I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off in my room. It was already 7 am. I rolled over, turned it off and then stayed in bed for a moment to stretch. It felt so good to stretch. I checked my phone for any new messages from Sir but I knew that he wouldn't be up yet. I turned on my favourite lofi music station on Spotify and got out of bed. I crossed my bedroom and headed for the bathroom. I made sure to wash my face and brush my teeth before changing into my workout clothes. I made my bed, opened the curtains and the windows in my room to let in some natural light and air. It always smelled good in the morning especially this morning because it rained last night. I rolled out my yoga mat and worked on my flexibility training before doing a solid workout for an hour. Afterwards, I took a long warm shower until my alarm sounded from my bedroom which meant it was time to get dressed and start making Sir's breakfast.

I got out of the shower and turned off the alarm. I put on his favourite black lace panties and an oversized hoodie that smelled like him. I brushed through my hair and put on deodorant before heading into the kitchen. I turned on the stove and put on the kettle to make his french pressed coffee while I assembled him a breakfast of champions. He was going hard at the gym so I made sure he had plenty of protein to help. I snacked on apple slices while I worked in the kitchen. He came out of his bedroom right as I was finishing up with his breakfast and his coffee. He came up from behind me like he always did and wrapped his arms around me before burying his face into my neck. Sir did not speak until he had his coffee so this was his way of saying 'Good Morning'. He fed me an apple as I finished his coffee and then we ate breakfast together. It was a normal day. Or so I thought.

As he got dressed for work I sat on the ground at his feet knelt in my normal position.

"I will be home early today little one. I only have a half-day so I'll be home by 3."

"Yes, Sir."

He looked down at me and smiled before bending down and grabbing my face gently so I was looking at him. "I'll be sure to bring home a special gift for you as long as you are a good girl."

I smiled back at him and nodded. He kissed my forehead and stood back up to finish putting on his tie. He tapped me with his foot indicating he was ready for me to put his shoes on him. As I tied up his laces he put on his cuff links and when everything was done he had me stand up and follow him into the spare room which was set up with all sorts of playthings. But it was also set up to send him a live feed to his phone of whatever happened in that room. I looked at him questioningly. He never took me into this room before he went to work and he certainly didn't when he was fully dressed.

He patiently waited with a smug smile on his face as he held the door open. After a moment of hesitation, I entered the room ad went to the centre of the room as he went around collecting things.


I looked over at him and he was standing by the desk in the room. I walked over to him and he removed my clothing before neatly folding them and setting them down on the chair. He knelt down and took my legs and strapped them to the legs of the sturdy desk so that I forced with my legs spread open facing the desk. He laid down a specially made pillow so that my hips wouldn't be hurt by the edge of the desk. He then pulled out clamps from one of the drawers on the desk and secured one to each of my nipples. He pulled them to make sure that they wouldn't come loose.


I compiled still confused as to what was going on. He took each of my hands and strapped them to the cuffs that were installed to the top of the desk. They were above my head but I was able to still have a lot of room to move. He moved my hair out of my face and kissed my cheek. He then moved behind me and I head something like metal striking metal. Suddenly something cold hit my ass and slid down towards my hole making me shiver. Then he gently inserted a plug into my waiting and lubed up ass. A small sound escaped my lips but I knew not to move.

"Good girl."

I heard a vibrating sound turn on and off and then I felt as he slid an egg vibrator into my pussy.


I embraced the object. He then pulled the drawer out that was specially built into the desk. The drawer pulled out between my legs and in the drawer, there was a stand that you could rest another vibrating device at the perfect angle to rub against my clit. Or if you angled it another way you could insert a dildo so that it would be held in place without needing the use of hands. He set it up with a vibrating wand and rested it against me without turning it on. He walked around the desk so he was facing me and I could see he was checking something on his phone.

"Okay, little one. You are going to stay like this until I get home and if you are a good girl then you will get your surprise when I get home. You are to hold both the plug and the egg inside you the whole time. You can cum however many times you want to. And I will be watching." He turned his phone to me to show that he was live-streaming the room to his phone. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl. I'll see you when I get home." He kissed my forehead and before he left the room he turned on the wand.

Throughout the day he would turn on the egg remotely making me buck and squirm more than before. And with each passing orgasm, it became more and more difficult to not push both items out of me. There was no clock in the room so I never knew how much time had passed or how much longer I had to endure the waves of pain and pleasure. For over 4 hours I came, I'm not even sure how many times. I was exhausted, sweaty, sore, and trembly furiously by the time I heard the front door open and close. I heard the room to the door open and Sir walked in. I heard him laugh as he slowly walked over to the desk and turned off the wand. He set down a glass of water and put the straw to my lips so I could drink.

"You came a lot you fucking slut. You dripped all over the floor. You'll be licking that up later."

"Yes, Sir." I was breathless and thankful that the vibrations had stopped. I laid my head down on the desk and closed my eyes. He pulled off the wand and set it aside as he closed the drawer. He licked my sore clit which sent new shivers of electricity through my body. He then slowly took out the egg and set it beside the wand. He slowly removed the plug from my ass only moments later to replace it again with a larger one. It pinched as it went it but he was gentle as he worked it with my juices until it popped in.

"Now what do you say?"

"Thank you, Sir."

"Good girl. Now, are you ready for your surprise?"

"Yes, Sir."

He took the glass and left the room. When he came back he brought in 3 friends who had stripped naked. He closed the door behind everyone making the room soundproof meaning he was expecting me to scream very loudly. I looked around at the men who were stroking themselves and not a single one of them would be less than 8 inches and they were thick. This was what Sir liked to refer to as "Around the World" because each man was a different ethnicity. Sir was Chinese and his 3 friends this time were African, Latino and Caucasian. I knew from the expression on Sir's face that my eyes were wide with surprise and a hint of horror.

He just winked at me.

"Have at it guys. Dessert is on me."

One by one they stepped forward and took their turns entering each of my holes or using toys on me. Then as one was entering behind me, another would be in front of me working my throat. Eventually, I was released from the desk restraints and moved to the workout bench that was modified into a chair with restraints. While my arms were tied above me so I was hanging suspended in the air, one man would be under me so I had no choice to ride him with my tits bouncing in his face. Soon while one man was fucking my gushing pussy, another man was fucking my ass in my first ever double penetration. As this was happening the third man would use a vibrator against my overly sensitive clit. I came more times than I can count and so did the men.

For hours I took every rough and deep thrust, every slap across the ass or the face, every pinch of my clit or nipples. I took everything all the while screaming my heart out as each wave of pleasure and pain washed over me. I didn't understand how the men could keep going like this until I looked over at Sir with tears streaming down my face. He held up a bottle of blue pills and shook them and with that my eyes rolled backwards. They were all on viagra.

One by one they finished inside my mouth as I swallowed every last drop they had left. Spent, each of them thanked me and Sir for a great time as they got dressed and left the room and the house. Unable to move I limply hung there suspended until Sir came over and undid my bonds. I was shaking and twitching all over. He picked me up and took me out of the room and to the bathroom where he helped me clean up. You would think I was being electrocuted at a low voltage by the amount of shaking and twitching I was doing. He gently cleaned me top to bottom all the while saying how proud he was of me and how much I was a good girl.

After my bath he took me to the kitchen and placed food he had ordered in front of me but I didn't have the strength to move so he fed me very lovingly. After dinner, we curled up together to watch my favourite movies until it was time for bed. I fell asleep before the second movie finished its opening credits. He let me sleep against him for the length of the movie. When the movie was over he gently lifted me and tucked me into my bed before climbing in with me to cuddle me while my shaking finally subsided. Later he told me I came 27 times. And that's just what he counted.

Over the next 2 days, he didn't take it easy on me at all. It was the weekend after all. Throughout the day he would have his way whichever he felt and however hard he felt. He knew I was so sore but the pain turned him on even more. And because I wasn't bleeding and nothing was broken, I could not refuse him. Not to mention that even though I went through a lot in one day, I still was getting extremely wet at his slightest touch. And I wouldn't have changed any of it for the world.

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