rae/nano's technology

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rae's computer (not in use currently)

cpu: amd ryzen 5600x
gpu: amd radeon rx 6700xt
ram: corsair vengeance lpx, 2x16gb, 3600mhz
ssd: wd black sn850, 1tb
ssd: samsung 860 evo, 500gb (unused right now, currently holds my old operating system)
hdd: seagate barracuda, 2tb, 7200rpm (games)
hdd: wd blue, 1tb, 7200rpm (archive, large data)
case: corsair 100r (obviously stickerbombed. pic)
bd drive: asus bw-16d1ht
operating system: windows 11 pro

rae's secondary computer

cpu: intel i7-4790
gpu: amd radeon rx 6400
ram: 4x4gb, 1866mhz
ssd: crucial mx500, 1tb
case: dell optiplex 7020
operating system: fedora workstation 39

rae's peripherals

mouse: keychron m2
keyboard: keychron q3. nk cream switches, blank black keycaps
mouse pad: ltt stealth desk pad
monitor: dell sg2522hg
secondary monitor: benq xl2411p (underclocked to 120hz since it does not support freesync)
controllers: dualsense/8bitdo ultimate/8bitdo m30
headphones: beyerdynamic dt770 pro, black
dac: abigail cx31993
microphone: audio technica at2020
xlr interface: behringer umc202hd
xlr cable: hosa hmic-010 rean xlr3f to xlr3m
hdmi capture box: evga xr1 lite

rae's consoles

valve steam deck: 256gb. gulikit sticks, 512gb sd card
nintendo switch oled: neon, heg-001
nintendo switch: neon, hac-001 (replaced by switch oled)
nintendo gamecube: black, dol-001. gameboy player, retro-bit prism hd, sd2sp2. ...hacked?
nintendo wii u premium: black, 32gb wup-101. hacked
nintendo wii: black, rvl-001. hacked (replaced by wii u)
nintendo ds: graphite, ntr-001(jpn). capture modded
nintendo dsi: black, wap-002. hacked
nintendo dsi xl: black, utl-001 (replaced by dsi)
nintendo 2ds: blue, ftr-001. hacked
new nintendo 3ds: black, ktr-001. hacked
nintendo gameboy advance sp: silver, ags-001
sony playstation classic: (was hacked, currently softbricked)
sony playstation 2 slim: silver, scph-70001
sony playstation 3 fat: black, 500gb hdd
sony playstation 4 pro: (currently has a dead hard drive and optical drive)
sony playstation portable: psp-2003. hacked
microsoft xbox: (currently dead)
microsoft xbox 360 arcade: 60gb hdd
microsoft xbox 360 elite: 120gb hdd, wifi adapter

rae's other things

phone: asus zenfone 10, 512gb storage, 16gb memory, black
wireless earphones: nothing ear (2), black
wired earphones: moondrop aria
laptop: apple macbook pro, 14", 2021, 10 core cpu, 16 core gpu, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, space grey
chair: ikea markus
desk: ikea lagkapten
desk legs: ikea adils
bottle: ltt insulated water bottle, 40oz, stealth

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