?" said an exasperated Ryan.

"Haha, it's about time you went down on me!" I laughed. Ryan gave his controller to Jamie and took position in front of me. I took my jeans and boxers off this time to make it easier and Ryan got to work.

He started with a slow handjob while he licked my balls, occasionally taking them in his mouth to gently suck on them which drew an involuntary moan from me as I stiffened even more. "You like that?" he asked.

"Mmm...yeah" I moaned back as a sly smirk crossed his face and he moved his attention to my erection instead. He wasted no time, taking half my length in his mouth from the start. He tried to go deeper but I could tell he was starting to struggle, his eyes were starting to water and before long there was a slight cough as I hit his gag reflex and he pulled off my dick which was now soaked with his spit.

"Sorry, I've sucked someone as long as you before but it's the thickness that got me." Ryan started to stroke me with his hands again, using his spit as lube.

"Don't worry about it." I reassured him, it wasn't the first time someone had struggled with my thickness. He was just about to go down for a second try when Jamie got a very lucky deflection and managed to score.

"Ah yes, about time someone gave me some attention, I'm getting blue over here!" Jamie laughed as he stripped off completely naked. I left my controller on the sofa for Ryan and knelt down in front of Jamie.

Surprisingly, he wasn't anywhere near hard yet, but that would soon change I thought to myself. I started slow, teasing him a little, licking and sucking gently on his head while slowly stroking his firm thighs with my hands. I could feel him growing in my mouth so I picked up the pace and started taking him all the way down my throat. A few minutes of bobbing up and down and my jaw was starting to ache, so I pulled back off his still growing dick and used my hands for a bit to give my jaw a rest. Taking this break, I could see that Jamie was about as long as me but he didn't even look close to fully hard yet. I was starting to see what Ryan was talking about when he said "wait until you see the other guy"!

After I'd given my jaw a rest, I went back to sucking Jamie, determined to see just how big he was. I pulled out all the stops to achieve my goal, deepthroating him for about 10 seconds at a time, using my throat muscles to pleasure the head of his dick while it was down there. I rested my throat by stroking his spit coated dick to get the last bit of hardness into him and finally managed to do it. He must have been around nine inches now, not particularly thick but certainly long enough that I knew I'd struggle to deepthroat him at full length. I was certainly going to try though!

I took him back into my mouth as far as I'd gotten last time, which still left a couple of inches so I knew I had a tough job on my hands. I moved up and down this length for a bit, working up the nerve to try and get the last couple of inches down my throat. Eventually I just thought "to hell with it" and the next time I brought my head up so that only the tip of his dick was in my mouth, I then went quickly all the way down, forcing the rest of his dick down my throat, my lips firmly pressed against his crotch . I could only hold it there for a few seconds before I gagged and had to pull back all the way off him with tears forming in my eyes. "Fuck, you're so big!" I managed to blurt out as I rubbed the tears from my eyes.

"Thanks." he replied with a wide grin across his face. "Nobody's been able to deepthroat me all the way before, that was impressive!" I laughed, thanking him, it was definitely the biggest I'd ever sucked, that's for sure. It was just then that I realised that Jamie was paying no attention whatsoever to the game and, looking over at Ryan, neither was he. He was actually stroking himself while watching me and Jamie.

"Have you guys even been playing!?" I asked, laughing afterwards.

"What can I say, that was hot, how could I not watch you taking that monster all the way down?" replied Ryan. I couldn't even pretend to be mad, I was rock hard from sucking Jamie and, even if they had still been playing the game, I would have probably just conceded a goal deliberately whenever I was playing to be able to have another go at Jamie's big dick.

"I'm just gonna get some stuff from my bag, I'll be back in a few minutes." Jamie said as he left the room, leaving me and Ryan alone.

"So what shall we do in the meantime?" Ryan asked.

"Well, technically there hasn't been a goal..." I replied back. "So..." I moved over in front of Ryan and took him into my mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head and gently pushed down while at the same time thrusting up slightly so I was immediately deepthroating him. Jamie came back into the room shortly after and placed something onto the coffee table behind me. I then felt his warm hands rubbing and squeezing my arse cheeks.

"I'd love to be able to do something with this arse. It's so firm and fuckable." I thought for a minute then took Ryan's dick out of my mouth.

"Go for it." I said.

"Shit, seriously? Jamie asked back, clearly not expecting me to be so up for it.

"Yeah, just take it slowly. You're pretty damn big after all!".

I put Ryan's dick back in my mouth. I could hear Jamie shuffling behind me, before saying "I've cleared the coffee table, if you kneel on here, you can still suck Ryan off while I fuck you".

"Sounds good to me." Ryan said, handing me a cushion from the sofa. "For your knees". I took the pillow, turned around, placed the pillow on the coffee table and took my position. Ryan got up and stepped in front of me so I could resume sucking his fully erect dick, with him gently pulling my head towards the base of his dick while thrusting slightly at the same time.

"Just gonna start with some fingers." Jamie said from behind me and I felt two cool, lubed up fingers probing my hole. Slowly they entered and moved around a little, stretching the hole slightly for a third finger to enter shortly afterwards. He withdrew his fingers a minute or so later which disappointed me for a moment until I realised what was coming next. I stopped sucking Ryan for a moment while I turned around to see Jamie putting a condom on and lubing himself up. I turned back around and just as I put Ryan's dick in my mouth again, I could feel Jamie's dick pushing ever so slightly against my hole. I pushed back a little to help him push it through and felt the head of his dick make its way through the opening.

I immediately let out a load moan of pleasure. "Fuck that's good". Jamie took this as a sign to push further in and I felt what must have been at least half his length enter me. Jamie left it at that for a while, pushing no deeper but pulling out almost all the way before pushing back in as far as he was before. This was the first time I'd ever been spitroasted before, I'd always fantasised about it but never had the chance to actually do it. It was definitely as good as I had imagined if not better. We kept going like this for a while, Jamie pushing half of his length inside me, slowly pulling back, then quickly pushing back in again and me taking Ryan all the way down as he began to thrust faster. I was rock hard through all of this and I really wanted Jamie balls deep inside me, so the next time he thrust back in, I pushed hard back at him at the same time.

There was a short, sharp pain that was immediately overridden by a feeling of immense pleasure and fullness coming from my arse that elicited a long, deep moan from me. Jamie was all the way inside me, I could feel his balls touching my cheeks but he'd stopped thrusting.

"You alright? I went in pretty quickly there." asked Jamie.

"Fuck yeah, keep going." I replied back, almost breathlessly, turning my attention back to Ryan. Jamie dutifully restarted his thrusting, this time with the full length of his dick, pulling out almost all the way leaving me feeling almost empty before pushing back in balls deep again, slowly at first before starting to pick up the speed after a while.

Ryan was doing most of the work with the blowjob at this point, thrusting into my mouth with a slow but methodical rhythm as I found it hard to concentrate on him with the intense pleasure coming from Jamie fucking me.

"Just fuck me as hard as you can..." I heard myself moan, almost without even realising it. Jamie didn't need to be asked twice, quickly speeding up and thrusting hard, each time balls deep as I felt his balls slap my cheeks with each thrust. Ryan took this opportunity to do the same and, pulling harder on the back of my head each time, quickly synced with Jamie, thrusting hard down my throat at the same as Jamie pounded me deep.

This carried on for what must have been at least twenty minutes, both my holes being pounded hard and fast and my dick the hardest I've ever felt it and leaking pre-cum all over the table. I heard a small grunt come from behind me.

"I'm gonna cum soon...don't wanna waste it though." Jamie said as he continued to fuck me. I felt a sudden pang of disappointment knowing that this amazing fucking would stop soon. At least there was one last thing I could get from it though as I stopped Ryan from fucking my throat for a minute.

"Cum in my mouth." I said, turning my head towards Jamie. He thrust inside me a couple more times before slowly withdrawing his dick from my arse, leaving it feeling empty after such a big dick had been pounding it.

Ryan sat back on the sofa, stroking himself as Jamie took his place and I gladly wrapped my lips around his dick, looking forward to the reward about to come my way. I had only been sucking him for about fifteen seconds when I could feel him tensing up and he grabbed my hair slightly as he moaned and the first spurts of cum started to fill my mouth. Five or so shots later and I swallowed the slightly sweet tasting cum that was almost overflowing from my mouth. I took Jamie's dick out of my mouth thinking he was finished but two unexpected shots came out and landed on my face. I wiped the cum off my face with my fingers then slowly licked them and swallowed the last remnants of Jamie's orgasm.

"Fuck, I need to sit down, my legs are shaking so bad!" Jamie said, half laughing as he wobbled over to a nearby armchair and sat down.

"That was a big load, it was almost coming out of my mouth before I swallowed!" I laughed back. I glanced over at Ryan. "I guess you didn't come yet"? He shook his head, "Guess I'll have to change that". I got off the coffee table, grabbing a condom on my way and moved towards Ryan. I crouched in front of him, unwrapping the condom and placing it between my lips. I then slowly took Ryan's dick into my mouth, pushing the condom down as I went. I'd often practiced this track on toys at home so I knew I could do it. Climbing up on the sofa and crouching over him as he sat back, I lowered myself onto his dick which went in with ease after Jamie's fucking. I put my hands on his chest as I slowly started moving my hips feeling his hardness hitting each good spot.

As Ryan began to thrust with my hip movements, I put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. I've never kissed a guy in all the times I've done anything with one, it just never appealed to me for some reason. But something about looking into Ryan's eyes changed that for some reason and I found myself leaning in towards his face and placing my lips on his. He responded immediately and parted his lips slightly for me to place my tongue there. His tongue then met mine and he followed it up by very gently biting my lip which sent a shiver right through me.

He continued to thrust into me as we continued our deep and passionate kiss and I could feel an orgasm building inside me. I moved my hips quicker and he responded by matching my speed with his thrusts. He was hitting me in the right spot every time and soon the urge to orgasm was too much and my body shook as I started shooting my load onto Ryan's chest, continuing our deep kiss all the way through. I was still in the middle of my own orgasm when Ryan grunted and I felt his thighs tense and he was soon filling the condom inside me. Once we'd both finished, we finally pulled our lips apart and looked at each other for a minute, before I looked down at this chest, seeing it covered in the results of my orgasm. "Sorry about that, I've never had an orgasm through anal before." I said, trying to get my breath back. "Let me take care of that". I leaned down and licked Ryan's chest, swallowing every drop of my own cum. I gave him one last deep kiss before pulling myself off him and sitting down on the other side of the sofa.

"Fuck, that was amazing..." I said and the other two nodded in agreement. We all sat there for a good ten minutes or so recuperating before starting to getting dressed again.

"We need to do this again, same time next week maybe?" asked Ryan.

"I'm definitely up for that." I replied, Jamie nodding as well. With all of us in agreement, we finished getting dressed and Jamie was the first one to leave. A few minutes later, as I was leaving, Ryan stopped me at the door, leaned in and gave me one last slow, deep kiss, our tongues meeting in the middle. We pulled apart, both grinning and I turned around and set off home. It was going to be a long week waiting for the next time we met up, but at least I had some good memories to stroke myself to in the meantime.

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